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Barnsley MPs' Expenses Released

Friday October 4 2013

MPs representing Barnsley claimed more than £185,000 in expenses and allowances during 2012/13.

Figures released by the Parliamentary Standards Authority details the expenses claimed by Dan Jarvis (Barnsley Central), Michael Dugher (Barnsley East), John Healey (Wentworth and Dearne) and Angela Smith (Penistone and Stocksbridge) cover travel, office accommodation and administration costs, but excludes full-time staff.

It was Mr Dugher who claimed the least amount with £11,521.61 for constituency office spend, £11,965.06 on accommodation, £6,168.80 for travel and subsistence, £1,652.43 under 'staffing spend' and £767 'miscellaneous' claim - totalling £32,074.90.

This was followed by Angela Smith, whose expenses came to £38,328.91 for the year. Broken down, the figures by IPSA show she claimed £15,985.21 for the cost of running her constituency office, £15,316.01 on accommodation and £7,027.69 for travel and subsistence.

In total Mr Jarvis claimed £46,886.90 with £17,864.79 for his constituency office, £23,212.09 on accommodation, and £5,810.02 for travel and subsistence.

However, the MP with the highest claim was Wentworth and Dearne MP John Healey, totalling £68,432.96, with a staffing claim of £10,586.70, £11,346.05 in travel and subsistence, £21,148.92 for accommodation and a £24,655.29 for his constituency office spend.

The IPSA statistics also show all four MPs employed partners or relatives to assist their duties.

Angela Smith came top for paying husband Steve Smith up to £39,999 a year to employ him as a senior caseworker.

Mr Jarvis employed partner Rachel Brookes as a senior secretary, at a cost of between £5,000-£9,999, while Mr Dugher employed wife Joanna as an office manager, at a rate of up to £34,999.

John Healey also employed his wife, Jackie Bate, as an office manager, costing between £10,000 - £14,999.

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Reply Posted by Jayne on Friday October 4 2013 at 11:38
Employing family or friends needs to stop. They can't monitor there spending properly while they are fiddling like that.

Reply Posted by Richard on Friday October 4 2013 at 11:56
Imagine my surprise that LABOUR representatives are effectively committing fraud. It's fair to say that their expenses are not transparent but they treat YOUR money as if it's their own to buy champagne. They are laughing at you behind your back. As for them employing spouses and family members.....the voting public have an opportunity to change this.

Reply Posted by AHR on Friday October 4 2013 at 12:31
Why can't we have just Two Councilors instead of three per constituency, save a fortune.

Reply Posted by Kev on Friday October 4 2013 at 14:04
Some more councilors screwing money out of people but if it was us it'd be different they all the same bmbc

Reply Posted by Richard on Friday October 4 2013 at 14:13
Its not Councillors as such screwing money out of people. Look at which parties each Councillor represents. The common link is LABOUR.

Reply Posted by Richard on Friday October 4 2013 at 14:19
Dan Jarvis - LABOUR (giving his wife £35k of YOUR MONEY employed as a senior secretary!!!......PA's in senior positions in London earn less than that!!)
Michael Dugher - LABOUR
Angela Smith - LABOUR

Reply Posted by ... on Tuesday October 8 2013 at 13:52
5-10k... the lowest of them all...

Reply Posted by bob on Friday October 4 2013 at 14:21
Surely in a time of government cutbacks they should cut these salaried family members. This is just our four, multiply by a few hundred as they'll all be at it. Politics is as corrupt as it gets.

Reply Posted by Richard on Friday October 4 2013 at 14:24
Apologies....the PA comment should have been placed against Mr Dugher and not Mr Jarvis.

In any case, the way in which they conduct themselves needs closer scrutiny, as clearly they are immorally squeezing funds from the tax payer (YOUR MONEY) to line their own pockets.

Reply Posted by Kev on Friday October 4 2013 at 14:58
They will be all doing it even in the town hall Nowt gets seen nobody nos till I gets leaked

Reply Posted by Mick on Friday October 4 2013 at 15:37
I'd love to see the CVs of these partners that can justify paying them up to £35,000. I'd also like to know how many hours a week they put in.

