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Worrying Statistics Revealed About Legal Highs

Thursday September 19 2013

THE number of young people in Britain who have tried legal highs while they're out at night is the 'highest figure in Europe', according to a new study.

The study, conducted by the Centre for Social Justice (CSJ), found that one in twelve people aged 15 to 24 (670,000) have tried potentially harmful legal highs at gigs or in nightclubs.

Perhaps more worrying is that new figures also indicate that deaths involving legal highs in England and Wales are on the rise, with 52 last year versus 29 in 2011.

In this year's Mixmag Drug Survey, 12 per cent of UK clubbers said they had bought a legal high in the past year - and 22 per cent had purchased drugs over the internet.

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Reply Posted by sid on Thursday September 19 2013 at 16:39
God help us all.

Reply Posted by jim on Friday September 20 2013 at 07:38
legal highs are a consequence of prohibition. legalise all drugs

Reply Posted by sid on Friday September 20 2013 at 08:45
Not sure Jim. As a kid,sneaking cider,I knew I,d be in trouble if dad knew about it. So, the wrath of dad ruled. Had he not been bothered, I would have been drunk every weekend,drinking more. As a parent now, underage drinking has reared its ugly head in my home and its not good. Our kids need us parents to do our job and keep them on the straight and narrow. Mind altering drugs/booze is nothing but bad for kids and does so often lead them to a sad life eventually. No namby pamby with me to my kids...ITS NO AND THATS FINAL. Adults can decide for themselves if their lives are so boring they need them,but not the kids. Christ,where will it end. You can't just throw it into the open and let society suffer the Consequence's of a load of drugged up kids,its bad enough now.