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Council Looks To Recruit Volunteer 'Good Neighbours'

Tuesday December 13 2011

VOLUNTEERS are being recruited to clear the roads of snow should bad weather come after it emerged the council can only clear half of Barnsley's roads and side streets.

Coun Roy Miller says people need to help keep paths, pavements, back streets and side roads clear of snow in areas where the council cannot provide a service. He said Barnsley Council can only cover about 48 percent of its road and footway network.

Official 'good neighbours' will get freebies from the council to help them do the job - like snow shovels and grit.

Darren Richardson, assistant director for Environmental Services, added: “The Good Neighbours Scheme goes further than advice alone. It offers, for qualifying streets, support in the form of snow shovels, badged reflective waistcoats and a one-off delivery of the grit-salt/sand mix we use in our grit bins.”

For more information about becoming a Good Neighbour to help support your please call 01226 773555.

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Reply Posted by Chrisgreenhoff on Tuesday December 13 2011 at 10:36
brilliant......so we will get a free snow shovel, grit, and a reflective vest!!!!.........is this called doing there job for em!!!.............PATHETIC BARNSLEY COUNCIL..

Reply Posted by Rdh82 on Tuesday December 13 2011 at 15:41
I don't think so Chris....I think its called preparing for the worst....Last year we got extreme weather that no UK council could cope with. It would be irresponsible in a mild country like ours to spend millions on equipment that wouldn't be used, and the fact the council have a plan to deal with the extreme weather is surly a good thing, no? Bash the council when they deserve but this?

Reply Posted by GuestyMcGuest on Tuesday December 13 2011 at 15:53
Sounds like a good idea, Last year I had to clear half my road with one or two others so everyone could get off the street. some lazy fat knackers will have been sat inside watching and as soon as  road was clear were straight in their cars and off. These will be the ones complaining about this scheme as well. Too fat and lazy to actually do anything but will complain away when the council has come up with a contingency plan for bad weather should it come. 

 I've been snowboarding a couple of times and it's only what the communities do in bad weather on the mountains everyone takes responsibility for their own patch of land and area and work together to keep things going. 

Barnsley is a semi rural town people forget that, why not give people the tools to help themselves?

Reply Posted by Biglad71 on Tuesday December 13 2011 at 19:34
What about a council tax rebate,back in the good days when bin men could not collect the bins they were out clearing the paths

Reply Posted by Shocked citizen on Wednesday December 14 2011 at 08:30
Seams like the fancy big signs that monitor traffic was an excellent buy now doesn't it? No money for keeping the roads safe but plent of money for pointless technology that benefits no-one.
Another job well done from Barnsley council.

Reply Posted by GuestyMcGuest on Wednesday December 14 2011 at 11:24
The council didn't buy those, they got funding specifically for those signs from a scheme that's why we have them, if they didn't put in for the funding there wouldn't have been any spare money kicking about to spend on anything else.

Reply Posted by Guest on Wednesday December 14 2011 at 20:30
maybe they should not have sent them ridiculous '' labour party advert'' christmas greeting cards out, and put that tax payers money towards paying the volounteers a little cash insentive.
 Or maybe get the Unemployed out to do a bit to earn their Giro.??