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Barnsley Woman's Inquest Postponed

Friday October 25 2013

We Are Barnsley We Are Barnsley

AN inquest for a Barnsley woman who died at a care home with bed sores so severe her spine bone was exposed has been postponed pending a police investigation.

A verdict was due to be given at Sheffield Medico-Legal Centre on October 29 following the death of Jean Turner, 67, at Highgrove care home, Stairfoot, in November 2010.

However, this has now been postponed pending the conclusion of an investigation into whether Mrs Turner died as a result of neglect at the home.

The inquest had previously been adjourned for records which had not been submitted at the beginning of the hearing to be presented.

Mrs Turner died of pneumonia at Barnsley Hospital, having developed grade five bed sores while at the care home, which were so severe one at the base of her spine exposed bone.

There were also sores on the back of her heels.

Medical records showed the sores had become infected, though a pathologist at the inquest said she could not be certain whether this would have made her more susceptible to pneumonia.

A contributory factor into Mrs Turner's death was a genetic muscle wasting disease which also caused her to suffer from a type of dementia affecting rational behaviour.

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Reply Posted by chris on Friday October 25 2013 at 11:05
needs shutting down that place,i worked there for 6 months,n it was a dump of a care home....pigs have better homes

Reply Posted by Chez on Friday October 25 2013 at 11:13
This homes hasn't been open long and this happens???

Reply Posted by June on Friday October 25 2013 at 11:44
As a society we are judged by how we care for the vulnerable. I'm ashamed to live in a world where this happens.

Reply Posted by ET on Friday October 25 2013 at 16:29
It doesn't matter what this woman suffered with as well as, bed sores are caused by neglect of nursing care, and this alone should have this home stripped of its title CARE HOME and be blacklisted as a non caring home.

Reply Posted by carolturner on Saturday October 26 2013 at 15:37
your comment is so true . this article dosent give the whole story . my mum was also malnurishe and severly dehidrated .there were fully qualified staff nurses on duty 24 hours a day

Reply Posted by j on Friday October 25 2013 at 18:42
Needs to be back to basics with these new homes. All they care about is the posh fixtures and fittings so they can sell the beds and make money!! People are too easily impressed with chandeliers and en-suites and the care does not become apparent until it is too late sorry to say!! Many of the older care homes get turned down because they don't have posh things - but they have the quality care x

Reply Posted by Ian on Thursday October 31 2013 at 07:23
I agree with you J. I am in and out of these places all over Barnsley.. It looks like its all about profit.... just like the care in the community. But that's the council to blame for that side of the care! putting it out for tender.

Reply Posted by carolturner on Saturday October 26 2013 at 08:52
this lady is my mum .the public dont realise whats going on the owners are only intrested in profit not care and the organisations that are supposed to protect people are not fit for purpose .you will see storys like mine every day in newspapers and on tv . why because there are no laws to stop them . people need to know the truth . everyone should be intrested in this because at some point one of your loved ones will need this care .

Reply Posted by Jo on Saturday October 26 2013 at 09:45
Carol I am so sorry for your loss. The way your mum was treated beggars belief. The people who own and work in that home should be disgusted with themselves, I don't know how they sleep at night. I agree with everything you say and hope that you get justice for your mum. Rip xx

Reply Posted by x on Saturday October 26 2013 at 11:15
its so sad that someone had to spend the last days of her life in such a terrible condition,and hopefully the ones responsible will be punished,but please people learn a lesson from this,if one of my parents was in a care home i would make damn sure that i checked them from head to toe for any signs of any form of abuse every time i went to visit,please people be more vigilant,thhese days you can't be too carefull with the horror stories we keep hearing about,and not just in care homes, hospitals too.

Reply Posted by j on Sunday October 27 2013 at 12:21
I totally agree with all the comments posted. So sad that society is so uncaring, especially towards the elderly. But please don't tarnish everyone with the same brush - I know some fantastic women who have been carers for years and who love the residents as if they were their own parents and would never let any harm come to them. Just a pity they are a dying breed - God knows what the future holds with the lack of compassion some people show these days!! My sincere condolences, Carole & family x

Reply Posted by moaning mickey on Sunday October 27 2013 at 17:10
Oap's should be put into jails do they get 3 meals a day and well looked after wich they deserve criminals should be put in care homes so they can be tret like crap instead

Reply Posted by grammer on Sunday October 27 2013 at 17:16
moaning mickey,,you sould be locked in a school,till you can learn to put a sentence together,

