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Strict New Measures For The Unemployed - A WAB Debate

Tuesday October 1 2013

Are you in favour? Have your say. Are you in favour? Have your say.

All those who have been unemployed for three years will have to do some work or training in return for their benefits - or attend a job centre every day - under tough new measures. Are you in favour of this? Have your say on our WAB Debate.

Chancellor George Osborne will unveil the full requirements of a £300million yearly figure for the Help to Work programme, which is starting next April.

It will impose the most stringent conditions ever on the long-term unemployed as Mr Osborne pledges to end the option of 'signing on as usual'.

Instead, 200,000 people a year who have claimed jobseeker’s allowance for three years will lose their benefits - unless they take up one of three options after two years on the Work Programme.

The three options are:

1) Thirty hours a week for six months of community work such as making meals for the elderly, cleaning up litter and graffiti or charity work, plus 10 hours of 'job search activity'.

2) Daily attendance at a job centre to search for work instead of a brief interview once a fortnight.

3) A mandatory intensive regime for claimants with underlying problems such as mental health, drug addiction or illiteracy.

People who refuse to take part will lose four weeks’ worth of benefit for their first breach of the rules and three months’ worth for a second offence. Are you in favour of this? Have your say on our WAB Debate by commenting below.

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Reply Posted by mr x on Monday September 30 2013 at 16:08
a good way to raise the crime rate through the roof if you don't give people benefits there just gonna steal and rob to get money,..

Reply Posted by Stevo on Monday September 30 2013 at 17:52
Firstly, George (Real name Gideon, he changed it to George because he didn't want people to know his true birth name of Gideon or his privileged millionaire trust fund background) WHERE ARE THE JOBS?

We have THE worst unemployment rate of 16-25 year olds for a town our size in WESTERN EUROPE!

How are said claimants able to get to the job centre daily when they only receive £74 a week?
I didn't know until recently that it was TWO QUID to get into town via the bus from where I live.

How is making meals for the Elderly valuable work experience?

How is cleaning graffiti valuable work experience?

How is picking up litter valuable work experience?

It isn't is it? Its just slave labour end of.

If say for instance, that a person went to an employer to work then gained a national accreditation such as an NVQ then that would have been the way to go.
Not only would it give the person valuable work experience but they would gain a qualification at the end of their placement.

Why not ban zero hours contracts and employment agencies that DO NOT comply with current legislation?

Increase the minimum wage to £8.50 - £9.50 an hour to a "living wage" removing some 1.2 MILLION people from the Working Tax Credits Benefit saving the taxpayer MILLIONS!

The "Work Programme" simply does not WORK, all it does is sent people out to places of work to work for FREE.
Everyone remembers the young lady and Poundland saga don't they?

When the dust had settled it turned out that the owner of Poundland was a Tory donator, surprise surprise!

Typical Tories hitting everyone with the big stick whilst ensuring their claret supping cohorts are kept in clover.

Reply Posted by LV on Monday September 30 2013 at 19:42
Community work doesn't have to be valuable work experience, the fact of it is if you don't like doing the work you either don't do it and don't get any benefits OR you actually look for a job and get paid an actual wage!

Personally I think it would be far more effective if it were part time community work - specifically mornings as detailed in my comment below.

Reply Posted by sam on Wednesday October 2 2013 at 09:35
yes lets raise the minimum wage to £8.50 making millions of small businesses go bust because they cant afford the pay and therefore less jobs, great idea!

There is no easy fix to the situation but i do believe that people should work for their money, and there are believe it or not real jobs that include cleaning graffiti, working in a kitchen and picking litter so to dismiss the work that they would be doing as useless is just plain wrong.

Also slave labour would involve no money in return, these people are getting money (their benefits).

The zero hours contracts i do agree with you on and the sooner that is sorted the better.

Reply Posted by sid on Wednesday October 2 2013 at 10:30
I'm a small employer stevo. The minimum wage is OK after a certain age and the employee being able to earn their wagevfor the company. I would have to lose employees to pay the younger ones the amount you say. All my employees are on more than the min wage,but the trainees are on it. If,as I have often done,see that a particular young employee is shining and doing really well,then I will pay them more. It works,this makes the trainee happy,plus the rest try harder which in turn makes them a valuable employee. As a small business,we have to have hearts like lions at the moment. Its not easy juggling. Apart from that I mostly agree with most of what you post.

Reply Posted by Stevo on Wednesday October 2 2013 at 20:37
Sam not one to split hairs ,but, they receive benefit for being unemployed and if they are expected to "work" then the work they do it is STILL work and said work should be subject to the legally enforced national minimum wage.

You may have seen my previous posts regarding poundland, if not I'll fill you in:

Long term unemployed people on the "workfare" programme are being "forced" (slave labour?) into working at Poundland for FREE under the threat of benefit sanctions by the egotistical sycophants at the Job Centre.
We have all heard the case of the poundland worker that was made redundant by poundland previously and was replaced by a long tern unemployed person who was on the "workfare" programme .
After 12 months being unemployed the lady in question was put into the "workfare" programme and was offered a "workfare" placement at the very same poundland store that she had been made redundant from!

Talk about irony, you really couldn't make this it up but it is true.

Poundland have made THOUSANDS redundant and replaced them with long term unemployed "workfarers" which doesn't exactly bring any benefit to the "workfarer" or the worker made redundant or the economy in general,it just lines the pockets of big businesses such as poundland who get their "slave labour workfarer" to work for free AND getting a subsidy from the taxpayer, you and me for "employing" said workfarer on workfare.

You will also be interested to hear that the director of poundland is also a Tory Party donator, surprise surprise.

Remember the young lady who took the Tories to court over her "workfare" work experience - Stacking shelves in poundland even though she was doing voluntary work off her own back to keep busy?

Again I agree that there is no easy fix, but to expect someone to scrub graffiti and picking up litter for their dole money, which whether we like it or not IS SLAVE LABOUR and will no doubt result in job losses to the multitudes of council workers that do these very jobs.

The Tories justify these "schemes" as they tar all benefit claimants with the same "scroungers" tag, which we all know is evidently not the case, I am in full time employment and have worked since I was 15 but I am a benefit recipient ( not tax credits or anything like that) does that make me a scrounger?

What you also have to bear in mind is these schemes (especially workfare) gives the workfarer hardly any "work experience" and even the Tories themselves are now saying that the schemes are plainly to justify them paying out benefits.

The workfare programme has cost upwards of £300,000,000 to implement and has resulted in 57,000 gaining full time employment over the last few years, hardly value for the taxpayer is it?

If the workfare scheme and new scheme gave the unemployed person proper training, valuable works experience, whereby the person actually got decent training and could get that on their CV to enhance future career opportunities then yes i'd be up for that.

But it will NOT work, the long tern unemployed person will get fed up of working for nothing and eventually go out and find a job of their own.

or in lamens terms, Tell em they are going to have to do a shitty job that none else wants to do for nowt a yard or else they are going to have their dole money stopped....

Psychological warfare, do you not think?

Unfortunately it seems that in this day and age people are incapable of distinguishing between the genuine benefit claimants and those who "swing the lead" as they believe everything that is printed in The Sun and other nefarious right wing Tory propaganda gutter tabloids.

Believe me I am NOT on the side of the "career" benefit claimant either, the system has been open to abuse for years as previous governments (Labour in particular) have made it far too easy to have a "career" on benefits.

The problem I have is that the Tories are using the one big stick hits all approach and are shoving disabled people into the workfare programme via their murderous counterparts Atos, but that's another story all together.

Unfortunately the minimum wage is the benchmark for many employers in our town in this day and age and is NOT a living wage.
The figure I quoted previously would take millions of people out of the tax credits system saving the tax payer untold millions of pounds and perhaps if the minimum wage was indeed the hourly rate as I quoted above then I personally think that people would feel the incentive to go out and find work on a living wage.

