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New Cycle Route Approved By Council

Wednesday September 18 2013

A NEW 12-mile cycling route has been approved by Barnsley Council.

It's hoped the route will boost tourism in the Peak District National Park and has been awarded £5million for the construction of its four paths. 

One of the four, the Little Don Trail, will link Wharncliffe Woods to Winscar Reservoir, via Langsett and Dunford Bridge.

It will become part of the Trans Pennine Trail.

Cllr Roy Miller, spokesman for environment, said: "This is a great move for the local area. It will make cycling easier and more enjoyable."

Recycled tyres will be used to complete the route's surface, which will be created along the disused railway which skirts Underbank Reservoir.

Funding for the new route has come from the Department of Transport.

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Reply Posted by alison on Wednesday September 18 2013 at 16:05
i think this is fantastic

Reply Posted by Andy Whittaker on Wednesday September 18 2013 at 16:35
That will be great as I live in hope hope valley but my kids live at barnsley so I can get through on my moped even though I have no insurance or tax I am not on s road so should be ok I am a plumber acw has services and always get stuck in winter so looks like my honda 70 will finally come out of the shed or if not my racing bicycle will happi day zx

Reply Posted by dotter on Sunday September 22 2013 at 12:25
Andy, you're not allowed to use a moped, taxed or untaxed, on the Trans Pennine Trail.

Reply Posted by Jack on Sunday September 22 2013 at 12:29
Well done Barnsley sounds great carnt wait to use it

Andy you're a knob !

Reply Posted by Good will hunting on Sunday September 22 2013 at 12:37
Could do with a decent path from wombwell to worsbrough. It's not bad in the summer but the winter is terrible.if this got done id be able to use my bike all year round as I live at birdwell and work at stair foot.

Reply Posted by Dave on Monday September 23 2013 at 18:11
I agree, the Wombwell to Worsbrough bit needs sorting out urgently otherwise it won't be long before it's impassable, it seems to have gotten narrower and narrower over the last few years as nature continues to the process of reclaiming it. I've ridden on almost all the TPT around Barnsley and Doncaster and it is definitely the worst bit, it won't even be worth attempting to ride on this section when the weather starts to turn as even now it is still muddy several days after a rain shower.

Reply Posted by Tim on Sunday September 22 2013 at 13:08
This is really good news, I would be greky grateful if you could build one now from darton area to Wakefield as it's a nightmare riding through Bretton

Reply Posted by mark on Monday September 23 2013 at 18:08
I use the TPT all the time and this is great news..Ideal a few paths need sorting out though as in winter you get bogged down..but this is great..I would use it all the time.

Reply Posted by Dannyboy on Monday September 23 2013 at 19:07
Excellent news, I'm often astounded, for a borough which shares its western periphery with the Peak Park, how many people don't engage or are knowledgeable about it. This will provide an excellent sustainable means of experiencing this iconic landscape. Due to our close relationship with our Peak Park neighbours I'm surprised more isn't done to get more people out and about.

Reply Posted by Andrew Walker on Monday September 23 2013 at 23:57
That is excellent news. I agree with Tims comments about extending the TPT from Darton area to Wakefield. I would use it to go to Waterton Park for Sunday dinner.