Reply Posted by moaning Mickey on Sunday October 27 2013 at 17:58
Y wats wrong with it mr perfect (grammer)

Reply Posted by grammer on Monday October 28 2013 at 18:11
do they get 3 meals a day,were are the full stops,and comma,s.you retard

Reply Posted by Maria on Monday October 28 2013 at 15:47
Jean was a lovely woman, would do anything for anyone, sorry to here about what happened to her, my thoughts are with Carole and her family, I hope you get some justice for her x

Reply Posted by anon on Monday October 28 2013 at 15:52
my heart goes out to this poor ladies family but this will become a regular occurrance as cash is strapped and corners need to be cut to save cash care for our loved ones is to be a thing of the past with the society we live in the only thing that matters to these people is the quick buck that rolls in every month and its plenty judging by the cost i pay for my parent the owners of this home the staff the social services infact all involved in this sad case should be charged with manslaughter and the book thrown at them our loved ones deserve a better service and proper care when having to enter these places through ill health or old age

Reply Posted by carolturner on Monday October 28 2013 at 16:09
thankyou everyone for your kind words.this has been a 3yr battle to make the people concerned acountable for there failings. its not easy the nurses are no longer working there but working in other homes . this worrys me deeply.the people who own this home and 11 others its buisness as usual simply because there are no laws to make them responsible . i intend to make my story as public as possible in the hope that things change .and our vunerable are protected . i have a e pertition please log into my web page and sign .im sure at some point in the future you will be glad you did

Reply Posted by Jo on Monday October 28 2013 at 16:33
Its discusting!, It dosnt help that they will employ most people that do NOT care, that are not bothered, to them "its a job" people. I am a carer in the community and have the same kinda problems, employing very young and very in-experienced people is the problem, inadequate training, support etc. But companies arnt bothered they just see numbers and money!

Reply Posted by Laura on Monday October 28 2013 at 16:57
As a carer in a barnsley home I see a lot. How they come back from hospital etc. we do not want our residents to be like this we do care and we work hard no one ever publishes the good we do

Reply Posted by i care on Monday October 28 2013 at 18:03
iv worked in numerous care homes n its things like this why I have worked in numerous I wont go into great detail but 1 thing I will say and that is any type of bedsore is neglect in my eyes ,, n yes I do blame the owners of these such places they rake the money but are left short staffed why I ask ,, 1 care home in particular which I will not mention ,, but a few who read this will probably guess ,, I worked nights in a 40 bedded unit ,, nursing , separate emi and residential ,,, 1 night I worked with 3 agency staff 2 have never been before ,didn't know the residents or the outlet of the building ,, the other was a nurse only been twice before it was a disgrace ,, n the sooner something is done about most care homes the better ,, and there is some really good carers its the management ,, utter disgraceful

Reply Posted by i care on Monday October 28 2013 at 18:05
and ps ,, I did phone up cqc and other supposedly organisations ,, whilst on shift ,, got my sister to phone too ,, no one ever comes all lot is bad

Reply Posted by Angry family on Monday October 28 2013 at 19:02
Quite annoying to actually read the comment on the main page from ann wilcock where was she most of mrs Ashley's life but we're was she when money came into it get a grip in things you are a sad family and karma is good. Carol sympathies with you and hope you get the justice your mum deserves rip to your dear mum.

Reply Posted by well on Monday October 28 2013 at 20:07
Well, yes Ann wilcock, where was she and where was Linda too, they both hardly visited there mum myself been an ex next door neighbor to Ann asked her loads of times how her mum was she just walked away and said fine haven't seen her in a few weeks! Yet was there when money got brought in to things.

Reply Posted by GP on Monday October 28 2013 at 20:23
My self been a local gp see this a lot but on the other hand, Carol was your mum that I'll she refused to eat and drink? At end of the day they are care workers and nurses not miracle workers, most elderly people give up fighting their taste, and simple won't eat or drink, yet if the care workers and nurses force them they get done for abuse, they can't win. It's a no win situation, I generally feel sorry for the care workers, they get hit, bite, kicked, spat at, nipped, wipe faeces, and urine up for £6+ an hour, the ones I deal with have got it in their heart, and don't just see it as a job. My deepest sympathies carol.