I don't have all the answers, just plain old common sense that the majority of people who post on this site don't seem to have.

Reply Posted by Stevo on Wednesday October 2 2013 at 20:45
Sid, I hear what you are saying but under "my" grandiose plans the Minimum wage would be incremental on (possibly) a yearly basis up to the top rate of pay.
The NWM for the young ones would not change until they had reached a certain age and the incremental increases would then kick in.

Congrats on rewarding your employees in this way too, if only other employers lead by your example then a better world of work it would be.

As I have said in my previous post to sam above the NMW is not a living wage and millions of people have to rely on tax credits at massive cost to the taxpayer.

Again, I don't have all the answers, wish I did as it would make life a lot easier.

Best of luck with your business whatever It is, you need all the help you can get in this current climate.

Reply Posted by sid on Wednesday October 2 2013 at 21:25
Thanks for your words Stevo. I feel happy with my little gang, they stay with me for years,20 plus, so I know I,m on the right track. I agree with your plan for young employees,and yes its hard for us all at the moment. I also agree with your post to Sam. In reality I can't see the Tory plan working, but I must say, last Friday night at 7.00ish,I saw 3 guys picking litter on the bypass. I've not seen that before,so I'm wondering if the scheme has started rolling yet. I reckon the government are thinking this scheme will be a great vote earner,but it will cause so much unrest,I think it will be their downfall.

Reply Posted by king loius on Thursday October 3 2013 at 15:03
Business people ....if any of your employees are claiming benefit to make their pay up to the minimum living wage then the government are paying part of your wages bill and you yourself are a "scrounger" from the government's benefit system. Should you donate some of your time to work for free doing pointless tasks?....every Saturday would be fair?

Reply Posted by mr x on Monday September 30 2013 at 19:34
mr x im mr x lol

Reply Posted by mr x im x complete prick on Tuesday October 1 2013 at 16:51

Reply Posted by rich on Monday September 30 2013 at 19:35
first the tories shut the pits causing unemployment ,now they are taking the piss

Reply Posted by Fred on Tuesday October 1 2013 at 07:38
Don't forget rich, Labour shut more pits down than the tories.

Reply Posted by beth on Monday September 30 2013 at 19:38
Couldn't agree more with what they're doing!! so they should make them work.. might make the lazy tw**s get off their arse and start working! .. stevo how is it slave labour? why should we pay tax for people to sit on their arses doing nothing and getting paid for it? not saying its the same situation for everyone but I for one get sick of seeing the same people sat outside boozers day in day out claiming benefits and wasting it on ale its ridiculous!! and there are plenty of jobs if people actually looked for them!
If they want benefits then they should earn them by doing things for other people! tidying the streets up and helping the elderly why should every other person contribute to the country except them!

Reply Posted by Stevo on Monday September 30 2013 at 20:18
beth, if they are not getting the legally enforced minimum wage for working then its slave labour as far as I am concerned.
If they are receiving no qualifications at the end of their work placement then its still slave labour.

I hear the old "why should be pay for them sitting on their lazy arses" line almost every day and to a certain point I tend to agree, however, this particular Tory hair brained scheme will not work exactly the same as other hair brained schemes have not worked over the years.

Again this particular piece if derisory legislation is aimed am shoving people into minimum wage jobs irrespective of how its sugar coated.

As for the same people sat in boozers everyday, do you think that this piece of legislation is going to deter these "hard core" people?
No they will take the sign on everyday option and still get to sit in the pub after they have visited the JC.
On the back end of that, I was all in favour of the introduction of the welfare card, but that would have never have worked.

And to finish off, if someone has been unemployed for 3 years then surely common sense dictates that is evidently clear that their is either a problem with either the system or said unemployed person who has been unemployed for three years.

Reply Posted by mel on Monday September 30 2013 at 19:39
all its going to do is cause more job losses as the council cut the grass and pick litter up ,crime rate is going to hit the roof

Reply Posted by wifey on Monday September 30 2013 at 22:24
My council employed litter picking husband is now facing losing his job after over 30 years. I wonder if he will be given his old round back?

Reply Posted by sid on Monday September 30 2013 at 22:31
This wifey is just why the scheme can't work. I don't have any answers,but this stinks. Uncertain times for you and yours. Hope things turn out OK.

Reply Posted by LV on Monday September 30 2013 at 19:43
In theory this is a great idea! BUT!! It would be much better if it were part time, starting between 9:00 & 10:00am for 3 hours a day everyday - this way parents won't need to worry about child care during term-time, if it starts in the morning it will get people used to getting up early for work and doing three hours a day will mean they have plenty of time in the afternoon to look for paid employment, it will also give them a regular routine rather than doing something a couple of days per week then doing nothing for the remainder. The community work should also be in their own local area (up to 1.5mi from their home) so they are not incurring further costs through travel.

In theory the work itself is a fantastic idea, but it does need to be thought out better.

It shouldn't only apply to people who have been on benefits for three years! 6 months maybe!!

Reply Posted by just me on Monday September 30 2013 at 19:49
If theres jobs for the unemployed to do for free WHY dont the give them a real job with a real wage ??? Not all unemployed are lazy beer guzzling piss takers in fact quite the opposite BUT nearly all people in work slate em that way SHAME ON YOU !!! what ever happened to treat people as you want to be treated after all THERE BUT FOR THE GRACE OF GOD EH .......

Reply Posted by Stevo on Monday September 30 2013 at 20:37
This is exactly was is going on NOW in Poundland branches up and down the country.
People are being made redundant on a weekly basis and are being replaced by people on the workfare scheme.

Far cheaper than to "employ" someone on workfare for FREE than pay them the minimum wage isn't it?

Don't think that this is just poundland where this is happening either....

Reply Posted by RezzieP on Monday September 30 2013 at 19:58
I shouldn't worry too much about it. Over the years I've seen many a crazy scheme cooked up by the government, costing the taxpayer a fortune. New paperwork with fancy letterheads, new titles for the same old benefits, hours wasted educating the unemployed about the new changes and what they actually mean. New offices, new staff that'll need training. The list goes on. In the end though there's either rioting in the streets or a general election and they either go back to the old way of doing things, or the new government comes up with their own crazy scheme and changes it all around again costing yet more money. Don't blame the people, blame the system.

Reply Posted by STEVO on Sunday October 6 2013 at 11:44
Absolutely spot on.

Reply Posted by xxxx on Monday September 30 2013 at 20:02
what the hell is wrong with people.if i was an employer paying peoples wages sorry folks but you would all be on your way and i would be bringing in free labour.our jobs wernt safe before ,they sure as hell wont be when this comes into force.oh and beth lets send them out cleaning up the streets and we will get rid of the people who get a wage for doing it,we will send them out to care for the elderly and lets put hard working care workers out of a job shall we for gods sake get real,all this is going to do is turn petty thieves into persistant robbers,and it will be our things they take,our homes they break into cos we are the ones who leave our homes empty

Reply Posted by Just Me 2 on Monday September 30 2013 at 20:03
Just Me. Your crazy and obviously one of the lazy buggers being talked about. No hard working individual would comment like that

Reply Posted by just me on Monday September 30 2013 at 21:04
Just Me 2 ..LOL Crazy i might be but lazy i am far from and thank you for proving my point you hard working individual ....enough said ...

Reply Posted by Jen on Monday September 30 2013 at 20:09
I'm no Tory but previous governments have made this situation of dependency on the state. It is time to do something. I think it funny that it is considered slave labour. I understood that slaves don't get any money. Also I think society needs more respect for people who clean our streets and look after the elderly. Where would we be without these people. However it would be better if the community work was linked to training for employment. Also employers should also be forced into offering proper paid work which is suitable for people with care responsibilies and those who can only manage certain work. Lets try and empower people not write them off.

