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Cable Thieves Disrupt 57 Trains

Friday September 20 2013

CABLE thieves have disrupted 57 trains in Barnsley for more than ten hours in four separate incidents since the beginning of August.

The crime had been down in the run-up to the month with no problems for a year before the cable cut at Ossett caused a power failure at Horbury junction. This subsequently disrupted services between Wakefield Kirkgate and Barnsley.

Daniel Snee, from Network Rail, said: "A theft in South Yorkshire could mean a train arriving late as far away as Plymouth. Cuts miles away could affect Barnsley's trains."

In the last five years, theft-related incidents in the Barnsley area have caused 21,514 minutes' delay and cost more then £218,000.

However, new laws to clamp down on thieves selling ill-gotten cable have cut offences as sellers have to prove their identity.

Rail bosses have renewed their warnings that cable theft is not a victimless crime and thieves will be jailed if they're caught.

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Reply Posted by Flapper on Saturday September 28 2013 at 20:00
Yes its gypsy jack, real name gerald ariers off shaw lane carlton.hes burning cable on his site most days.