Reply Posted by carolturner on Monday October 28 2013 at 22:03
in reply to the doctor. my mum had a genetic illness that brings with it frontal temporal dementia.as a doctor you will know this only affects the rational part of the brain.on taking residence there she was a fully mobile lady who was cleaning for them.my mum was malnurished dehidrated and septic . she was looked after by fully qualified nurses who made no attempt to involve outside professionals eg salt dieticians. a full vunerable adults investigation took place. the outcome was that my mum died from neglect . i find your comments shallow. and the amount of pay carers get is no excuse for poor care.the problem lies with owners and nmc and cqc . in my opinion none are doing there jobs properly.the law needs to change

Reply Posted by ex worker on Monday October 28 2013 at 20:25
Myself been an ex worker with Ann wilcocks I know from dab hand she is a cold hearted old crow, who doesn't care about anyone but herself!!

Reply Posted by Disgusted on Monday October 28 2013 at 20:42
Excuse me but I am a very close relative of ann w and I do not appreciate these comments you disgust me you low life scumbag

Reply Posted by work mate on Monday October 28 2013 at 20:48
I used to work with Linda and Ann's niece Claire, Claire was lovely but rest was vile horrible creatures, nasty lot!!

Reply Posted by scumbag on Monday October 28 2013 at 21:03
Well you will know first hand then that she is a vile woman

Reply Posted by Maria on Monday October 28 2013 at 22:06
This is not the place to to discuss personal family issues, it is a news article about a wonderful person who died a most horrible death, I knew her personally and spent hours talking to her, she was great with my kids and they loved her to bits, show some respect to Jeans family and those of us who knew her!

Reply Posted by Eve on Monday October 28 2013 at 22:17
Jean was my Nan. She was a wonderful lady and she is dearly missed. However, neglect HAS been proven in this case. It is not just us as a family looking for someone to blame, it is unfortunately reality that she was treated in the most inhumane way. God bless Nan, miss you everyday.

Reply Posted by BigLad on Tuesday October 29 2013 at 08:39

Please sign, make a difference!

Reply Posted by BigLad on Tuesday October 29 2013 at 08:42
the link above needs you to replace the www with the usual The Hypertext Transfer Protocol

Reply Posted by Hahahahaha on Tuesday October 29 2013 at 09:19
Diane are you referring to carol or Ann cause the whole of ann wilcock a family are low life money grabbing foul faced gits that didn't even bother with their mother till she died and kerching we got a claim love her then shame it wasn't the case while she lived rest my case

Reply Posted by diane on Tuesday October 29 2013 at 09:43
hahaha sorry cant read your post,it is all one long sentence with no commas,full stops,etc,

Reply Posted by diane on Tuesday October 29 2013 at 09:43
hahaha sorry cant read your post,it is all one long sentence with no commas,full stops,etc,

Reply Posted by xxxx on Tuesday October 29 2013 at 11:52
where the hell was this poor womans family.if any of my parents were in a home i would be making damn sure i was checking them on a very regular basis to make sure this sort of thing wasn't happening.shame on this ladies family you should all be ashamed of yourselves. rip mrs turner

Reply Posted by carolturner on Tuesday October 29 2013 at 13:50
could i please ask for people not to make comments about mrs wilcocks family on my mums story please. i do not know this family or anything about there mum.i made my story publicto bring awareness to the problems in the care system and hope for support to make a change. many thanks

Reply Posted by ex worker on Tuesday October 29 2013 at 16:37
Worked at high Grove for a total of 3 months in 2011, It had about 6 safeguarding issues since open, I had to leave before it was shut down and dragged my name as a carer through the mud, it is a terrible home and an awful company to work for, although many of the carers were brill, it only takes a couple of bad one's for everyone to get tarred with the same brush. But I do agree if I noticed any neglect to any of my family then they would be took out of the home asap

Reply Posted by carolturner on Tuesday October 29 2013 at 17:03
you did the right thing moving from that home . the main problems are with the owner and qualified nurses. belive me i had no idea what my mum was going through.i oftern raised concerns with them and they always had an explanation.they lied to me and sadly i belived them.if i had thouight for one minuite things were going on she would have been removed . but sadly i wasnt made aware until i took her to hospital

Reply Posted by ex worker on Tuesday October 29 2013 at 17:23
I only worked on one unit I cant comment on the others, but sadly this is the case in many homes, hence why I don't work in care anymore, I went for a job at st james cate home hoyland, their sister company own it, and I passed the interview but never started, I couldn't once I'd been shown round, it smelt vile and that was relatively new at the time. When the owners used to visit they didn't have any interaction with the staff or the residents, poorly run and and wants shutting down that place

Reply Posted by Jo rymer on Wednesday October 30 2013 at 22:20
Why doesn't this surprise me?? My Elderly Grandad was in there recently.. One day a relative went to visit him and he was delirious, ranting and incoherent, he had no water to drink and because he was in a little room on his own it would seem that he had been forgotten about, the relative got him some water and kept helping him to drink and eventually he came round a bit, when the Staff were asked why he had been left to get in this severely dehydrated state, the reply was..."they are all dehydrated!!" As if that was ok then!!! Disgusting!! The clue is in the job description... "Carers" so why the hell don't they care and do their jobs properly and look after these vulnerable people???? Makes my blood boil!!