Reply Posted by Stevo on Tuesday October 1 2013 at 07:19
I agree with a large majority of your post Jen.

The unfortunate thing is modern "employers" these days only offer minimum wage and zero hours contracts, which in my humble opinion should be banned with immediate effect.

Reply Posted by mrs j on Monday September 30 2013 at 20:18
Why do people insist on commenting without either reading or listening to the whole policy? It clearly states that working for benefits is the LAST option after either finding a paying job or retraining or undertakung education. Why is this too much to ask? I hear people state that there are no jobs. What they mean is that there are no jobs that they WANT to do. Nobody enjoys working for a living (OK maybe a few), that's why so many do the lottery, but we do it because we have to if we want to live well and support our families. Why should some people have the luxury of choosing not to work and be supported by those of us who do? If there are no jobs that you fancy, retrain for one that you do. I did. I went from single parent on benefits to head of department in a school. It took 5 years in education but it was worth it. And yes it was hard and yes I was skint but I did not want my kids growing up with a parent who did not work. Guess what, both kids are grown, both are well educated and both have very good full time jobs. Oh, and we were from new lodge.

Reply Posted by Purple Haze on Monday September 30 2013 at 20:30
mrs j I could not have said it better myself.

I was a stay at home parent for 6 years and never claimed a penny from the state as my partner worked. When my kids got to school age I decided to get a job and was wary as it is often stated there are non. My fourth application got me an interview and then a full time job. It took me a month tops to find a job of my choice and wage level.
So why cant people who refused to go to school or who failed to get an education and who usually have criminal records and turn up for interviews in jeans and trainers with unwashed hair ( assuming they even know what a CV is?) why cant those people realise that they are only fir for minimum wage jobs and take that? Instead they want to earn big bucks and do nothing for it.
My answer to all of you just like that is retrain like mrs j above or reeducate instead, then jobs are available.

Reply Posted by Collet on Monday September 30 2013 at 20:20
All political parties are to blame for creating a welfare state like we have, but now the day has come when we can no longer can afford it.instead of retiring 60 we are now expected to work whilst 70 .they have let too many non contributory foreingners in,although some do work. How they think they can now close the door for people. Who think the world owes them a living and don't have to get off their Arses and just have to wait for the letter box to rattle I just don't know

Reply Posted by Stevo on Tuesday October 1 2013 at 07:26
Spot on mi'lady, Labour were the worst of the worst last time they were in power.
They made it far too easy for people to claim for everything under the sun, at one time of the day you would have to fill in reams of paperwork just to get JSA / Dole, when Labour were in power then advisors would actually come to a "clients" house"!

Reply Posted by sue on Monday September 30 2013 at 20:22
I think this is a good idea the streets in this country are full of litter council workers cannot pick it all up there is so much dog mess in the parks and on the streets they could pick that up as well there will always be some sort of unpaid work for them to do earn your money like i have to i have hadchildren and no support from thier dads and i have always worked child care issues are somtimes an excuse i work in a job where i see loads of wasters spending dole on drink drunks and gambling MAKE THEM WORK FOR IT im not saying all are wasters though but if they are not then they wont mid working for thier money

Reply Posted by FAWKES on Monday September 30 2013 at 20:24
The conservative party represent the RICH only .In a month when George(Gideon) Osborne travels to Brussels to argue not to restrict Bankers bonus's to only 2 million pounds per year on top of there salaries .He comes up with this rubbish .If there is work to occupy people for 30 hrs per week then give them a proper job and increase the minimum wage.All this talk from GEORGIE BOY is the keep the working class at each others throats.All the while him and in rich elite plunder rob and con the way into even more wealth .Will people please wake up and see this is all a smoke screen to keep our attention away from the real crime being committed by him and his cronies.

Reply Posted by Stevo on Monday September 30 2013 at 21:02
Absolutely spot on from start to finish Fawkes.

If only people actually woke up smelt the coffee and got there noses out of the Sun then perhaps we may stand a chance.

Reply Posted by Miss.N on Monday September 30 2013 at 20:40
Steveo, how many jobs do you know where you receive a qualification?! No qualification does not equal slave labour.

Reply Posted by Stevo on Monday September 30 2013 at 21:00
Read my post again.
I was implying that if unemployed people are to be forced to do work in a "placement" for them to learn the necessary skills to enable them to gain fruitful full time employment in the future then why not train said unemployed person to NVQ or other equivalent level?
Give the person a better chance of gaining fruitful full time unemployment does it not?

Reply Posted by Swifty on Monday September 30 2013 at 21:15
"Revolution" sticks in my mind. The sooner the better.

Reply Posted by NVQ LaDY on Monday September 30 2013 at 21:26
There are schemes already out there where an unemployed person can get a NVQ qualification WITHOUT working! They are usually called something like back to work programmes and cover anything from Security to Customer Service, Hospitality to Health and Social Care. And they do lead to jobs! Free First Aid at Work, Health and Safety Level 2 and Food Safety Level 2. The JCP advisers all know about them and how to do the referrals. Providers invite employers in to see the learners and talk about jobs and careers. It all there they just have to ask.....
There is a new scheme for the under 24's that helps them with CV writing, interview skills and lots of other things to help them get back into work. They get offered work experience in quality employers and as long as they turn up for 12 hours PW they will complete the course! It's called Traineeships. Eden Training in Goldthorpe is one of the providers of this and they pay for the trainees bus/train fares.....

Reply Posted by Stevo on Tuesday October 1 2013 at 07:16
Sounds like you know a lot more about it than I do mi'lady.

If what you have posted is indeed true then i'm all for people learning more skills to enable them to get a job and gain fruitful employment.
The government should be actively encouraging further courses and learning opportunities rather that getting the big stick out forcing people into shitty "jobs" that no one wants to do and ostracising the very people who claim benefits.

I for one know that you are never too old to learn something new and have gained many qualifications since I reached middle age.

Reply Posted by NVQ LaDY on Sunday October 6 2013 at 20:41
I have been involved in this kind of scheme for over 2 years. Mostly in the NW/Manchester area but there are providers in Barnsley. The unemployed also get support with Maths and English too. It's all there as I said but the advisers in JCP's do not always pass the details on or sadly they are unaware they are available. BMBC do Food Safety and Health and Safety courses at their Eldon Street site. Free to unemployed... £65 to employed....

Reply Posted by bud on Monday September 30 2013 at 21:33
Y pick on us who only bin on dole 4 3 yr..what bout them that bin on dole donkeys yrs...its just not fare...just give us rashion books.

Reply Posted by niknak on Monday October 7 2013 at 11:39
its ration not rashion btw you will take money of taxpayers for 3 years but not work

Reply Posted by Swifty on Monday September 30 2013 at 21:39
Let's not all get confused with Unemployment. Anything ANY Government does to stop the low life thieving Bar Stewards that fall into the group "Can Work Wont WORK" has to be right.

Why should these parasites have free Motability Cars, Caravans at Skeggy paying £3000 a year rent alone.and sat on the fat fooking arses while the rest of us pays into the pot.

We all no who they are every Street in your area has them.

Let's invest in the genuine unemployed give everybody a working living wage. And tell these cheating Bar Stewards there days are up.

Reply Posted by alvin gibson on Monday September 30 2013 at 21:40
I have been sanctioned twice and it is unreal that we get this when there is no work for anyone we need to sort it out in Barnsley

Reply Posted by Swifty on Monday September 30 2013 at 21:43
Alvin please explain this more I'm not sure what your point is regards

Reply Posted by julie on Monday September 30 2013 at 21:52
There are pros and cons of this scheme, but it seems as though the government is making this sound more of a 'punishment' for not having a job. Saying that, everyone should contribute something to help themselves regain their independence, self esteem and pride, but heavy handedness like this will cause many problems.

