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Mushrooms Grow On Woman's Home's Walls

Friday September 6 2013

THE damp is so bad in a woman's bathroom that she has mushrooms growing out of the walls.

Denise Liddle, 51, said two different types of mushrooms, some up to four inches wide, have been pushing tiles off the walls for about two months but, despite repeated visits by Berneslai Homes staff and contractors, nothing has been done to address the problem.

This is despite Denise suffering from illnesses, including chronic bronchitis, as well as frequently contracting chest infections. Her partner Colin Morton, 53, also has mobility problems due to an old pit injury but the fungal infestation is so severe it has even forced the shower seat off the walls.

Denise, of Regina Crescent, Brierley, said Berneslai Homes was supposed to fit a damp course and air bricks to the outside wall of the shower room during a general renovation of the bungalow shortly after she moved in two years ago.

But she said this was not done because of brambles blocking access and the room has suffered from recurring damp for the last year.

“For the last year I’ve been getting black marks on the walls but Berneslai Homes said it’s because of condensation from drying clothes on the radiators and because I don’t have an extractor in the kitchen.”

She says 25 tiles have dropped off and is fed up of it.

“I’m struggling as it is and the last thing I need is mushrooms growing out of my wall.”

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Reply Posted by Kieran on Tuesday September 10 2013 at 13:40
Tbh I no how she feels I have bad damp in my bedroom (without mushrooms) on my ceiling and Yorkshire housing just kept coming out and painting it and just told us to stop drying clothes on radiator but when never dry our clothes on a radiator so they sent envirovent out to have a look and they said same thing and my son has ended up with bronchitis twice with this

Reply Posted by Richard Thurnscoe on Wednesday February 8 2017 at 14:23
Did you get the problems sorted with your property Lucy?

Reply Posted by Lucy on Tuesday September 10 2013 at 13:49
My flat is damp and Berneslai homes have said its condensation. I've lived in 4 different houses and never had a problem before. I cant even go in the bedroom because it makes my chest bad. My daughter was sleeping in the room at one point and there was mold everywhere including the back of a TV. I'm fed up of my clothes feeling and smelling damp even in the summer. We can't use the room yet I have to pay bedroom tax for it. Berneslai homes don't care what state their properties are in they just want your money.

Reply Posted by Terry Price on Tuesday September 10 2013 at 14:25
I know how you feel im fed up up off damp in bedroom they come take dome wallpaper off do that bit then leave it clothes are damp all year round its niw in my bathroom bernslai homes dont care they have done some rotten stuff to me then denied it thinking off get national telly and newspaper at end iff my tether wi bloody bernslai homes dont deserve any stars buck up and help your tenants plz

Reply Posted by Percy on Tuesday September 10 2013 at 14:30
I have damp in 2 bedrooms & it's gonna have to stay that way until I can afford the damp proofing on top of the mortgage.

Reply Posted by SERIOUSLY MAD ABOUT BEDROOM TAX!!!! on Tuesday September 10 2013 at 17:13
Discussing!!! I have lived in Barnsley a short period of time although I am lucky not to have put up with B-homes I have heard nothing but bad things about them.

Reply Posted by gary on Tuesday September 10 2013 at 22:38
I wouldn't give you tuppence for BERNSLAI homes , my partner as black damp in all her three bedrooms , i'm doing all repairs myself as it took them 4 years to replace a kitchen cupboard that fell of wall and hit her youngest and when they DO eventually turn up to any work another workman as to come back and fix his botch job ,,,they are a waste of space

Reply Posted by Hannah on Wednesday September 11 2013 at 10:10
I have damp in every single room in my home, I'm in a private rented house and the agency in as useless as Bernslai homes, 2 years he's been coming to sort it out, stopped paying rent and repairing it myself... my point is if you want something doing, do it yourself cos no one gives a damn about anyone else now days it makes me sick

Reply Posted by Bongo on Friday September 13 2013 at 07:51
What are you moaning about !?! Do something yourself about it why do you people always expect something for nothing. I dare bet you don't work (oh I'm ill I have disabilities) I also date bet you get your rent paid council tax paid and on more benefits than any working person can imagine. I also beg there's a 50" plasma in the corner a decent sky package oh the winner the brand new mobility car on the drive.
Like percy I work full time no benefits and I have to do my own repairs in my house! If the kitchen cuboard fell apart I have to get of my backside go to B and Q and repair it myself or I have to actually pay someone to do it you know with money that stuff I get for working not just as a free handout for sitting on my back side doing sweet FA all day.
Get a grip you lot get off you lazy fat arses get a job and pay for the repairs yourself instead of expecting everything for nothing

Reply Posted by jack on Friday September 13 2013 at 08:07
Bongo you dipstick. When a person pays rent for a property, they should expect repairs to be done to a reasonable standard but as you don't give your real name I strongly suspect that you have just posted your statement to be childish and wind everyone up. I suggest that you act your age and not your shoe size.

Reply Posted by jack on Friday September 13 2013 at 08:09
Q. How do you keep a dipstick in suspense????

A. I'll tell you later.

Reply Posted by jack on Friday September 13 2013 at 15:44
Go on we give up.
Post us when you've been to weight watchers

Reply Posted by to JACK on Friday September 13 2013 at 16:40

Reply Posted by mark on Friday September 13 2013 at 09:21
You can always speak to environmental health about these problems, you do have to give the landlord/letting agent time to sort the problem though.
Every landlord has a duty of care to provide a home to certain standards.
My 1st point of contact would be phone agent then if no joy phone environmental health. Make a note of all conversations times and to who etc in case you need to put anything in writing

Reply Posted by owd fred on Friday September 13 2013 at 10:05
All this moaning, have you seen the price of mushrooms

Reply Posted by LOL on Friday September 13 2013 at 15:11
Get di sen to shop get sum onions and bean sprouts and das got di sen a stir-fry women gi-ore complaining.

