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Football Team Told Not To Play After Travellers Move To Field

Monday October 7 2013

A FOOTBALL team was told not to play to 'avoid confrontation' with travellers.

There are about 12 caravans spread across the length of pitches off Broadway, Kingstone, including next to goal posts.

Some even have their own generators and aerials outside.

Commercial FC was due to play there on Sunday but manager Michael Thomas was advised by a Barnsley Council worker not to let the game go ahead.

Michael was forced to find another venue for the game, which cost the club additional money.

Michael, 29, said: "We played last Sunday morning and I think they came that night, or Monday morning. The council told me to not play the game because it will avoid confrontation.

"It was a cup game and we were supposed to be at home and now we had to play away, so we incurred some travel costs for that."

It isn't the first time Commercial FC has had to change fixtures.

Michael, who is also the secretary for the team, said: "It happened a while ago as well and we had to cancel games before the season, so that disrupted us.

"I remember we played a friendly before the season and we had to go and knock on caravans to ask them to move.

"There's not just us who use it either, there are some junior and senior teams as well. It's quite dangerous when you think about it.

"More than anything it's the rubbish they leave behind and they chuck all their dirty nappies on the pitch and I've had to clear most of this up before.

"They're driving their cars and vans on the pitch as well and it's ruining it. It's annoying because last week we played a home game and it's the first time I have seen the pitch looking so good.

"I daren't even look at it now because I might cry. It's frustrating because I can't do anything about it. I said to the council isn't it about time something is done with the fencing and the gate to make it more secure."

A spokesman for Barnsley Council said legal action is being taken to remove the travellers from the unauthorised encampment on the playing field at Kingstone.

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Reply Posted by King Fred on Monday October 7 2013 at 10:05
Its taken a week for BMBC to act? Useless! Get these Labour muppets out!

Reply Posted by Gavin on Monday October 7 2013 at 10:47
Why are travellers allowed to do what they want, park where they please, disrupt everything, mess up the land, chain their live stock to ramdom gates, drive their pony carriages around, disrupting traffic and no-one does jack shit?! Who remembers the settlement down tank row? How long was that there before the council acted? It made the place look like a post-apocalyptic video game -.-

Reply Posted by Chris morris on Monday October 7 2013 at 10:59
It's disgusting who gave them permission .What gives them the right just to set up on land that's not theirs .Yes they need somewhere to park their homes but they do nothing to to help themselves except cause trouble

Reply Posted by tony on Monday October 7 2013 at 11:03
what the hell are barnsley doing leting tem on teh field in the first place why shud thay not play thay pay to play on there HAVE THAY PAID TO STAY ON THE FIELD...................HAVE THAY F--K SO GET THEM OF.

Reply Posted by Jason on Monday October 7 2013 at 11:05
Disgusting...... The council need to act NOW and see them on their way.

Reply Posted by max on Monday October 7 2013 at 11:13
who do these travelers think they are? Really? It makes my blood boil to read that they can go where they want, park where they want without any regard for ANYONE BUT THEMSELVES!! If a car is parked illegally what happens to it? it gets towed away or fined or clamped so why not do the same with these 'vans? Cowardly government again not wanting to confront the gypsies, cowardly!!

Reply Posted by Holli on Monday October 7 2013 at 11:13
The funny thing is all you guys would not dare confront the gypsies like you have on here. Grow some balls! There's nothing wrong with them being there if the council let them have a place of their own like a field that was big enough for them to be on then they will be less likely to travel and ruin the other places they have been to. They only travel around is because people like you guys make them feel unwanted and force them off the grounds! Make a place for the travellers to be!!!

Reply Posted by Danielle on Monday October 7 2013 at 18:24
You are so ill educated it's unbelievable! "They only travel around is because people like you guys make them feel unwanted and force them off the grounds! " They are camping up ILLEGALLY! Like max said above if a car was parked illegally it would get towed away and the owner would get fined! You probably wouldn't catch travellers paying fines, they can also dodge them easily as they have no fixed abode to have the fines sent to!

I have no issues with travellers I just think your argument is backwards.

Reply Posted by Miss.N on Wednesday October 9 2013 at 17:12
I completely agree.