Reply Posted by Swifty on Monday September 30 2013 at 21:58
Julie you have a valued point. However how do we deal with the professional scroungers.

Turn a blind eye and allow them bleed us all dry. They must except they have to be seen to actively seeking work not spending 6 months a year at Skeggy. Just popping home when they feel like it.

Reply Posted by Rach on Monday September 30 2013 at 22:16
This is how I see it. My partner works full time, I work part time and the rest of the time I look after our 2 year old. I would love to work full time but as we do not receive any child tax credit or help only our wages that pays our mortgage and council tax and puts food on the table while people on benefits manage to afford holidays and posh cars! We struggle week by week sometime day by day to make ends meet with us both working so I have no idea how people live on £74 a week! If u work u don't receive any help from the government....if u don't work u get ur rent paid, majority of council tax etc n its those thing's on life that make me proud to be a worker and go out to work and earn my keep!!! So I totally agree....if u WANT a job there is work out there u just have to search for it and want it and to be interested!

Reply Posted by steve on Tuesday October 1 2013 at 13:47
Agreed the worse of people are the ones that work, and on the £12,000 - 15,000 bracket because if you need any help whats so ever, you get none, nothing, sweet FA. Not one single penny of help.

Reply Posted by sid on Monday September 30 2013 at 22:26
As you say swifty,its the professional scroungers that bleed the country dry. The ones that lie to the medical profession and end up on disability. These are the ones that are safe. They are not truly disabled(I know two) but they take all the benefits and laugh at everyone else. There is very little anyone can do about them and if the government penalise the disabled the genuine guys get less money too. I can see no solution, but I would imediatly make motorbilty rules different. If the 40-50year old have no chance of getting jobs due to their "illness" why would they need a car?MMost people have cars to get to and from work. Its just an idea. It might seem spiteful,but it is gawling when these cheats drive around in better cars than the workers.

Reply Posted by Stevo on Tuesday October 1 2013 at 07:04
sid, whilst I agree in part with what you are saying, it is extremely difficult to get on disability ben in this day and age.
I had an Atos "Medical" a few weeks ago (NOT for Disability bens, was for something else) and not only did the doctor gave me the results of my medical there and then (shouldn't have don't this either, but saved me a wait) but he actually told me that they work to a percentage to refuse benefits laid down in "secret" by the DWP.
I was very surprised that he opened up as much as he did given all the bad press that Atos get on a daily basis.

Reply Posted by Swifty on Monday September 30 2013 at 22:32
We have now entered a third generation of Benefit Scroungers from the same family tree.

It has to stop but don't tie all unemployed the same. We all no a family or too. I will be up for work in the morning at 5 am and an be like most people pound of what i so.

Reply Posted by Charles on Monday September 30 2013 at 22:35
I'm firmly behind the government on this one. Why should I and all other taxpayers support all the lazy scroungers who do not want to work? The introduction of such a scheme is long overdue and all reasonably minded people will support it.

Reply Posted by Stevo on Tuesday October 1 2013 at 06:45
Oh dear, Charles the "committed" Tory has actually finally mentioned the Tory "Buzzword" that is "lazy scroungers".
Go and spew your right wing bile somewhere else Mr Tory.

Reply Posted by Charles on Tuesday October 1 2013 at 13:23
What a fool you really are. I said that I was behind the government on this issue and I am. There are no grounds for you to conclude that I am a tory. Then again, I suspect that you are not the brightest of people, as evidenced by some of the drivel which you post on here.

Reply Posted by Stevo on Tuesday October 1 2013 at 17:05
Don't make me laugh Mr Right wing Tory lover.
I am particularly bright thank you.

Tis you that posts your inane right wing drivel on here my Tory.

Reply Posted by Charles on Tuesday October 1 2013 at 17:11
There's nothing like self praise. Then again, you are not likely to get praise from anyone else.

Reply Posted by Stevo on Tuesday October 1 2013 at 18:00
Funnily enough I cannot ever recall anyone agreeing to ANY of your posts EVER while I have been using this website.

Anyway lets get back to the topic in hand.......

Reply Posted by Charles on Tuesday October 1 2013 at 22:47
Now, now lad, you clearly have a selective memory. Why does this surprise me?

Reply Posted by Stevo on Wednesday October 2 2013 at 20:48
OOps, yes I have actually agreed with you from time to time, in fact I have just agreed with you on another post in October.

Reply Posted by sid on Monday September 30 2013 at 22:39
Swifty. After the glorious summer we've just had,long summer days,barbeques, trips to the coast,getting a nice tan, playing with the kids,lounging in the garden with the two dogs,slowly drinking a cool long lager...you get the picture?
My neighbours did all of those lovely things..while I was at work. Sometimes pride is all we have to cling to. It makes me wonder.

Reply Posted by val on Monday September 30 2013 at 22:57
do you know this country makes me laugh, im qualified as a nurse after retraining at a late age, I have to pay £100 a year to do my job, my partner has been in the army, looking after our country for 30yrs and now he has to attend all places to get his stamp paid instead of spending quality time looking for a job, because he has to cause pension not great. What the hell are we coming to, he had to work for 6 weeks no pay only expenses to keep getting his stamp paid

Reply Posted by little sprout on Monday September 30 2013 at 23:20
Sorry, but what you have said does not make sense. You may wish to clarify.

Reply Posted by Swifty on Monday September 30 2013 at 23:23
Sid I understand your views and I'm totally with you. As for Val you yourself are right too. I myself respect everything you and your husband do in your chosen jobs.

This country needs to repay the people that are all you and your husband stand for.

Not some scrounging generations that have bleed this country dry.

Reply Posted by Keeny on Tuesday October 1 2013 at 00:21
They want people to work 30 hours a week for roughly £74.00 max (that's £2.46 an hour, way below minimum wage). They're insane!!

If there's 30 hours of work available each week, per JSA claimant, then why can't they be employed full time (earning minimum wage) to do this work?

Therefore getting them off benefits and back into employment!!

Reply Posted by T on Tuesday October 1 2013 at 11:58
Better for the economy than working 0 hours for £74 a week! But yeah full time employment would be a whole lot more stable.

Reply Posted by Norm on Tuesday October 1 2013 at 13:37
Spot on, who wants summat for nowt ... the Tories.

Reply Posted by Bob on Thursday October 3 2013 at 16:29
If they had to work 30 hours a week for their £74 believe me they'd soon find employment.

Reply Posted by Mark on Tuesday October 1 2013 at 04:27
Omg the same government that took all the jobs in the first place wants to take some more piss with the country s. People understand 1 thing do they no how it feels to live without a silver spoon on their gobs ER NO IS THE ANSWER yes it's wrong to take without giving but do they give no they are all millionaires who decide wot is gunna happen in all your life's does it affect them NO IS THE ANSWER they all live their fancy life's at the top but who's money do they spend on their riches OH YES YOURS MINE SND EVERYONE ELSES MAYBE YOU DHOULD CLOSE THE GATES THEN IT WOULDNT BE HALF AS BAD AS YOU THE GOVERMENT HAS MADE IT RANT OVER

Reply Posted by Kirsty on Tuesday October 1 2013 at 07:10
Why on earth do people think that it's a bad idea? Why should people get paid for doing absolutely nothing? They're not taking the jobs that's being paid by council, they are doing the jobs that the council had to lessen due to cutbacks.... And if they don't like doing 40 hours a week for their BENEFIT, it's a good reason to go out & find a proper job isn't it? And don't give me "there is no jobs" Because that's rubbish, every single week there's jobs advertised in the chronicle, independant and even Nhs jobs website if that's your career choice! There's no excuse for idle people wanting a free living! Bare in mind it says if unemployed for more than 3 years.,,, 3 years is plenty to find a job!

