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Persistent Cannabis Dealer's Appeal Fails

Friday October 4 2013

A BARNSLEY drug pusher who was jailed for dealing cannabis to fund his own habit has failed to win a cut in his sentence.

Gary Darlington, 38, was caught with hundreds of pounds worth of the drug, a cannabis grinder, scales and dealer bags when police stopped him on separate occasions last year.

Darlington, of Sheffield Road, was handed a three-year term at Sheffield Crown Court in May after he pleaded guilty to three counts of possessing Class C drugs with intent to supply.

Three of the country's most senior judges at London's Court of Appeal have rejected a sentence challenge by Darlington.

Mrs Justice Cox said Darlington, a long-term cannabis user with an 'appalling' criminal record, was caught red-handed last year.

While being chased by police on March 15, Darlington discarded a bag stuffed with cannabis worth £270 and a mobile phone, the appeal judge said.

He was arrested and officers later recovered small amounts of herbal cannabis, resin, weighing scales and dealer bags during a search of his home.

Mrs Justice Cox said Darlington was 'verbally and physically aggressive' towards police and refused to give an interview, threatening to spit on any officer or solicitor who tried to talk to him.

After he was released on police bail, officers stopped Darlington on May 17 and found he was holding cannabis with a street value of £170 in a carrier bag.

He was arrested again nine days later after he was spotted dealing in a park. On him, police found almost 100 re-sealable bags, a cannabis grater, scales and a small amount of the drug.

Darlington later admitted the three drug-dealing charges, along with counts of possession of Class B and C drugs.

He had previous convictions for 13 offences, including for possession of cannabis and heroin. In 2009, he was handed a nine-month jail term for possessing a Class C drug with intent to supply, the appeal judge added.

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Reply Posted by Fawkes on Friday October 4 2013 at 13:07
Get these drug dealing, pot heads off our streets .They are nothing but parasites to every decent person!

Reply Posted by LOL on Monday October 7 2013 at 09:20

Reply Posted by Anon on Sunday October 20 2013 at 18:27
I agree lol.

Reply Posted by as well on Sunday October 20 2013 at 18:27
LOL,go and play with the traffic,CAPS LOCK ON,

Reply Posted by Luke B on Friday October 4 2013 at 13:36
Cannabis needs legalising. I enjoy smoking weed and it helps with some symptoms I've been having. I'm fed up of having to line drug dealers pockets because weed is illegal. It turns normal good willed people into criminals, its ridiculous. Legalisation would mean better regulation and the money could go towards something good instead of scumbags pockets (not that all dealers are scumbags, but most are).

Reply Posted by fred on Monday October 7 2013 at 13:48
You smoke an illegal drug, therefore you ARE a criminal

You are simply a SMACKHEAD

Reply Posted by Luke B on Monday October 7 2013 at 14:19
You are simply IGNORANT. For one a smackhead is someone who takes smack (heroin). I have never touched the stuff and don't plan on it. I am criminal in the eyes of the law, you're right there. But morally I am doing nothing wrong. Like the philosopher St Augustine said "an unjust law is no law at all".

Reply Posted by WEED TOKER on Friday October 4 2013 at 14:56
Well said Luke,

weed smokers are not scum bags but as ive previously mentioned on WAB, im a small business owner and most of the people i know who smoke weed are hard working people most of which dont drink only smoke some weed on a evening to relax or like my self for medicinal reasons. the medical properties of cannabis shouldnt be dismissed and when used in this way is it really any different from other herbal remedies or oils such as lavender. the truth is that the younger generation who smoke jamba's on street corners or parking up in cars and smoking it are giving the rest of us a bad name. it should be legalised so the hard working man can either get it on prescription or at least meet a friend in a safe location (home of the grower) to pick up a small supply or even grow a couple in his/her gardens removing the need of meeting these rough ass street dealers with no teeth and tattoos on their face and neck. the costs would drop eliminating the need/want for people to grow to sell on the streets everyone would benefit except the dealers/growers doing this on a commercial size rather than for personal use... but back to the original topic. sounds like a ruff ass mofo. the laws the laws if you break it dont get the hump with the police for enforcing it, its a job. oooppss!! wheres the ash tray i just got a hot rock burn in my chinos

Reply Posted by Swifty on Friday October 4 2013 at 21:14
This country needs a serious debate on this issue.

