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Brierley's Mayor Calls For Public Meeting

Thursday October 10 2013

BRIERLEY'S mayor is calling for a public meeting so the council can explain themselves after its clerk swindled them out £700,000.

Brierley Town Council has been saddled with debts of more than £1million after Jan Cooper admitted fraudulently claiming £695,500 in loans, before being given an eight-year jail term.

Mayor Pat Doyle says he wants a meeting with parishioners to explain what happened.

Cooper, branded 'pathologically dishonest' by Judge Peter Kelson QC, started taking money within weeks of taking up the post in November 2006, Sheffield Crown Court was told.

It was also revealed that Cooper had previously been jailed for three years in 2003 for stealing £800,000 from a previous employer.

Mr Doyle said Cooper's sentence was warranted by the effect her actions have had on the community and will continue to do for the next 20 to 30 years.

Cooper wasn't asked about previous convictions because it was only policy to do so for staff working with children.

Ian Goldsack, prosecuting, said Cooper had forged council minutes and councillors' signatures for the loans. Funds were then moved into hers and her husband's bank account.

She also told councillors a grant was available to fund the 'Brierley Buzzer' scheme - a bus service for elderly people in the area - but instead signed them up to a lease agreement, which the council must pay £130,000 to end, Mr Goldsack said.

The council has had to take out a loan of £480,000 from Barnsley Council to help with the debt, services have had to be cut and 5,000 residents have been left with a hike in their council tax.

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Reply Posted by anon on Saturday October 12 2013 at 12:24
Why did the council employ her when she had previous, or why did they not do a background check. And now the working person has to pay for her crimes in more ways then one.

Reply Posted by Ged on Saturday October 12 2013 at 18:58
Some questions I'd like to ask ...

- Was the husband charged?
- Did anyone find any of the money? Wot No Assets? She didn't spend it in a health/beauty spa, so where is it?
- Four years (good behaviour), that's 175k per year - Is that really a deterrent?

Reply Posted by Richard on Sunday October 13 2013 at 12:43
The Council needs to make cuts of £9m by March. It employs dishonest people which costs all this money. Wrong people in positions of power. Money wasted time and time again, and all at the cost of the tax payer. Time for change.

Reply Posted by jus on Sunday October 13 2013 at 13:45
I can well believe what's happened.
The Council have no idea where money goes. Every department pass the buck, in money and worhk. The money goes missing in all departments esspecially the housing. Things that are stolen whether cash, gooda or hours. Its about time the head of the council opened his eyes.
Coming to this Cooper saga, who was checking her out goings. Who checks over all. When a person is dealing with that amount of peoples money, should have had references for her past years. She should have been vetted, and had security checks done on her. Head of council and all above Cooper should be made to pay Coopers mistakes, not the people of Brierley Grimethorpe and Shafton. For those that don't live in those area's. They pay extra on top of their Council Tax.

Reply Posted by Mystery on Sunday October 13 2013 at 14:14
She worked for Brierley Town Council not BMBC

Reply Posted by A.Nonymous on Sunday October 13 2013 at 14:48
So if Brierley Council have made the mistake in not vetting and then employing her and then not supervising her - why should the residents make up the short fall?

Reply Posted by Collet on Sunday October 13 2013 at 19:45
I thought BMBC was in charge of all local councils,just keep moving blame up and down the lines until all is forgotten.haven't heard about anybody loosing there jobs yet,if this had happened in any other occupation there would have been heads rolling from top to bottom.there won't be any.By the way Mr or Mrs Mystery the only time we hear from BMBC is when they take credit for something that's possibly been done with the local community anyway.?