Reply Posted by Tom on Tuesday October 1 2013 at 07:42
Of course its a good idea. Well done the Tories.

Reply Posted by g on Tuesday October 1 2013 at 08:23
whilst i agree something as to be done with benefits i think they should start with imagration less foriegners would mean more jobs or better chance of jobs i work self employed at a garage yesterday we had 7 coloured guys come in to leave 1 car all smartly dressed not 1 of em with a job all fancy cars nice homes which ive been to all begging for the work to be done cheap and this is regular some of em bring a interpretar because they dont do english makes me wonder if its worth getting up in a morning near mind people that keep getting door shut in there faces

Reply Posted by MrsMail on Tuesday October 1 2013 at 09:46
Of course Beth. All people that are unemployed are lazy. Pray tell me where you did your Masters degree in economics?. LSE was it? Sure. I had the misfortune to be unemplyoyed once. I had a nice big London mortgage to pay. Terrrifying times. I hope you are never out of work.

This thead is so depressing. So many brainless people

Reply Posted by MrsMail on Tuesday October 1 2013 at 09:58
I want to know how all these unemployed people go on four holidays a year, have a 42" widescreen TV, smoke and drink, have all the latest clothes and mobile phones on £67 a week jobseekers allowance. My money management skills must be crap.

Reply Posted by Fawkes on Tuesday October 1 2013 at 10:33
Do you lot not see the point .Georgie Osborne has you all at each other throats .For what i ask ? The welfare bill is mostly not spent on the unemployed .Its spent on working tax credits paid to ,yes you got it .WORKING PEOPLE to cover up what the rich factory owners don,t pay to make a living wage.This little charade will save this country very little from the welfare bill.Its to deflect your attention for the real crimes of Tax dodging, Tax evasion,Tax Loopholes,Inflated bonus to bankers,Payment protection cons,0 hours contracts,Low pay hire them and fire them culture,Power companies screwing us over on bills,All the things that truely we should be worried about.I think all unemployed should be given a free bus past and sent to a job club everyday .But as for working 30 for benefits no no no.If theres 30 hrs work ,give them a bloody job.SMOKE SCREENS AND MIRRORS and you guys fall for it !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reply Posted by Stevo on Tuesday October 1 2013 at 17:11
Fawkes you are wasting you time with the idiots on here they believe everything that is printed in The Sun is the gospel truth.
They wouldn't know the truth about what is happening in our country if it was staring them in the face.

Reply Posted by may on Tuesday October 1 2013 at 10:36
these people are not brainless mrsmail there brainwashed by this government,not once have the tories made reference to the single people on benefits who live on £74 a wk and who are faced with a reduction in their benefits for under occupancy who now have to pay council tax as well, im all for people who have over a certain amount of money contributing but come on people do the maths,£10wk electric £15wk gas £10wk water £9 wk bedroom tax £4wkcouncil tax.that leaves £26 a wk for food and esential toiletries, where do you get it that these people are living a life of luxury or choose to live like that

Reply Posted by little sprout on Tuesday October 1 2013 at 14:18
That's where you're wrong. The Tories have made reference to the single people on benefits. THEY HAVE SUGGESTED THAT THEY GET OFF THEIR BACKSIDES, STOP SPONGING ON SOCIETY AND GET A JOB. You must have missed that.

Reply Posted by Paula molyneux on Tuesday October 1 2013 at 10:45
We dont have it easy at all its hard work liveibg these days and going to get wrost

Reply Posted by Little sprout on Tuesday October 1 2013 at 14:20
Oh no. It's not going to get 'wrost' is it?

Reply Posted by MrsMail on Tuesday October 1 2013 at 10:46
@may. Sorry I meant the benefit bashers further up thread are brainless. For example the delighful beth and Kirsty. I hope they never find themselves unemployed. You would hear their bleating all over South Yorkshire.

Reply Posted by NLK on Tuesday October 1 2013 at 10:46
How is it working for "free" when the jobcentre has been paying them for atleast 2 years for nothing.... and will be continuing to pay them whilst they are doing the jobs etc... if you dont like it get a job....

Reply Posted by Jack on Tuesday October 1 2013 at 11:03
Ive decided to open up an employment agency. Ill take workers on who will work for free just so that they can claim their benefit. Ill then pay them £2.00 an hour extra cash in hand so they are better off. Then charge the company they work for less than the minimum wage so everyone give me a contract. Everybody makes money.

Reply Posted by Stevo on Tuesday October 1 2013 at 11:08
The only ones that are complaining are the unemployed. Im all for it..

Reply Posted by Stevo on Tuesday October 1 2013 at 16:33
Get your own name idiot!

That is not the real me above BTW.

Reply Posted by Col P on Tuesday October 1 2013 at 22:50
Of course it is, you must think we're all fools.

Reply Posted by Stevo on Wednesday October 2 2013 at 07:50
It is my own name idiot! Are you mentally unstable or something? You need to stop preaching on WAB and get a life.

Reply Posted by Stevo on Wednesday October 2 2013 at 15:14
I've got to say, I've finally lost it. To be honest I thought I was and now I can confirm it.

Reply Posted by STEVO on Wednesday October 2 2013 at 20:50
This is the real STEVO speaking.

Wish I had lost it, but no I've still got it it never went away.

Reply Posted by Stevo on Thursday October 3 2013 at 10:43
Oh no, It's gone again. I've lost it again. This time I think it's forever. I feel a right fool.

Reply Posted by Keeny on Tuesday October 1 2013 at 11:45
Recently my house mate lost his job because the company he worked for was making cutbacks. He's now back on JSA. He applied for a budgeting loan at the job centre for £220 so he could pay for his SIA licence which would pretty much guarantee him a job next week. But no, the job centre denied his request and told him to try again in 6 months!

Now, if he stays on JSA for the next 6 months he will be gaining about £1200 from it, but obviously he has to live on that, as well as save up for his licence. It just seems to me that the job centre are total idiots! My house mate would have had to pay back the £220 loan.........he doesn't have to pay back his dole..!

I'm just saying, if the job centre were committed to getting folk back into work, they'd have seen the logic of this argument and given him the loan!

Reply Posted by MrsMail on Tuesday October 1 2013 at 12:20
@stevo - I think the idea is wrong on many levels. I am not unemployed. I don't claim any benefits of any type. No child benefit, no working tax credit.

Reply Posted by x on Tuesday October 1 2013 at 12:39
people need to look at other countries where the rich rule,and the way they treat the poorest workers and unemployed, and then take a good long hard look at what is happening in this country,we have a rich poor divide,we are now getting a low paid worker,unemployed divide.come on people take a look at how they live and how we live,is this really the time to turn on each other

Reply Posted by little sprout on Tuesday October 1 2013 at 22:53
I think you are one of those fools.

Reply Posted by steve on Tuesday October 1 2013 at 13:43
They are making people do this, if they have been out of work for three years and have no medical disability, I'm sorry but if there is absolutely nothing wrong with you and been out of work for 3 years why not make them go pick up litter for the benefits. And all I see is "where are these jobs" well where I work we have had 5 jobs both part time and full time pop up in the last three years and people have moved on a got jobs straight away, and walking around town I always see vacancies. Its just because they're either too lazy or don't (what they thing is) lower themselves flipping burgers or packing boxes, buts I'm sorry a jobs a job. Personally I don't know how they do it same thing day in day out I get bored when I'm on annual leave from work.

