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Boyfriend Delivers Baby After Mum-To-Be Wakes Up In Labour

Tuesday October 29 2013

Sarah, Graeme and little Charlie Sarah, Graeme and little Charlie

WHEN a mum-to-be woke to find she was in labour and her son's head could be seen, it was down to her boyfriend to deliver him.

Sarah Pearson and Graeme Smith, of Bank Street, Worsbrough Common, were alerted to little Charlie's arrival when Sarah, 25, woke up and 'felt something weird'.

They had visited Barnsley Hospital hours earlier after Sarah's waters broke. She was told to return in 24 hours.

DJ Graeme, 22, said: "We had a couple of hours' sleep and then Sarah woke me. When I looked there was a head sticking out.

"I phoned the midwife, who told us to ring for an ambulance, and while we were waiting a woman on the phone was talking me through everything.

"The next thing we knew Charlie was out."

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Reply Posted by Shaun on Tuesday October 29 2013 at 11:39
Whats wrong with barnsley hospital we phone up 4 times to be told my wife wos not ready and my baby was born at home

Reply Posted by rach on Tuesday October 29 2013 at 12:04
Thats type of labour i would like. Just wake up n "oh theres the head" lol. Im due at end of november and cant say im filled with confidence about the labour ward with stories that ive heard so far :(

Reply Posted by justine on Tuesday October 29 2013 at 12:10
Im not disputing that there bad stories. But i have had 4 daughters there over the last 7 yrs n i can honestly say i couldnt have wished for better care or nicer midwives. It was all patient led and was always listened to x

Reply Posted by hahaha on Tuesday October 29 2013 at 12:26
i would say it is awful at barnsley hosp i had my daughter there and they were awful was so funny and never helped 1 bit as i had loads of stitches so couldt walk at all and they were move this move that, and i had a ectopic and they left me 2 month without removing it knowing full well they baby was in my tubes

Reply Posted by sarah on Tuesday October 29 2013 at 12:49
I now live in tameside in manchester n i ad my fist son in barnsley hospital i made my partner drive me to barnsley 50mins drive while i was in full blown labour cos i wouldnt av my 2nd son anywhere else amazing staff clean hospital couldnt ask for anything more

Reply Posted by sam on Tuesday October 29 2013 at 12:49
Aww that's lovely, some babys like to take there time, and others like to be out in a flash. I've a nearly 6 year old boy and twins boy & Girl nearly 2 and BDGH was brilliant with them all. And my little boy twin was in hospital on Baby ward for 9 days after born. Some people are different its like there world has stopped. And others just take it easy and carry on. I had stitches due to forceps.was hard sometimes and sore but U just carry on with your bundle of joy in your arms. Midwives & nurses were brilliant :)

Reply Posted by Jules on Tuesday October 29 2013 at 16:15
Had 2 kids at Barnsley Hospital. No probs. Lovely people. Very helpful.

The thing I can't get over is the replies on this site. What's with the spellings and grammar! OMG! Did you people never go to school?

Reply Posted by julie mac on Tuesday October 29 2013 at 16:41
well done to the both of you xxx

Reply Posted by Anne Marie on Wednesday October 30 2013 at 18:10
Had 2 awful experiences there in 94 & 96... Had two further babies in calderdale royal , Halifax and the difference is incredible! Wouldn't want my children having babies there unless things change !

Reply Posted by Em on Saturday November 2 2013 at 09:36
I had my first daughter at DRI and they were incredible and so helpful, couldn't ask for better care and service, I then fell pregnant with twins, I lost them at 18 weeks but was booked in at BDGH and they were so uncaring, they sent me home twice once after the first twin had passed away still inside me and didn't do anything to even try to prevent the second one passing away, and then they sent me home a second time while I was in agony, I couldn't even walk, they then told me to go in 5 days after my second one had passed one, they forced me into "labour" but my babies were tiny, not even the size of the palm of my hand, they did not give me any time with them they just took them away, didn't even tell me the sexes so I couldn't even name them, they just shoved a form in my face asking what I wanted doing with their bodies, I would never have a baby there ever, DRI will always be my choice of labour ward.

Reply Posted by Emma on Saturday November 2 2013 at 09:44
I had the same went to Barnsley hospital they said I was 3cm dilated and contracting got sent home 3 hours later I was in labour at home. Was rushed to hospital in ambulance. Got to hospital she was here 5 minutes later. Barnsley hospital are a joke.