I have met some really nice travellers and I have met some truly horrid ones (sadly the horrid ones have outweighed the nice til now) but it doesn't give them a right to do what they want.

When they move on that place will be in a right state, kids play on there. It isn't right at all. They get away with bloody murder and nothing can be done because everyone is shit scared of them.

Reply Posted by Auto correct hate on Monday October 7 2013 at 11:46
Why should they be given a free field to live in? Are they going to give me a free piece of land to build my house on? Would you want them next to your house? It was chaos when they had their event in wombwell this year, racing horses up and down the road stopping traffic. They have no respect for anyone so why should they be given it. ... cos they're a bit scary and "hard" no doubt.

Reply Posted by obeserver on Monday October 7 2013 at 12:09
I think the time elapse is bcos the council have to serve a certain amount of notice.

Reply Posted by Amazed on Wednesday October 9 2013 at 10:49
Exactly its the law thats an ass, not council, labor or otherwise

Reply Posted by Deb on Monday October 7 2013 at 12:12
Holli put your address on here and let them park in your garden, as you are such a do gooder. Let them s**t on your grass and leave rubbish strewn all over and plug in to your electricity and you pay for it.

Reply Posted by dan the man on Monday October 7 2013 at 14:27
Let Holli also go and clean all the crap up that they leave behind when the council have had to pay to get the eviction order to kick them off.

Reply Posted by skiffy on Monday October 7 2013 at 12:19
And who's paying for the mess n rubbish clearing up, us that pay council tax of course. Its despicable, they don't pay any taxes but have big cars n caravans and expect hard working people to foot bill.

Reply Posted by me on Monday October 7 2013 at 13:05
when they arrived at darfield school fields, all they did was intimidate people, pinched out of the local shop and left shit all over the football pitches. make a proper site 4 them where they pay rent. woodhead perhaps. then any caravan illegally parked got crushed.

Reply Posted by Holli on Monday October 7 2013 at 15:12
I would happily let th stay in my garden so they feel welcome at least horses would tidy my garden up. They use generators for electricity and why don't we get those lazy people on benefits tidy it up! They have nothing else to do with their lives and I don't know why you guys disagree with gypsies all the time they aren't bad people it's the fear that people have and the aggro that people cause when they are around that creates them to act how they do!

Reply Posted by Tarndaz on Monday October 7 2013 at 15:17
Their working horses need space both to run free and be groomed...

Reply Posted by Deb on Monday October 7 2013 at 16:56
These ones don't have horses, just tranny vans.

Reply Posted by Holli on Monday October 7 2013 at 15:31
My garden is big enough for them to do the and I have my own stables so I would happily let them in my garden. And that's what I mean look at facet they help them out and the get thanks. People are just scared of them because they have different life styles from us when they are people too and don't deserve all the rubbish and discrimination they get!

Reply Posted by Deb on Monday October 7 2013 at 16:55
So come on then put on your money where your mouth is and put on your address. Any one of us will kindly take it up for them. When would you like them to arrive? While they are at yours can you please ask them for the £16.30 a family did not pay when they did a runner from my grans cafe!! Or would you like to pay it?

Reply Posted by Holli on Monday October 7 2013 at 17:08
So you are making me pay for them because I'm on their side? You know what it's people like you guys and the media that have created people like that. Gypsies are good people they are a close family and look after each other very well at that too. They aren't bad people at all it's all the crap that you lot give them and you know what you people will be the sort of people that judge teenagers and children because of their upbringing and then judge old people because of how different their upbringing was then to now. It makes me sick. What happened to equality and that? Just because they are different does that mean they aren't included? No so get off your high horse at look at how you are acting about this.

Reply Posted by Deb on Monday October 7 2013 at 17:17
No ones making you pay any thing, I asked if you would LIKE to pay for the food they robbed from my gran as they ate and ran off with out paying her, sounds like you don't want to just like they didn't. You don't have to pay for them living on your land do you, or the electric as they have nice noisy generators that go all hours.