Reply Posted by Norm on Tuesday October 1 2013 at 13:48
62 years old, paid Nat Ins for 40+ years. Summat for nowt?

Reply Posted by True on Tuesday October 1 2013 at 16:21
For those of you old enough that may remember, In the early 1980s you could leave school in Barnsley at 16 and walk into many jobs without a bucket load of qualifications, e.g. at least 8 SR Gents clothing factories, Loads of pits, massive stores like Woolworths/Littlewoods/BMH etc, This country actually manufactured things and well over 70% of this country's economy was based on Manufacturing, Nowadays over 70% of this country's economy is based on Banking/insurance and the financial sectors, Look at Germany who are and have been doing so well during the current climate, Germanys economy is based on Manufacturing!.
And just for the record: Being in fulltime work in alot of jobs in this country isnt that good atm, I'm self-employed and used to earn over £2000 a week with my own business, Now I'm lucky to earn £200 a week, My Wife recently went to work full-time as a carer for a company in Barnsley, on £7.50ph doing 60 hours a week on a zero hours contract, She is a carer/driver and has done well over 17,000miles in her car and put nearly £4000 in fuel in it to do this job in under 12mths, Apparently she can claim back 20% from HMRC on a P87 form for her fuel expenditure, she's had nothing back at all yet. This government want to force people to work like this, on minimum wages or just above it whilst employers like most big company's get mega rich and avoid paying there tax's, Workers want a decent living wage and not need benefits such as working tax credits etc to top up there current crap wages, Stop blaming the unemployed and the low paid workers for the mess this country is in today, Previous governments and banks caused this mess that ALL of us are paying for.

Reply Posted by Stevo on Tuesday October 1 2013 at 17:51
True, spot on.

People seem to forget that we used to manufacture things, the Tories and Thatcher in particular pave the way for the moved from manufacturing to the service industry and our country has never recovered as a result.

That is exactly why we now find our country swimming in debt, the rich getting richer and the poorer people in society being ostracised by the Tories and their rich industrialist cohorts.

If only the idiots who post on this site actually woke up and smelt the coffee then perhaps they would actually realise exactly what is going on in our country.
They wont though as they believe that everything that is printed in the gutter tabloids in gospel truth.

Reply Posted by x on Tuesday October 1 2013 at 16:31
how many people applied for the 5 jobs steve

Reply Posted by JOHN on Tuesday October 1 2013 at 17:48

Reply Posted by lyndon on Tuesday October 1 2013 at 18:50
The tories have been on the offensive coinciding with their conference whilst aided and abeted by their tabloid puppets that are on shit stir and dirty tricks overdrive.Its all about winning votes, that's why they will conveniently sidestep the immigration issue

Reply Posted by Stevo on Tuesday October 1 2013 at 19:32
So Milliband announced the other week that Labour would freeze energy prices for 20 months and George (Gideon) Osbourne announced a freeze in fuel duty for two years if they got in at the next election, the Tories are running scared as they know that they would have to form an alliance with UKIP and ditch their links with the Lid Dems to gain power next time.

The Tories actively encourage immigration as it provides cheap labour to their rich industrialist Tory party donating industrialist cohorts.

There will be a token Tory "crackdown" immigration policy as they know it will win them votes, but don't expect anything as "extreme" as UKIP policy.

Reply Posted by donna on Tuesday October 1 2013 at 19:49
yup I was one of them ppl I left school AT 16 straight into a job an worked right up to being 23 without a problem ,,,,,,,,, my husband worked after that so I could look after our children , ,,, now im ready to get bk into work an guess what !!!!! there isnt none iv put in for more then 20 jobs in 5 weeks an not got a call bk once :( ...so if there isn't any jobs out there for us how the heck can u expected up to work for free ? sad

Reply Posted by shaggy on Tuesday October 1 2013 at 20:11
Thuz jobs art theer lass but there's that many people chasing em n mooerst on em go tut immigrants.

Reply Posted by Hi on Thursday October 3 2013 at 14:28
Weird, my missus has been off work looking after our kids - she's gotten straight into a job up at Manvers. There are jobs out there being filled.

Reply Posted by g on Tuesday October 1 2013 at 20:04
i left school at 15 in 1972 on a fri started work at mon and been working ever since i worked for a garage for 10 yr and my own business for 30yr and just manage to pay my bills and get out 1 night at weekend never had a shilling from anybody

Reply Posted by jack on Tuesday October 1 2013 at 20:24
maybe if they were to throw all the muslims and foreigners out of great britain then maybe there would be decent jobs for everyone,these are your scroungers,anything they ask for the goverment give them,how many of these muslims does our so called goverment force into taking jobs,how many have had their benifits stopped.?.

Reply Posted by shaggy on Tuesday October 1 2013 at 20:33
R tha reight shag, kick em all art n will be a rich country again.

Reply Posted by Bob on Thursday October 3 2013 at 17:05
Just think though. If they got rid of "muslims" there'd be hardly any "scrounging" doctors here. Just saying!

Reply Posted by Hoyland Red on Thursday October 3 2013 at 18:53
Jack,wtf has religion got to do with getting Britain prosperous again? Should we ship all the catholics off to France and Spain? Immigration and religion are 2 very different issues.

Reply Posted by shaggy on Saturday October 5 2013 at 04:40
Eyup shag, mite be different but they both shit in the same hole don't the?

Reply Posted by Rubydoo on Wednesday October 2 2013 at 07:57
Something needs to happen to get the work shy back in the land of the living, but I'm not sure this is the right thing but it's worth a try.
The Jobcentre needs to evolve and needs a massive overhaul, its an unemployment benefit office dealing with benefits.........they don't find you a job, and they should be helping people find jobs.
Before I get a load of abuse by using the term work shy we all know who the work shy are, they are NOT the unfortunates who are having a dose of bad luck they are the ones who are lazy and idle and dodge work like the plague.

Reply Posted by LOL on Wednesday October 2 2013 at 09:08

Reply Posted by T on Wednesday October 2 2013 at 15:27
Which is more of the truth though, can't or won't.

Nice CAPS for EMPHASIS by the way ;-) lol.

Reply Posted by Steve on Thursday October 3 2013 at 13:21
If the truth is you truly CAN'T do any type of work then you deserve support.

If the truth is you actually could but WON'T then you deserve to have your benefits stopped and be destitute.

Reply Posted by Steve on Thursday October 3 2013 at 08:40
I started working for agencies in call centres, then saved up and funded myself through uni, got a job an worked hard and then got a better job and now 15 years later yes I have a reasonable job through bloody hard work and I lose about 1/3 of my wage in deductions, tax, NI, pension etc. What I despise is that for all my hard work in the last 15 years I am paying for benefits of people who will not put in hard work and effort to get a job and keep it. A quick search on the direct . gov job (formally jobcentre plus) website shows 8239 jobs within 10 miles of Barnsley town centre. I DESPISE LAZY PEOPLE WHO MOAN ABOUT THEIR BEING NO JOBS. BENEFITS ARE A STOP GAP ONLY AND NOT A WAY OF LIFE. I think that these lazy people should lose benefits and be on the bread line then maybe they will be encouraged to go to a CV workshop and interview techniques workshop and actually apply themselves and then get a job. Jobs are hard work.. not easy at all. Stop being a sponger.

Reply Posted by Charles on Thursday October 3 2013 at 10:59
At last, a Barnsley man who has worked hard to better himself. Don't take your foot off the peddle, keep striving.

Surely this is what all people should be doing, striving to make their own lives better. Sadly too many people expect something for nothing and that is not the way it should be. Work hard, pay your own way in life and you will feel much better for it. Do not envy others who are more affluent, more lucky or more successful. Congratulate them and continually strive to emulate them. We should all aim for the top and by doing this we should achieve some degree of success. In life virtually anything is possible if you have the vision to see the opportunities out there. Better to have tried and failed, than not to have tried at all. As the Nike slogan says; Just do it.