Reply Posted by anon on Saturday October 5 2013 at 15:24
Send all dealers down for long periods, users that steal to fund the habit should get the same.

Reply Posted by Tokers on Saturday October 5 2013 at 20:04
We like a smoke , both hardworking, prefer a joint then a drink . Hate hangovers .

People with no criminal record , should be able to apply for a licence to grow (like licensees of shops selling alcohol) .

If should be legal to commute at home , not on the street or in a car.

Most people don't realise that alcohol is actually a Class C drug , if it was invented now in would be given a class C status .

Drugs are given their classification in relation the amount of damage they cause to the body which in the case of alcohol is a fair bit . On a par with cannabis . If just would be impossible to delegalise alcohol now apparantely due to the huge financial impact it would have on businesses. . I learnt this on a course at work . Interested isn't it .

Reply Posted by Tokers on Saturday October 5 2013 at 20:05
Sorry consume at home - predictive text !

Reply Posted by Swifty on Saturday October 5 2013 at 20:39
Here's one if Alcohol is a class C Drug. my GP told me Friday if Paracetamol was today being licences for the First time.

It would never get a licence it posses such a high risk to our health.

Reply Posted by lee on Saturday October 5 2013 at 21:27
ive known the offender ( gary ) since school, he used to attend my sessions at BCDP. gary's life as been all about crime & drugs.and that will probably never change.
as for cannabis, the government wont legalise it due to they wont be able to tax it. TOKERS is correct, alcohol is a lot more dangerous then cannabis. it kills more then cannabis, and alcohol is a large part of increase of crime, and overload our A & E. if alcohol was invented today....................it would be illegal. government earn too much tax from it to ban outright, plus they would never ban something they consume themselves!!!!!!!. we even have reports cannabis is less harmful then smoking a cigarette, but again if they banned smoking totally, it would cost the government too much.
the country need to invest in studies of Amsterdam and how cannabis works in their country.

Reply Posted by Swifty on Saturday October 5 2013 at 21:31
Lee a very good post. We need a clear open debate on this issue.

Reply Posted by Flapper on Sunday October 6 2013 at 16:32

Reply Posted by shelley on Sunday October 6 2013 at 18:34
RIDICULOUS 7mth in prison when the guy has harmed no one. but yet a bird gets sentence reduced tu 8 mth for scaring a poor lass severely in an ale filled brawl. ffs send judges to ****** prison till the can work a fair justice system. a want to know if the judges understand the difference between WHATS RITE AN WOTS ****** WRONG . ITS A GUD thing that doctors can hand out weed to people like MS or Cancer sufferers to help their cause but they both are commiting the same act at the end of day just ones a doctor the other a lad from Tarn. if a law is as questionable as clearly is it needs then both in jail or both allowed to go scott free. ........TO BE FAIR BOTH SCOTT FREE AN THE LAW TO BE BURNT . N gi back to community keepin us warm this winter that cant afford to while the burn this law........ rant over for nar..

Reply Posted by FAWKES on Sunday October 6 2013 at 19:09
The dirty filthy drug smells .You sit in your garden in summer and smell the druggies doing there filthy habit all the way up the street . If you have to do it ,do it indoors you smelly creatures !

Reply Posted by Nev on Sunday October 6 2013 at 21:08
must not be growing it reight up your end

Reply Posted by Pedro on Monday October 7 2013 at 00:44
@FAWKES Its only smellz

Reply Posted by kay on Monday October 7 2013 at 07:40
Disgusting druggies - smelly, causes paranoia and leads youngsters into taking other drugs. Lock up the pushers and users alike. Fed up of opening my back door and smelling that crap - I can't let my kid play out cos of druggy idiots!!!