Reply Posted by Miss.N on Wednesday October 9 2013 at 17:15
I agree with Deb; would you also like to pay for all the stuff they stole from a shop I used to work in (that I SAW them take but couldn't say anything because there were about 9 of them that got out of a van - ILLEGAL BY THE WAY)?

Why should we respect people who don't respect us?!

Reply Posted by Collet on Monday October 7 2013 at 17:08
Every body lives the way they want,but I don't see why the should just turn up any where,pitch camp,take no notice of any bodies upsets leave a lot of debris for tax payers to pay to have every thing put back in place. This day and age no need for tax dodging travellers they are nothing but a waste of space it's just an excuse to avoid having to do what we do,pay rents and rates.?

Reply Posted by Holli on Monday October 7 2013 at 17:20
Some of them do pay rent and that. All I'm saying is become more welcoming an they won't effect you in any way that are humans for god sake... Humans that have been brought up differently from everyone else

Reply Posted by Holli on Monday October 7 2013 at 17:24
Deb the reason I wouldn't be bothered is because I'm one myself and you know what I pay the bills and taxes so don't give me crap about how we pay for nothing you are so closed minded because it's not your norm! Grow up my love and get it into that skull of yours that you aren't the only person that lives in this world there are different cultures :)

Reply Posted by bertie on Wednesday October 9 2013 at 15:18
holli I agree with you my son inlaw is a traveller my daughter took his culture they live on an allocated site it is cleaner than some residents gardens thr floors u could eat off they are that clean his mother my daughter and the other members of the family so clean it's unbelievable how much cleaning they do my grandchildren are so polite fantastic manners my son inlaw works my daughter did till she had the baby 7months ago they do pay bills as we do I had a pub up in north Yorkshire I was asked if the travellers in that area would be welcome I risked it and said yes but any trouble they would be out hence they become valued customers never had a problem Christmas and new year fantastic atmosphere with the locals and the travellers so come on council give them an allocated site as for them running away and not paying the food bill not only traveller do silly tricks like that

Reply Posted by Get real Holli on Monday October 7 2013 at 17:33
If the want a permanent place to live, I have a radical idea.....buy a house, get a legitimate income, pay tax and you can then live where you like.

Reply Posted by Favver on Monday October 7 2013 at 17:35
As a former member of the travelling community I feel the comments on here are upsetting and hypocritical ... I've seen many a garden in the Kendry area in far worse states than the field at Broadway .. Dirty nappies etc

Reply Posted by Deb on Monday October 7 2013 at 17:36
You say they won't effect any one, well been told to f••k off in an aggressive way when asked to pay for there food sure had an effect on my gran. Mmm in fact I can see an aggressive side of you coming out in the last comment you made. Still no adress I see, maybe you don't want them after all. Xx

Reply Posted by Holli on Monday October 7 2013 at 18:22
That's because I'm not daft enough to put my address on a public website my love and pull your head out of your up tight bum my love

Reply Posted by Deb on Monday October 7 2013 at 18:47
dordy mush, why so aggressive.

Reply Posted by LOL on Monday October 7 2013 at 18:49

Reply Posted by allan machen on Monday October 7 2013 at 18:49
bet if they moved on to court house car park they would move them quick

Reply Posted by hally1297 on Monday October 7 2013 at 18:54
Yes, don't play on the field that you have to pay to use lads. Let a load of freeloaders who contribute nothing to soceity and leave shite, broken glass and other such crap all over the field while the Council do.................

Reply Posted by Holli on Monday October 7 2013 at 18:59
You are just all too judgemental

Reply Posted by .... on Wednesday October 9 2013 at 08:24
The issue is Holli - the football team PAY to use that field, and because of their illegal use of the pitch, it has cost the team money, and will continue to do so for the clean up, repair etc - for a pitch that is their property. Travellers, no issue with them at all; however they are NOT above the law, nor should they be! Find somewhere, legal, safe, and respect where they are, clean up after themselves, follow the lines of the law - and the issue would no longer exist.

Reply Posted by wow on Monday October 7 2013 at 19:02
Even the pikeys are having a pop at people on benefits. Get them to clean up after em ffs! This sites getting too ridiculous for words, you couldn't make it up

Reply Posted by Alabamafistfadge on Monday October 7 2013 at 19:33
It looks like Mos Eisley on Broadway at the minute. The only thing missing is C3PO and Ben Kenobi's light sabre...

