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Cat Lucky To Be Alive After Being Shot

Thursday October 10 2013

A CAT lost an eye after being shot with airgun pellets.

Gertrude was shot by callous thugs and the pellet ripped through her eye before lodging behind the socket - missing her brain by just a few millimetres.

Abbey Vets, on Dodworth Road, were able to save three-year-old Gertrude’s life but they had to remove her eye.

Patricia Turnbull, the cat's owner, of Dovecote, Foundry Gate, Wombwell, said: "She was in a terrible state. She managed to get back to the house and was trying to scramble into her basket.

"I rushed her to the vets who said the pellet had caused so much damage the only option was to remove the eye.

"A target board was found in a small wood near Hemingfield Road which backs onto my house and is where Gertrude often goes prowling.

"If it was deliberate it's a cruel and callous act."

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Reply Posted by Scott on Thursday October 10 2013 at 13:04
Some sick people around Barnsley

Reply Posted by road runner on Thursday October 10 2013 at 13:05
this is sick how would they feel if they had been shot any1 who could hurt an anmal like that deserves everything they get they nowt but scum

Reply Posted by lepont on Friday October 11 2013 at 00:42
Aw poor little Gertrude. I love cats. I hope they find those responsible.

Reply Posted by LOL on Friday October 11 2013 at 05:40
180 [one hundredand eighty]

Reply Posted by Jojo on Monday October 14 2013 at 19:05
Yr 1 sick person,hope u dunt av no pets. Whoever lol is

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