Reply Posted by bob on Monday October 7 2013 at 07:54
All this talk of weed is making me want a joint.

Reply Posted by unforgivable_thing on Monday October 7 2013 at 10:09
The police could have picked the fan up. Lazy.

Reply Posted by sid on Monday October 7 2013 at 14:12
I thought it made folk paranoid?
If thats true, why would anyone want to be paranoid?

Reply Posted by Luke B on Monday October 7 2013 at 14:42
The paranoia thing mainly stems from the legality and other peoples nescient opinions of the drug. If you smoke it with these things on the mind then it can cause some anxiety. But if you smoke it and you're at peace with what you are doing then you'll be fine.

Also there are no reported deaths through direct use of cannabis. Alcohol, caffeine, sugar, paracetamol and most prescribed medications all have reported deaths, why would anyone want to die (just using the same logic as yourself).

Reply Posted by sid on Monday October 7 2013 at 16:01
Take your point Luke B. The only time I see or hear things about it really is when watching the J.Kyle show,(which is rare,as Im normally at work) it seems all the young folk on there are iether scruffs,brain dead,or normally in a sad place with themselves. It seems to just make things worse for them to me. So does drinking. It seems that not only do some folk drink,but they do cannabis also,to me it seems sad really.(not being nasty there, its sda that life isnt enjoyable enough to some) My theory is,though I admit I know very little about it, is that cannabis must be nice to smoke,so you,ll want more, and then where does it end? Im glad Im not beholden to any of it. It all seems sad.

Reply Posted by Luke B on Monday October 7 2013 at 17:02
Yeh there are a lot of people who are using it as a crutch and seem to develop psychological addictions to it. But honestly I think its more to do with the person than the actual drug itself. I mean the same could be said about alcohol or even food with some people. I agree that it has negative effects, especially with people who are troubled by their own personal demons.

The thing that gets me is that there seems to be a lack of debate on the subject and every time I hear something in the news its mostly negative and one sided. There are people who responsibly use weed and have positive experiences.

Also recreational use isn't the only use of the drug, theres scientific and anecdotal evidence to suggest that it is a useful treatment for people suffering from various illnesses; MS, cancer, fibromyalgia and arthritis to name a few. Wether it be to help with mood, appetite, inflamation, seizures or even to kill cancerous cells, which there is evidence of especially when made into tinctures. It's no miracle drug but it does have its merits.

Different tokes for different folks.

Reply Posted by brent on Monday October 7 2013 at 17:09
I agree that cannabis is not hard drugs but thats not why the sentence is so long it's because his previous criminal record which include multiple counts of burglary and drug addiction.

Reply Posted by pied on Monday October 7 2013 at 19:23
Luke b you are my hero. A true scholar and inspiration

Reply Posted by mae brussel on Wednesday October 9 2013 at 17:18
I do not agree thart drugs are harmless.
I also dont agree with this country selling
g mo cereals to people ie.
Popcorn and breakfast cereals etc
knowing full well the .
Strange how the law arrests people for selling drugs. but nothing is said about adding g m ingredients into childrens breakfasts by huge food companys.
xxxxxxxxxxx. what is the difference. xxxx

Reply Posted by Luke B on Thursday October 10 2013 at 00:08
Profit. Nice name btw.

Reply Posted by Luke B on Thursday October 10 2013 at 00:10
That was meant to be a reply to mae brussel.

Reply Posted by Socially distorted on Thursday October 10 2013 at 10:14
Very well said Luke B! I know a few people who smoke canabis responsibly..they are just normal hard working people...everything can be abused by people who just 'need' something to get through the day. Sad as it is, it's true..it's how we end up with smack heads, alcoholics and all the other addicts. I think weed should be legalised but these scum bag dealers would be the ones moving onto the harder drugs then, like there's not enough smack,coke and mcat about as it is /: these are the sort that should be sent down, and the big dealers who are all too often ignored!

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