Reply Posted by ex worker on Wednesday October 30 2013 at 22:28
I also worked at this home Since it opened to up to 18 mth ago . Can i just say that there was some fantastic staff that really did care aswell as staff that didnt have a heart . I knew jean and she was a lovely lady allways pleasent with a smile on her face ,it was upsetting to many ov the staff including myself when jean passed away .i hope carol and her family get the justice they deserve x

Reply Posted by Carer in a home on Wednesday October 30 2013 at 22:46
Dearest carol my love to you. I work in a care home in barnsley and this story has made me feel sick. God bless your mum. She will be proud of what you are doing and Jo rymer your poor grandad bless him too. Carers of barnsley stop giving us all a bad name and do what the title says care or go work
At tesco this is peoples lives not joints of meat

Reply Posted by careworker on Wednesday October 30 2013 at 23:09
Carol, sending you my love and my thoughts are with you and your family. I'm a carer and it brought tears to my eyes reading about your mum and it probably isn't the full story. I believe if you're a carer then you should care and treat the residents how you would treat family, because that's what they become. Some people aren't fit to call themselves carers. Hope you get justice for your mum xxx

Reply Posted by sorry on Wednesday October 30 2013 at 23:16
This is awful for Carol and her family my thoughts go out to her and all her family, and for a GP to think the rate of pay and unpleasant tasks carers have to deal with justifies this sort of neglect this lady has been put through is very thick !!! and would prefer never to be in this GP's care if this is his thought process

Reply Posted by kath on Thursday October 31 2013 at 02:50
Thats discusting it makes u wonder whether other care homes r up to standard.

Reply Posted by Claire on Sunday November 3 2013 at 21:34
What an awful story. I have myself worked in care for over 20 years and have worked with some wonderful staff who care about the residents like they are their own family. This incident also took place some years ago and we must remember that this home and its workers shouldn't be judged on this case but on how they are currently performing. Such a sad loss and I just hope that from this tragedy that family members will do more to protect their relatives and challenge anything they are not happy about.

Reply Posted by Eve on Monday November 4 2013 at 09:33
Claire, I must say that your comments regarding that the home shouldn't be judged by this case is horrifying. It doesn't matter how long ago this happened, the fact is it happened. To judge a home by how it is CURRENTLY performing is bizarre. Three years ago when this happened, it was the SAME management and the SAME policies that are in place today. To me, this screams 'DO NOT TRUST'. If the management could be so cruel to let this happen three years ago, then it is in their capabilities to let it happen again.

Reply Posted by carolturner on Monday November 4 2013 at 08:20
claire there are some really good care staff.this did take place 3yrs ago and sadly this is whats hapening in lots of care homes.but for you to say familys should do more to protect there loved ones is insane .the staff have a duty of care.it is there job to care for the vunerable and i am shocked that some one who has been a care worker for 20yrs thinks this way .there is no excuse for poor care

Reply Posted by Claire on Wednesday November 6 2013 at 05:37
No I agree there is no excuse for neglect or abuse. I'm not blaming the family in anyway but just saying that its important for them to raise concerns and be totally happy with the answers I've seen staff in my time lie to families. I reported a care home for neglect of the residents last year and this brought a big case and lost me friends but I didn't care as the residents were important to me. I totally agree if the same management and owners are in place they should be held accountable in just worried that if there are good staff there now this case reflects badly on them. I hope the family gets justice for what's happened.