Reply Posted by STEVO on Friday October 4 2013 at 18:29
"Duggy" Dugher couldn't give a monkeys about ANYBODY in his constituency.
All he is interested in is riding on the Labour Gravy Train and getting his mug in the local press for self promotional purposes.

NOW is the time to give these "gravy Train" MP'S a flat rate of pay and get rid of expenses all together.

AND stop them from employing members of their own family as "support workers / secretaries etc"

These MP'S have done nothing for this town and I implore every resident of our once proud town to KICK THEM OUT at the next local and general elections.

Reply Posted by Hoyland Red on Friday October 4 2013 at 19:51
Go on then Stevo - what is the flat rate you're suggesting 40k, 50k ? How do you expect MP's in the North and Wales etc to be able to service their constituency and then be back in London then back up North etc etc with no expenses. I don't think the issue is to stop expenses rather to be able to justify what they claim including the rationale of paying top dollar for partners / family etc which should be based on equivalent pay for a similar job in the area that they are working.

Reply Posted by STEVO on Saturday October 5 2013 at 15:19
They would get a flat rate of pay and have to pay their expenses out of that, travel, accommodation, employing family members to run their offices etc etc There would then be no need for parliamentary expenses commissions and all that crap then would there?

These people that are meant to "serve" us (I use this term very loosely) have taken the absolute piss for years (Remember the expenses claim for cleaning out the moat?) it is these career "gravy trainers" that are the "true" scroungers in todays society.

Take Houghton for example, last year he earned MORE than the Prime Minister (£150k + wasn't it) and then had the CHEEK to put an expenses claim in for £30k.

Then there's the "leader" of Manchester council earning £500k P.A can you not see what is wrong with that figure?

Anyone who is in public office should NOT be earning more than the Prime Minister (who is an absolute tosser by the way) end of.

I do agree with the equivalent pay portion of your comment

Reply Posted by Hoyland Red on Saturday October 5 2013 at 19:55
So, using that premise, what would the salary be? bearing in mind you would be putting all those MP's outside of London at a clear disadvantage and when did we jump from MP's to local politics but since we're there, are you confident that Houghton (a locally elected member) earned £180,000 and the leader of Manchester CC, I assume you refering to their locally elected member £500,000???? I certainly can see where those figures are wrong because you've got them wrong. Just one further question are you advocating that rich tory boy David receives a pay rise so that he becomes the highest paid public servant in the country or you into reducing salaries of thousands of public servants?

Reply Posted by STEVO on Sunday October 6 2013 at 11:38
Yes, yes and yes.

Camoron no.

And yes I would ensure that no civil servant earned more than the man charged with running the country.

Reply Posted by Angry on Monday October 7 2013 at 12:26
I agree with Stevo. I too work away from home but when I asked about travel & accomodation expenses all I got from the inland revenue was 'you cannot claim anything because you CHOOSE to work away from home'.
The fact that I choose to work means sh#te all to them But am I right to think that these people CHOSE to become MPs knowing full well what the job entailed?
I just have to sacrifice a large portion of my wage just to get to work and stay over through the week or jack in work and beg for benefits, something I have never done.

Reply Posted by taxpayer on Friday October 4 2013 at 20:20
Dan Jarvis......criminal!!!!!!!! Keep smiling with the swag bag over your shoulder!!!

Reply Posted by Gary bottom on Saturday October 5 2013 at 17:44
All the party's are corrupt always have been and always will be , there above the law , it stinks

Reply Posted by Alex on Saturday October 5 2013 at 19:54
I don't know Dan Jarvis or Angela Smith but John Healey and Michael Dugher have done nothing for anyone I know. John Healy has a habit of loosing information you give him and Michael Dugher has his secretary (who knows nothing about anything) do his work for him.

This is bloody good spend on a party thats not even in power. It's some competition thats needed in Barnsley

Reply Posted by shelley on Sunday October 6 2013 at 18:47
nowt darn for NEPATISM. EVERY MAN, WOMAN. AN SMURPH. TREAT EM SAME. . Most firms nar days wont allow you to have a relationship with in work collegues so why have relatives allowed to be work collegues. tippin scales agen .