Reply Posted by jimbob on Monday October 7 2013 at 20:04
I now for sure dirty robbing THEIVES .they would rob your gran of her last pound then come back and steal her walking stick ,,,,,

Reply Posted by Ian on Monday October 7 2013 at 20:18
I agree with most comments, Here is a reason why? Because it easier to fine me as a driver who works in Barnsley town center, doing a must do job in the community. I have to park on double yellows at times..restricted parking..permit holders only but? They know my reg, they know where I live? so its easier to fine me!!! A Labour council extorting money from easy targets, cameras, parking restriction vans.
They have spent more money creating more restricted parking areas. everywhere is double yellowed for this reason...That's why they wont tackle the Traveler problem..It costs money to go to court to shift them on..SPINELESS!!!
So they target people like me..The motorist is the cash cow for Barnsley Council Period!!!

Reply Posted by auto correct hate on Monday October 7 2013 at 20:19
I used to be one of those people that thought "each to their own, they cant be all bad" til i had to tell them not to give WKD to a kid in my pub and i got abuse and they trashed my beer garden. They thrive on intimidation because it gets them what they want.

Its not hard to pick up after yourself.Leave it in a black bin bag tied up if you can't be bothered to dispose of it. What reason do they have for littering?

There wouldnt be as much hatred towards gypsies if they had to follow the law like everyone else. Have you ever seen a copper when the gypsies are kicking off?

Reply Posted by Bobby O'halrahan on Monday October 7 2013 at 20:30
Like favver says you lot are racists .. Being a traveller is not a choice it's a way of life ... I work hard for a living .. Which allows me to have a nice van / livestock .. It's how I roll ... Jesus is my redeemer

Reply Posted by local resident on Monday October 7 2013 at 20:33
after reading the comments above i have to make a comment about all this. i have no problem with race creed or colour but i do object to travelers breaking there way into a public field and setting up home. after the last time they were there and a woman who works at horizon cc got bit by a dog while walking to work, various gardens in the are had things taken from them and they were tormenting kids who walked past them with dogs this is threatening behaviour in any language. so whatever background ur from surely u cant condone this sort of behaviour? if u r a traveler is this acceptable to u??

Reply Posted by gorger on Monday October 7 2013 at 20:55
Work hard for a living- translates as thieving, conning, any underhand dealing and criminality really

Reply Posted by Swiftly on Monday October 7 2013 at 22:23
As a person that comes into contact with Travellers in a day to day. The majority are honest hard working and are loyal to each other and there families and the communities.

They are rogue elements who say they are travellers. This is not always the case. The Travelling families I mix with are very supportive of community events and raise thousands for charities.

Reply Posted by gorger on Monday October 7 2013 at 22:37
Bullshitometer just broken. Do you also believe in pixies and the tooth fairy?

Reply Posted by Janey on Tuesday October 8 2013 at 00:04
When I go away in my caravan, I have to pay between £15 to £25 a night.

Reply Posted by MrsMail on Tuesday October 8 2013 at 08:19
OOh I knew this one would erupt like a forest fire. Its a shame there isn't a 'folk on benefits thread' on here at the moment cos most of the people on here would be on that one bashing people that claim benefits.

Reply Posted by MrFemme on Tuesday October 8 2013 at 11:31
And so they should

Reply Posted by T on Tuesday October 8 2013 at 09:07
What about the young lads wanting to play football? They only want to play football and not get offered gardening, tarmacking, scrap collection or dodging transit vans and caravans.

Just a thought.

Reply Posted by anon on Tuesday October 8 2013 at 09:43
A traveller doing honest work, paying taxes, don't make me laugh.

Reply Posted by mae brussel on Tuesday October 8 2013 at 23:58
You do talk a lot of shite

Reply Posted by joe on Wednesday October 9 2013 at 09:33
Your saying find somewhere legal and safe? You tell me where there is a safe and legal place for travvelers to go? If the council were pro active rather than reactive then alot of the problems could be solved. Like saying that they would drop a big bin off if they moved from the football pitches....people watch my big fat gypsy wedding and think they know it all. Im married to a gypsy girl and all they want is exactly what the post above said.... somewhere safe and legal....too many narrow minded people.... even if they were to pay rent, councill tax, etc...people would still bw racist and want them moved.