Reply Posted by carol turner on Wednesday November 6 2013 at 08:34
i did raise concerns oftern with them claire .they had answers for everything . these were nurses. they have 11 homes in total all are under a final warning from the cqc . it worrys me for the residents as there families are not aware whats going on . this is why i made my story public i hope to get the public on board and hope to make a change

Reply Posted by anon on Wednesday November 6 2013 at 13:43
Pity you are not giving true accounts of what really happened Carol. Don`t all you people realise that if all 11 homes were under scrutiny from cqc then none of them would be trading. Please stop lying carol. I worked at The home recently and while your mum was there and she did receive damn good care, all the relevant agencies were involved in her care and no you never asked questions to the nurses or management in fact you didn`t even visit that much you left that to your daughter eve. I do not feel ashamed, embarrassed or sorry for working there I enjoyed my work there and only left because I went out of area. To all who are reading this let me just say also Jean was in hospital 5wks before she died, BDGH, I rest my case.

Reply Posted by Hello on Wednesday November 6 2013 at 16:23
Hi anon. The Ladhar group as a company have several warning against their homes, but not just the homes, the company. They don't just run nursing homes they run leisure outlets and also nightclubs. If you look at their portfolio and do some serious research into the magnitude of disregard for their clientèle, you would see things differently. At any one time, one of the Ladhar groups care homes is under caution. May I also say, are you aware that Highgrove Care Home were taken to a safeguarding vulnerable adults conference in regards to this lady, and the result was 'abuse substantiated to by neglect'?. Also, if your 'account' of the care this lady received is true, why is your's the only one that says so in comparison to the vast amount of comments saying the care and organisation of the place was horrendous. I can only say that maybe YOU were one of the ones involved in this dreadful care being owed to the vulnerable in society, and in particular, this lady? I rest my case.

Reply Posted by jeannette on Wednesday November 6 2013 at 16:33
People have to start realising the homes "ARE RUN AS A BUSINESS" making money over care is the first priority.As long as the councils are getting there pockets lined,THIS WILL ALWAYS BE THE CASE...GREED,,

Reply Posted by Anon on Wednesday November 6 2013 at 16:40
This is true Jeannette. I can only assume that the lady saying that she received good care is one of the perpetrators of this horrific care. If not, why did she leave, and more importantly, was refer to herself as 'anon'? Mmmm... seems proud to work there from where I am standing. When the true facts of this case do eventually come out, she is going to look a very silly lady. If we ever find out her identity of course.

Reply Posted by BigYorkshireLad on Wednesday November 6 2013 at 18:13
To Anons message, seems to me that you are one of the many nurses in this world that would neglect and mis care for are elderly just so you could have a easy day at work, shame on you! I also agree with a below comment, that if your so proud of HGCH then name yourself, Which I know you won't do as you are actually ashamed deep down! I REST MY CASE!

Reply Posted by BigYorkshireLad on Wednesday November 6 2013 at 18:30

"To all who are reading this let me just say also Jean was in hospital 5wks before she died, BDGH, I rest my case."

She was in hospital because the care she received in the home was so poor she was undernourished, dehydrated and a GRADE 5, grade 5 been the worst pressure sore grade you can receive! This obviously would put anyone into hospital and why???


Reply Posted by bob on Tuesday November 19 2013 at 18:59
Anon!! You are a complete numpty....I worked at the care home, I know the facts! It was NEGLECT! Even the qcq report backs all the statements up of what the witnesses have said. The staff that are being questioned from the care home have been proven to of lied under oath!! Can't wait for the outcome. Jean was a lovely lady and should still be with us now, she will get the justice she deserves....fact!

Reply Posted by unknown on Tuesday November 26 2013 at 07:45
Anon your comments are disgusting. Have some respect. I myself am a carer I have worked in numerous homes and seen awful things. Homes go through several stages of warnings before closure. This is to give them chances to bring everything upto standard depending on the circumstances under which they are placed under it and also depending on how bad things are they don't get to those stages and are often placed with an embargo in other words closure with immediate effect. And in relation to your comment were you there 24/7???? A women was neglected and sadly passed away. Have some god damn respect for this women and her family. You shameful person. And to carol I offer my deepest sympathy to you and your family.

Reply Posted by carol turner on Wednesday November 27 2013 at 17:00
thankyou unknown for your comments . i truly belive the person who calls herself anon is one of the nurses involved with my mum.thats what these people are like that were involved with my mums care.no compasion no remorse for there actions and sadly they are working in other nursing homes as i speak. they took my mums dignety away from her . god help those in there care now . but rest asured i intend to stop these vile people at what ever the cost. its too late for my mum but may be i can save another from this disgusting care.

Reply Posted by Claire on Saturday December 7 2013 at 11:30
Carol I hope you and your family get justice soon and I hope to god that these so called nurses and carers get named and shamed.

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