Reply Posted by Bob on Thursday October 3 2013 at 17:12
8239 jobs you say? Shh you're spoiling the lazy gits moans about how their are ZERO jobs.

Well said that man!

Reply Posted by shaggy on Saturday October 5 2013 at 04:48
Eyup Shag, a tha evin a laff?
9000 jobs?
I think thas bin ont funny fags me old skipjack tuna.

Reply Posted by Rubydoo on Thursday October 3 2013 at 08:58
I hate people moaning saying its ok for you youve got a good job and a good wage.............how do they think we did that? I studied at night school as I didnt try as hard as I should have at school, I worked and did day release at college and Ive done night school over the years upping my qualifications and climbing up the career ladder to a well paid job.
There is no substitute for hard work and education.

Reply Posted by xxxx on Thursday October 3 2013 at 11:47
how dare you charles,most barnsley men work hard and strive to better themselves,dont you dare class everybody the same

Reply Posted by Ackerman on Thursday October 3 2013 at 13:36
You should get ZERO benefit unless you worked and paid taxs for a minimum of 5 years. Foreign people should get food stamps and tokens for Gas and Electric. No cash what so ever should be given to them. And for the under 25 years old getting no benefits well what do you say to that other than im putting more locks on my shed

Reply Posted by Steve on Thursday October 3 2013 at 13:39
Agree - Maybe we should then be alowed to electrify our sheds... Its a thought

Reply Posted by andy on Thursday October 3 2013 at 13:52
well said jack. also bring the retirement age down and bring the young ones into work.another thought is give school leavers an option. further education or the forces.

Reply Posted by True on Thursday October 3 2013 at 15:06
The truth is, the vast majority of working class people are in part time work or low paid full time jobs and can hardly survive on there wages alone, So also recieve some form of benefits as top ups, (working tax credits etc), for an economy to flourish workers need a good living wage whereby they also pay income tax and not benefits, Also they would then have more disposable income to spend in shops/bars/restaurants etc which encourages more jobs, This government want people to get into debt all over again, hense the lack of enforcement with payday loan company's, There even giving people 25% mortgage guarantee's towards a mortgage, In all honesty how can people sign upto a 25yr mortgage when the vast majority of jobs are not safe anymore from 1 year to the next? some jobs years ago were a life long thing! and could be relied upon!, not in todays society, very few jobs can be considered safe anymore. Company's today are all about profits not the workers, look at the CEO of EON, just got a £9million bonus and is leaving to join the conservatives as an industry advisor, EON made over 2billion profit and are still putting prices up this winter!, why not share the wealth with the workers who made them all that profit??

Reply Posted by Bob on Thursday October 3 2013 at 16:07
Firstly I sypathise with those UNABLE to work. Secondly This should be done for anyone who has not been able to find a job for 1 year not 3 years. Third if you've not been able to find yourself a job after the said year, you should have to do work for your benefits. In addition the job centre should get you a job. If you refuse it... no benefits.
We are too soft in this country. I do not go to work to pay taxes so other people can sit on their lazy arses watching Jezza on their 50" tellys. Get a job. ANY job.

Reply Posted by XoX on Thursday October 3 2013 at 17:57
As someone who works for the job centre i'd like to point out that most jobs available in the area are skilled or require some kind of license, e.g electrician, teacher. They also arent removed from the system when they are filled (ONE OF MY PET HATES) AND the primary reason im hearing from people as to why they havent gotten a position is being overqualified (for warehouse jobs). Also, many positions are zero hours or comission based pay which is a big risk to those who are on benefits and have families. Its extremely naive to think there are over 8000 jobs in barnsley- there's nothing close to that. I have clients who have no intention of looking for work but i also have clients who have worked for companies 20 years and been laid off, they have no skills that are transferable and cant get back on the job market- but i suppose they're just being lazy scroungers eh?

Reply Posted by Little sprout on Thursday October 3 2013 at 18:05
Well if you really do work for the Job Centre you are very lucky, if the above is an example of your written work. Talk about falling standards.

Reply Posted by Tone on Thursday October 3 2013 at 18:33
Hurray! The grammar Nazi is here.

Reply Posted by Steve on Thursday October 3 2013 at 21:05
@ XoX...Big fail - whilst I appreciate there may be jobs that have not been removed from the system we can apply a simple mathematical approach. So if we say that for every 5 jobs only 1 is actually available that still gives over 1600 jobs within 10 miles of Barnsley centre. Some of which are trainee / apprentice opportunities such as forklift, hairdresser, shop assistant, welder etc. I simply point out that the lame excuse that their are no jobs is rubbish. If I was out of work I would do anything rather than claim benefits. I did make the point that benefits are acceptable as a stop gap, but for those who are LONG TERM unemployed you are seriously trying to say that this is because there are no jobs or people who are over qualified. I would be interested to know how you decide that the skills are not transferable. How do you as a Job Centre employee strive to ensure that those who want a job have your best support? People on the long term unemployed list should be forced to go to workshops or do community service to give something back for the benefits they take. IT SHOULD NEVER BE A WAY OF LIFE. Simply saying you could not find a job for 3 years is rubbish. In 3 years someone could study part time for any kind of qualification and the course would be free to someone on benefits. As someone who pays tax I would have thought that you above all others would despise scrounges as they sit in front of you every day.

Reply Posted by Little sprout is a knobjockey on Saturday October 5 2013 at 04:50
I talk a right load of shite I do and do lots of bottom burps.

Reply Posted by STEVO on Monday October 7 2013 at 10:57
Finally a JC employee who tells us Exactly what the job situation in our town is like.

Your wasting your time on here though love, they tar everyone on benefits with the same "scroungers" brush.

As for the 8000 jobs, I dare say that in reality there are less than 1000 in town and the surrounding areas and can bet the majority of them are either part time or zero hours contracts.

Reply Posted by XoX on Thursday October 3 2013 at 18:17
I'm sorry my grammar doesn't come up to your standards, next time I will make sure I don't rush using my phone on the bus as I wouldn't want to offend you. Not sure how my spelling or grammar affects the point i was making... but well done you for pointing it out and making yourself seem more intelligent.

Reply Posted by Little sprout on Thursday October 3 2013 at 18:59
Rest assured, it certainly does not offend me, but perhaps you should take a little more pride in your work.

Reply Posted by little sprout is a knob jockey on Saturday October 5 2013 at 04:51
I talk a right load of shite I do and do lots of bottom burps.

Reply Posted by andy on Thursday October 3 2013 at 19:24
ship them back from wence they came,1 crime deport,not workin deport,came here ill deport,country needs to listen to its citizens majority want them out

Reply Posted by x on Thursday October 3 2013 at 20:52
i see you still havn't learnt how to have an adult debate without insults yet little sprout

Reply Posted by sid on Thursday October 3 2013 at 21:01
The sprout talks Twaddle.

Reply Posted by Steve on Thursday October 3 2013 at 22:41
Whatever i write it's always a load of shit, sorry i can't help it

Reply Posted by Steve on Friday October 4 2013 at 16:38
@ fake Steve - Shame you can't articulate why you disagree. Lets face it though, you can't even use use a capital I in your sentence so I don't hold out much hope for you. Maybe if you used your benefits for some paper and a crayon you might have done a better job.

Reply Posted by Me on Friday October 4 2013 at 21:28
£74 for 30 hours work isn't slave labour .... they get £100 rent allowance a week ,£20 council tax allowance a week,free prescriptions,free dental care and optician fees paid,and that's on top of free school meals and whatever else they can scam !!