Reply Posted by Ste on Wednesday October 9 2013 at 10:33
The travellers are a community of their own,we are split it seems that they dont get on with us and we seem to not get on with them for some reason
Why do the travellers not buy a plot of land for themselves,they seem to have plenty of money i'm not saying they all do but would this not be a better option for them as a travelling community to pull together and set up travelling points where they can all share when travelling. This could be close to local villages where they can access shops schools doctors but not directly close that it causes friction and upset on both sides etc

Reply Posted by Tommy on Wednesday October 9 2013 at 11:01
Why do some people have to play the racist card, I suppose it is the easy option. All most people want is equality, if I break the law I get fined or arrested, if the travellers break the law they get away with it. Camping on private land without the owners permission is breaking the law and no amount of discussion can alter that fact. Anyone who has had travellers stop in their immediate area will tell you that the amount of theft from garden sheds,houses and commercial premises goes up, again this is a fact. Perhaps it is just a coincidence but I think not. I am quite sure that not all travellers are thieves but every single one of them living in caravans parked on private land is breaking the law, if I did it I would either be moved on or arrested so why are the rules different for them?

Reply Posted by Purple Haze on Wednesday October 9 2013 at 12:01
I had dealings with many gypsies aka travellers in my last job. They were all loyal to each other yes but they have a total disregard and lack of respect for any other race, religion or creed. if you are not one of them then you are the lowest of the low.

Most are very aggressive, poorly educated, money mad and yes they do use the outdoors for their toilets as to poo inside is seen as disgusting. They are cruel to animals and have no regard for the law. FACT

Reply Posted by tom on Wednesday October 9 2013 at 12:37
i have never heard such utter shit, i have worked and lived alongside travellers and they are regular people like me and u, they travel cause its their culture and they have no place that they can be left. halting sites are needed and majority of them are nice people and dont dissrupt life on their own community. because of a few bad eggs they are all tarred with the same brush and that just shows how discriminating you all really are. if there was a place big enough for them all to park up and pay rent and taxes then they would be happy and continue their lives without any problems. as for rubbish they leave and using pitch as a toilet instead of moaning about it whne they park up the council have to apply to have them moved well why not supply a rubbish bin and porta loo while they wait. if the bins and toilets are there they will use them, grow up people ffs

Reply Posted by Mmmm Danone on Wednesday October 9 2013 at 13:58
Don't ya mean "tarmacked by the same brush?" Hahahahahhaha

Reply Posted by Miss.N on Wednesday October 9 2013 at 17:20
Why don't they approach the Council and ask for somewhere to go then? Or better yet BUY SOME LAND?

If they were really that bothered about being legal they could easily do it.

Reply Posted by Deb on Wednesday October 9 2013 at 18:43
Why don't they buy there own bin n bog?

Reply Posted by Jill on Wednesday October 9 2013 at 17:46
I think what annoys people is that Travellers seem to get all the Rights and no one dare say or do anything against them. They use grass verges as toilets and yet someone caught urinating whilst out drinking ( which is also inappropriate ) is dealt with. Even the police can't do anything. There are some decent Travellers but unfortunately they are well out-numbered by those who seem to do their best to make a mess, give abuse and so on. What can possibly be right about Travellers connecting generators to electricity mains in the middle of public car parks and having leads going from those generators to several caravans !! The police visit and turn a blind eye because the Travellers aren't causing a danger !! Unbelievable.

Reply Posted by gorger on Wednesday October 9 2013 at 21:04
I like to travel but i never feel the need to shit in the hotel garden or relieve everyone of their belongings

Reply Posted by Ann Drex on Wednesday October 9 2013 at 21:10
That's made me laugh gorger. Haha, gud un.

Reply Posted by Paddy on Friday October 11 2013 at 23:10
Bi Jesus do ya wanna buy some tarmac

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