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Six-Figure Salary On Offer For Super Head

Friday November 1 2013

BARNSLEY's highest paid headteacher is to oversee two struggling secondary schools next year.

Interviews for the new so-called 'super head' to oversee both Carlton Community College and Shafton ALC are to be held in November - with a six-figure salary on offer.

The Academies Enterprise Trust (AET), which sponsors both schools, says it wants top teachers to come forward for the role.

The substantial salary is being offered for the post to attract the best candidates as well as 'a generous benefits package and relocation expenses'.

The job was advertised on October 10 and interviews will start on November 4.

The successful candidate will start in April, with the schools becoming academies next spring.

The executive principal is needed to rapidly bring about school improvements and raise standards of teaching and learning across both academies, AET says.

AET spokesman Mike Barnett, said the model had been used in other areas to help schools through a significant period of change.

"Shafton ALC and Carlton Community College are going through a significant period of change. We would want to place the job at a sufficient level to get a really good candidate in place by going for that extra responsibility that can attract a first class candidate, and the salary reflects that responsibility."

Both schools remain in special measures - Ofsted's lowest school grading. 

But Shafton ALC celebrated its best GCSE results this summer since it opened - with 41 per cent of pupils achieving five A* to C grades - passing the government target of 40 per cent.

Carlton Community College narrowly missed the benchmark with 39 per cent, but marked its best GCSE results since it opened.

"There's no doubt these schools are improving," Mr Barnett said.

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Reply Posted by AHR on Friday November 1 2013 at 12:28
How much more money are we going to throw at these Schools, there was nothing wrong with the old Schools, all they needed was smartening up a bit.
They knocked down Edward Sherian ( St Helens ), It was only opened in 1962-3 I know because I walked through the gates as a last year student in 1962, so that made the building about 50 year old. Wish they'd retire me at 50.

Reply Posted by Waygook on Friday November 8 2013 at 01:15
Agree. After working in one of Barnsley's schools for 5 years, for it to be torn down in favour of those new 'super schools', which are proven to be too big, too costly, too hard to handle and less effective, I completely agree with you AHR.

Barnsley motto: "if it ain't broke.... throw millions at it until it is!!"

Reply Posted by jason on Friday November 1 2013 at 12:58
What did the education authority think would happen . 1000 pupils in one school was never going to be any good , just a melting pot waiting to boil over... By the way I could straighten them out within a six month for around £250.000 , mmm think I may apply

Reply Posted by LOL on Saturday November 2 2013 at 08:28
Premier league teacher £290,000 plus bonuses, could buy barnsley football team for that

Reply Posted by Ged on Monday November 4 2013 at 11:31
Any chance this super head will be teaching bottom set yr 10 last period on Fridays?

Reply Posted by Barnsley Truth on Friday November 8 2013 at 04:54
About as much chance as the kids adding up 2+2 and getting 4...funny that GED.

Reply Posted by WTF on Thursday November 7 2013 at 23:01
Complained to the MP Eric Illsley about the dire state of Barnsley education and he threatened to do me for harrassement, hmmmmmmm wonder what ever happened to him!! I thank God my child is out of that heel hole that was Edward Sheerien.

Reply Posted by WTF on Friday November 8 2013 at 00:14
*Hell Hole

Reply Posted by Don McCarron on Friday November 8 2013 at 14:41
This is all art of the LibLabCon/EU/Common purpose agenda and they don't give a rat's ass what you think.