Reply Posted by shelley on Sunday October 6 2013 at 18:47
nowt darn for NEPATISM. EVERY MAN, WOMAN. AN SMURPH. TREAT EM SAME. . Most firms nar days wont allow you to have a relationship with in work collegues so why have relatives allowed to be work collegues. tippin scales agen .

Reply Posted by rainbow on Monday October 7 2013 at 09:13
The Gravy train just keeps flowing...

Reply Posted by lucy on Tuesday October 8 2013 at 13:53
If labour are so crap why do so many people vote for them. They've done nothing but turn our once great market town into a dump. there's nothing here anymore. everything is out of town and the buses are pathetic, there's roadworks and potholes everywhere. yet 1200 people in wombwell still voted for them. they must be mad or have their heads up their backsides. the government talk about making things fair. they should include themselves instead of taking money off the people who get next to nothing.

Reply Posted by STEVO on Tuesday October 8 2013 at 15:55
People continue to vote Labour as their fathers and their fathers before them instilled their working class socialist principles into their children.

Admirable attitude back in the day but in this day and age the Labour party is nothing more than the "Tory Lite" party and do not retain true to the originals of why the Labour movement was founded - The working peoples party set up by the worker for the worker.

Last time labour were in power the cozied up to big business, let in MILLIONS of immigrants that we will still end up paying for for the next 100 years and bowed down to Europe on every piece of legislation that effectively signed away our powers for ever.

The local Labour party constantly get re-elected every time in our town and I simply cannot comprehend why time after time people vote them into power as they have done absolutely NOTHING for our once proud town.

I fervently hope that people finally wake up and smell the coffee and finally realise that Labour have don't absolutely nothing for our town and cast their votes for an alternative candidate, but, alas I cannot ever see this happening in my lifetime.

Reply Posted by Aiden on Tuesday October 8 2013 at 14:46
WELL SAID LUCY!!! Its about time Barnsley people stopped voting for the same old corrupt traitors called Labour. What have they done for this town besides rip good old buildings down and take your hard earned cash for themselves?!? Oh i forget they are so happy to be opening food banks around the town with a big smile on their face! 8 of Barnsley Councillors earn over 100k a year but keep telling us they need to cut back. I have 2 words for the good people of Barnsley VOTE UKIP

Reply Posted by vote4change on Tuesday October 8 2013 at 15:05
What is it they say about Barnsley, red rosette and a pig, well its true, gravy train and jobs for the boys from local councillors to the big house in London. It is time Barnsley folk woke up and said to themselves "We deserve better than this, we deserve to be more than the butt of everyone else's jokes, we deserve jobs, we deserve a better town"

While you keep putting the pig in with the red rosette you will never get it and will always be the downtrodden masses that Labour thrives upon, because they have you where they want you!!!!!

Reply Posted by Sid on Thursday October 10 2013 at 20:32
Used to work with Dan Jarvis and used to audit his claims, he wouldn't haven't got £45 quid past me, never mind £46k lol

Reply Posted by Collet on Thursday October 10 2013 at 21:01
Afraid we won't change anything democracy as made quite sure of that,we no longer are aloud a voice to show our feelings.Dont know how MPs dare show there faces on our streets pinching money off the tax payers and pretending to be speaking on our behalf,a wouldn't pay em wi bogies even if a ed a nooerse full!!!!

Reply Posted by Richard on Friday October 11 2013 at 08:59
Why on earth would anybody vote Labour? I can understand why working class people dislike the Tories. At least Lib Dems ensured people on minimum wage didn't pay an tax at all and were still entitled to benefits! UKIP?? Very inexperienced bunch to trust with our purse strings.

Reply Posted by x on Saturday October 12 2013 at 13:37
omg, i dont agree with what they get paid,but come on how many of you would say no thanks if it was offered to you,they arnt doing anything the majority of us wouldn't do given the chance .

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