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First Look At College's Proposed Sixth Form

Tuesday October 22 2013

THIS is the first look at Barnsley College's new proposed sixth form.

The college wants to build the sixth form on the site of the town's Central Library, on Shambles Street, and expects 1,150 pupils to use the ultra-modern facility.

It means the library - along with a parade of shops, offices, an electricity substation and private car parking - will be flattened to make way for the new 7,000 square metre college building. It will be relocated to the historic Wellington House on Market Street.

It would replace the existing sixth form on Eastgate. 

It will cost about £16million, with £5.3million in grant funding already secured. The remaining finance is being raised through asset disposal and borrowing.

The proposals will be discussed by the council's ruling cabinet on October 23 and, if given the go-ahead, should be completed by 2015.

The college's principal, Colin Booth, said: "It's very good news that a new sixth form college will be built in the centre of Barnsley.

"The college is working closely with Barnsley Council on how to ensure the new building has the best possible impact on the overall development of the town centre."

Council leader Sir Steve Houghton welcomed the proposals, saying: "It will improve the gateway to the town centre from that end of town and increase footfall for the shops and businesses in the vicinity.

"The proposal indicates the college would have the potential to bring £7.7million into the local economy."

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Reply Posted by rainbow on Tuesday October 22 2013 at 10:42
Why not include a new public library in the building instead of just destroying the present one. Don't schools need libraries.???

Reply Posted by DaveE on Tuesday October 22 2013 at 13:23
I like the internal slope, but this design has too much concrete, which will age badly. Getting character-not-concrete back into the town is essential to building a rival to out-of-town centres.

I would like to get the feel of Church St / Church Fields / Town Hall Plaza extended towards the Lamproom - with much more imagination around stone frontages, narrower steets & alleys etc., more trees and maybe some real wild green areas.
Unfortunately, whilst no longer a viable shopping area (Britains toyshop RIP) this historic hilltop is turning into a stack of glass and concrete shoeboxes, and the ancient street is looking like a motorway exit lane. More imagination please 4/10

Reply Posted by ray on Thursday October 24 2013 at 09:33
Dave do you not think cost comes into play with things like this? Wehereas we would all like to see buildings made in fine yorkshire stone, the reality is that the costs for materials like everything else has gone up, the reason we have the prefabs there now is because cost was a limiting factor in the materials used.

It looks better than what is currently there, buidlings no longer have the lifespan that they used to, it will be energy efficient too - something the current library is not. Bit concerned when a light goes out in the ceiling structure though cost to replace one of those will be expensive so probably will get left. Need to see more elevations before passing a judgement myself. I don't see many glass fronted buildings on a motorway exit lane and I'm pretty sure shambles street was a slum area of town before the old buildings were pulled down and the current set up replaced that.

Reply Posted by DaveE on Thursday October 24 2013 at 18:10
I'd like to go over the vision & the costed business case - for the whole town centre not just this development. John Rideal, Gateway/Westgate Plazas, Police HQ, the Fitness centre - all great for Dodworth Business Park, but for me Shambles St could be alot more attractive - eg narrow it to 1 lane & pedestrianise it. I'd be interested to see the costed options.

Reply Posted by jister on Tuesday October 22 2013 at 15:52
How much is it going 2 cost 2 move library why not put college on wellington st ?

Reply Posted by Dave on Wednesday October 23 2013 at 12:42
Because it's not big enough, and neither the college or the council own Wellington House. Shambles St is also close to the other main college sites. My guess is they'll do a new build library in the course of time - something which will pay for itself from the sale of the land on Shambles St and the energy efficiency you get from a modern building.