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New Arena Could Come To Barnsley

Tuesday November 5 2013

Artist's impression of new arena Artist's impression of new arena

A PROPOSED £1million arena could become home to televised sporting events, create new jobs and raise Barnsley's national profile.

A report outlining proposals for Barnsley Premier Leisure's 'The Vision' arena - a new atrium-style entrance at the rear of the building - would provide a focal point which represents the 'vision and aspiration' of the town.

Proposals show the new entrance would be built on to the existing sports hall, creating a 'contemporary and inspirational' facade.

The arena would mainly be promoted as a venue for sports events and provide a focal point for the leisure and tourism industry in Barnsley.

BPL believes it would increase the Metrodome's capability of hosting a variety of events and have a huge economic impact by increasing visitor numbers.

The report says it would also benefit Barnsley's local economy by encouraging its visitors to go to other local attractions and develop inward investment.

It states: "The increased footfall will ripple out to generate business uplift for local hotels, bars, cafes, restaurants, providers of other services and the town centre."

The possibility of a 1,350 seat auditorium would put the main focus of the arena for sports events such as darts, snooker, international boxing and cage fighting, ten-pin bowling, gymnastics and taekwondo as Sky, Matchroom sports, PDA Darts have shown interest in using it as a TV venue.

"The iconic facade would be seen on TV and provide a new image representing Barnsley to the nation," the report says.

The arena could also be used for corporate events and parties, dinners and award ceremonies, conferences and exhibitions, as well as election counts, TV shows, live music and comedy, screening of football matches and other high profile events.

The design and construction of the arena would 'add substantial kudos to the Metrodome and to the town', according to BPL.

The report also warns the risk of not investing would result in a deteriorating building, seating in the existing hall being unusable within 18 months and events relocating as the building becomes unusable.

What do you think? Investing in the town to boost its economy is talked about a lot on We Are Barnsley, so would you be in favour of this? Have your say on our WAB Debate below.

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Reply Posted by Mick on Tuesday November 5 2013 at 11:17
"footfall will ripple out to generate business uplift" There's a heavy smell of consultant bull-shit here.

Reply Posted by mr athersley on Tuesday November 5 2013 at 11:31
"BLP are full of shit, they removed Athersley Recreation Centre as it was "losing money" when obviously it wasnt. They were looking at replacing it with something more profitable and what have they replaced it with?.... oh yes the grass field our sports centre use to be sat on!!!

Reply Posted by rainbow on Tuesday November 5 2013 at 11:45
Where's the money coming from, by closing down other leisure facilities across the borough like they did with Wombwell baths. No rate payers money should be used for private companies to make profits for themselves.!!

Reply Posted by dave on Thursday November 7 2013 at 18:21
Who used Wombwell baths? I would not wash the dog there never mind take the kids, it must have saved us a small fortune in gas bills since its been shut.

Reply Posted by Optimist on Tuesday November 5 2013 at 11:54
Glad to see that Barnsley's traditional pride and positivity are thriving.

Reply Posted by Hoyland Red on Tuesday November 5 2013 at 12:07
I'm all for it, although the title 'New Arena' is a little tenuous to say the least. It's a new door really.

Reply Posted by Cher on Tuesday November 5 2013 at 12:33
Fantastic idea! Ignore the stick in the muds, anything new and modern which generates the area and improves our image is a truly positive thing! fingers crossed it goes ahead and good luck

Reply Posted by ET on Tuesday November 5 2013 at 12:37
I can't get my breath, the existing seating would be unusable in 18mths!! which company put these in then, probably the same ones who will be backhanding the councillors this time around for the job, this is the reason why we have no confidence in Barnsley Council, there is a strong smell of Bullshit yet again !!

Reply Posted by me on Tuesday November 5 2013 at 12:39
whens Debenhams coming to tarn.?

Reply Posted by Dave on Tuesday November 5 2013 at 12:54
A few things BPL is a charity, it does not line anyone's pockets. All revenue is reinvested in the company and sports projects throughout the borough. The current seating is now 15years old and if anyone has ever tried to sit On them when a live tv event is on, it's very load and annoying. And in fairness Athersley rec was a run down centre that needed over £1m of work doing to it. All the houses in Athersley don't add up to such a sum. This is all.

Reply Posted by Pingu on Tuesday November 5 2013 at 14:21
Do it then I can open it

Reply Posted by rainbow on Wednesday November 6 2013 at 10:47
Fine if BPL is a charity let them raise the required money by public subscription from those who think it's a good cause. Don't put it on to every body's council tax bill, I pay my tax for street cleaning and education etc. People should not be forced to pay for charities they don't agree with.

Reply Posted by John on Thursday November 7 2013 at 18:24
I also have to pay for things like teachers who take 6month paid leave every year if that's not a charity i don't know what is.

Reply Posted by TheWomble on Wednesday November 6 2013 at 12:06
Ha Ha! Boxing did you say? Where, in the ring or the arena??? Last month it was in the arena...

Reply Posted by Kilkenny on Wednesday November 6 2013 at 12:16
Surely the money would be better spend elsewhere.Nothing wrong with the place now,Just throwing money down the swanny..

Reply Posted by Dave on Wednesday November 6 2013 at 16:47
It won't be built for Barnsley,it will be built for all the revenue it will create with out of towners getting buses - trains paying for parking and petrol to get there,mind you they can visit the Hall Square and Garden Fountain £1.9 million white elephant while their munching on a Greggs pasty.1,350 people tying to get in and out of town where are the environmentalists when you want them

Reply Posted by Mum of Three on Wednesday November 6 2013 at 18:35
I'm all for improving the town it definately needs something doing to bring it up to date and make it have a future.
Anything that can bring badly needed jobs is welcome..

Reply Posted by Emma on Friday November 8 2013 at 12:25
Moan Moan Moan. If its not the council..point the finger anyway.
What do people actually want! Can't please everyone, sorry anyone around here.
Personally I think BPL should go for it. Be nice to have something like that here and all the more for bringing people into Barnsley. Town centre is a ghost town!

Reply Posted by LOL on Friday November 8 2013 at 12:42

Reply Posted by Emma on Friday November 8 2013 at 14:14
But its NOT the council so how can BPL revenue fix roads lol right back at ya.
Council do shell out on really stupid stuff but people seem to think everything is them.

Reply Posted by Righteous man on Friday December 20 2013 at 16:41
I notice all these posts were done in working hours, which means people were either skiving or they don't work and don't contribute to our town anyway. Either way, your all lazy sods that have never set foot in t'Metrodome. Don't abuse it if you don't use it, ming mongs!

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