Reply Posted by hard worker on Sunday October 6 2013 at 10:48
are you having a laugh me how the hell do you pay £100 rent and £20council tax out of £74 its not like they could pay it out of what they get is it.oh by the way im all for people doing their bit but not if its at the cost of other peoples jobs,people keep on about benefit claiments should go out and pick up the dog crap off the streets,well ask yourself this,if you lost your job would that mean that you are a low life that deserves to pick up crap, i dont think so do you

Reply Posted by andys on Sunday October 6 2013 at 16:47
we all know the families who dnt work wont work,its no goood sticking up for them they should be made to clean old folks gardens homes etc sick to the teeth of the bad back,im depressed brigade doin nowt,excuse after excuse to go golfin,play snooker in the local club instead of standin up bein a MAN and taking care of whatever scum you have blighted this country with

Reply Posted by jasper on Sunday October 6 2013 at 18:36
Yes,I know a benefit cheat just like that. His gardens massive,not a blade of grass out of place. Veggie patch as big as an allotment,but oddly you never see him gardening. He,s so scared of getting caught he must garden at midnight. He also plays golf all the time,while I'm at work earning his benefits. I would LMFAO if he got caught.

Reply Posted by observer on Sunday October 6 2013 at 17:04
This is the crux of the matter. Some people on WAB cannot differentiate between the genuine and the ones taking the piss. Therefore labeling all unemployed people as workshy scum and adding to the stigma created by the tory gutter press

Reply Posted by . on Sunday October 6 2013 at 19:15
Mebi this prick should try payin fo travel costs everyday to job centre n back cos by time we have done that will have no money left at end of it anyway 5 pound a bloody day there and back dont think so... And I bet theres 100s of people to go everyday how busy is it going to be there iant enuff houres in day to see everybody everyday this is a load of bollex!!

Reply Posted by x on Sunday October 6 2013 at 19:32
i seem to recall quite some time ago someone passing comment about when the government had finished turning working people against people on benefits they would start on them,well i dont know who heard the guy i think its george osbourne on about health workers only being able to have a 1% rise or peoples treatments etc would suffer and that the nhs would suffer,well i get the feeling it could be starting right now,i mean how long will it be before people start saying why should they get a bigger pay rise if its going to affect us and the treatment we recieve,and so it begins worker against worker

Reply Posted by Me on Sunday October 6 2013 at 20:07
Hardworker,they don't take the £100 rent allowance and £20 council tax out of their £74 allowance,that is extra on top of their given benefits ... they get the necessaties paid for,30 hours at minimum wage roughly equates to the same !

Reply Posted by hardworker on Sunday October 6 2013 at 20:44
yes i know that me thats what im saying they cant be expected to pay it out of £74 so obviously it has to be on top of that but i reckon if you add up all the bills they would have to pay i doubt they would have a great deal left

Reply Posted by ken on Sunday October 6 2013 at 20:51
X its classic tory strategy of divide and rule

Reply Posted by Me on Sunday October 6 2013 at 23:29
Simple solution.. Get a job... I have worked all my life to pay for people who do not want to work.... So now they may have to and kicking up a fuss. I feel really sorry for them.

Reply Posted by Lea on Monday October 7 2013 at 00:54
My annoyance is probably going to cause controversy, as everyone I know claims THIS particular benefit. Child benefit/tax credits. I work at McDonald's 45 hours a week to earn money for my family, no handouts at all given, and month after month I see people changing their hours to ensure that they're tax credits aren't cut. One friend works 4 days a week because 'It's not financially viable to work 5.' Three people have quit because they have 3 kids and 'Are better off on the dole/with credits.' This is the problem for me in my world. Stop using your kids to substitute your lifestyle/as an excuse for being a lazy layabout.

Reply Posted by Sam on Monday October 7 2013 at 09:02
Absolutely spot on Lea, this is happening in the place I work too and must be nationwide. We are subsidising people who dont need it, the people I work with who do this have said theyd be foolish to work more as theyd lose the top up they get for doing nothing, if the top up was taken away theyd work. Crazy.

Reply Posted by Jayne on Monday October 7 2013 at 17:19
It's the same with all the parents I know. They won't work because of tax credits. I know someone who gets £300 a week in tax credits and her partner earns a right wage. He works for himself and basically lies. They have all said that if tax credits wasn't available they would have to get a job. That was the worst thing ever invented

Reply Posted by burt on Monday October 7 2013 at 21:20
Steady on sprout mi old. Dole not coal

Reply Posted by T on Tuesday October 8 2013 at 09:36
Great idea! Make them scrub the pavements in the town centre! Might make them write a CV quicker.

Reply Posted by MrsMail on Tuesday October 8 2013 at 09:49
I just love these threads. Brings out all the uneducated people. I don't claim any benefits whatsover. No child benefits, no tax credits (which I suspect half the people on this thread do - they are BENEFITS). I hope some of the people on this thread never lose their job through redundancy. They would be bleating all over South Yorkshire. 'Mam, I cannot afford McDonalds on Saturday for our Jayden and our Lee'

Reply Posted by better than mrsmail on Tuesday October 8 2013 at 13:52
I love that you are so in love with yourself. MrsPerfectlySmugTwat.
When you get your head from up your incredibly tight anus to have a little read and a gloaty chuckle,I too claim no benefits.

Reply Posted by Shelley on Tuesday October 8 2013 at 13:40
@ jasper- Report him, I would without a doubt.

Reply Posted by jasper on Tuesday October 8 2013 at 13:56
Is there any one to catch him though? Not sure that theres actually any people who work for the DWP nowadays. Its useless I fear.

Reply Posted by sammy on Tuesday October 8 2013 at 23:33
benefits are for everyone regardless of what some people think the diffreance is that some people work 40 hrs a week and get benefits where as others work 0 hrs a week and get benefits and there lies the problem i have always worked lost my own shop in 2008 when it all went pete tong ...did i lay down and cry NO i started again yes i get paid working tax credits like most but i pay my taxes and NI where as the people that don't work pay knowt to the system just take yes people have worked and lost jobs or cant work for some reason or other but lets be honest here in my job the people i meet at there home's don't help themself's jobs are out there just some people have had it good for yrs not doing knowt how many reading this know or have a caravan that they rent out in the summer ...? you know who you are can't wait for HMRC to catch up on them for not declaring the income of these rent see where am going everyone is guilty of something be it benefit cheats or not declaring earning from rents or sale it all count

Reply Posted by mae brussel on Friday October 11 2013 at 00:43
Although i agree on certain things and disagree with others.
The comments made about living on £74 per week as a single person is not true.
A single person gets £74 cash per week if he lives in rented accomodation he/she gets £64+ rent paid aprox £15 council tax paid that is aprox £155 per week for a single person.
When the new minimum wage comes into force it will be £6:30 or 252:00 per 40 hours.
The single person will have to pay £64 rent and £15 council tax. that will leave aprox after taxes. 150:00 wich would you rather have 150:00 or have someone make you wash grafiti off the wall for 74:00

Reply Posted by sutty on Saturday May 23 2015 at 00:11
all that is happening is you do a **** job for peanuts ,and the unemployed number goes down,load of crap,i worked from the age of 15 to 59.paid in and getting **** all back

Reply Posted by colin on Monday November 23 2015 at 17:50
Ive done my 6 months 9 to 4.30 monday to friday jobsearch after the 2 years on the work programme.And the result was no job replies,no job ,waste of time .Im 54 years of age so who is going to employ me.What happened they drop my jsa rate to 14.10 a week on the day i got a job on the agency at the last job i did for a few weeks.Its no good going back to sign on because they changed my jsa agreement ,so would find it hard to meet the job search requirements.

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