Reply Posted by king louis on Friday September 13 2013 at 20:55
Most bathrooms need constant ventilation, a driven extractor fan would help, but drying any clothes on any radiator will always cause condensation on a cold wall, That's a fact of science and Barnsley council cannot really change that. They can do repairs then fit a fan that's always on

Reply Posted by Paul Auckland on Sunday September 15 2013 at 17:10
Straight over their heads Percy!!!!

Reply Posted by grrrrrr on Sunday September 15 2013 at 17:44
why is it that even a post about a home gets the workers picking on non workers u may work na but with everything happening like it is u may be the next 1 layed off nothing is ever perfect in life not every 1 is lucky in life there maybe low life scum out there that screw the benifit system but there are plenty who dont its not fare to keep picking on ye own wen that scum david cameron is sending money out of uk what about the council tax the road tax u all pay do u benefit erm oh yeah no ye dunt coz a second home or a big over priced meal is needed 4 an mp oh yeah wot about the current infestation of not brits in uk how much do they cost eh ??? so wen u pick on unemployed work out wot else is to blame in this country !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reply Posted by Stacey Roberts on Monday September 16 2013 at 10:08
I work and pay my taxes, a large chunk of which goes towards paying for a free education for everybody in this country. Perhaps if you'd have realised how lucky that made you and took advantage of it you would be employed as well. The "infestation" of non Brits did not take away your education and as a working class, white British person I have been working since I was 15 and never had any problems finding a job so there are no excuses.

As for this story, again, my taxes go towards paying for a housing and benefit system that is the envy of the world (hence the "infestation") so if you're LUCKY enough to be taking advantage if it count your blessings that you have a roof over your head and food in your below through NO effort of your own and stop whining that it isn't the height of luxury.

Reply Posted by grrrrr on Monday September 16 2013 at 10:17
stacey roberts till you have walked in the shoes of a few unemployed that are unemployed 4 a real reason you can av no opinion because u dont know there situation all u lot do is rant at some of the most vunrable ppl who can not help there situation if ppl did there jobs rite ppl on drugs / drink wud be sorted out them that con the social need sorting out but not every 1 is bad because they need help sometimes so either walk in there shoes or zip it !!!!!!!!!!!!

Reply Posted by Stacey Roberts on Monday September 16 2013 at 10:58
If people CAN'T work for physical or mental health reasons fair enough. The issue is with those that WON'T work. There are NO excuses for those CAPABLE of working not to be working. Why don't you try walking in the shoes of somebody who works all hours they can and pays their own way in life while having to listen to those that don't moan about how hard it is

Reply Posted by Mark on Monday September 16 2013 at 11:25
Stacey, ignore all the moaners, idle-backs and shirkers. You are spot on with your comments. Education, education, education, it is so important. sadly, many Barnsley people just do not realise it. Neither do they give any thought to where the government get their money from in order for the unemployed to get their state handouts. In our town unemployment has clearly become a lifestyle choice for a significant number of people.

Reply Posted by grrrrr on Monday September 16 2013 at 11:33
1 question mark wen was last time u wa invited to david camerons place or any other mp buckinham palace ? oh yeah u wont av been u dont earn enough incase u did not natace u dont get any perks 4 working do u workers & non workers are tret the same either way ure money as a worker is waisted anyway u are still lower class in there eyes but again u are another 1 who starts on ppl & u av no clue as to there situation do u ?

Reply Posted by grrrrr on Monday September 16 2013 at 11:19
i av been in that possition i dint sit & moan about it tho coz it changes nothing all that has happend is the dissabled are copping it instead of the drug & drink users not only that more money is taken from ppl & wasted on foutains monuments that ppl will damage money sent out of uk to help others even tho uk in trouble non brits cum ova & join dole cue or enter uk without permition / overstay then there are the ones who cum ova get in trouble tax payer again has to feed ect them in prison instead of sending them bk the mp's ect they get second homes overpriced meals all am trying to say is that if u guna mention ppl out of work at least address the other problems that are costing money not just ppl out of work & wen u say ppl out of work at least av the decency to let the ppl that cant help it no ure not attacking them aswel because there are ppl out there killing them selfs coz they cant have wot u av !!!!!!!!!!!!

Reply Posted by Stacey Roberts on Monday September 16 2013 at 11:44
Grrrrr the "perk" of working is the pride of sitting in a home and enjoying the things I EARNT. It's knowing my kids will be raised with the same sense of pride and work ethic and knowing if they want things in life they have to work hard and get it not sit with their hands out waiting for someone else to pay their way. I don't care what the MP's or David Cameron think of me. I care what my friends and family think of me and what I think of myself. It's called having self respect.

Reply Posted by grrrrr on Monday September 16 2013 at 12:09
RESPECT not bullying ppl coz of there miss fortunes
RESPECT & EDUCATION in both u are tought not to bully (dint work for ye did it ?)
if u got cancer or anything else as serious (dont wish it on any 1) treatment (COSTS ALOT !) & ure not fit 4 or cant afford treatment I WANT TO TO WHAT WOULD U DO WHERE WUD U GO WHAT HELP WUD U ASK 4 HONEST ANSEW ONLY ! like u say kids to feed so i no u wud not refuse help u cud end up like the poor sole that signs on every 2 weeks he worked 32 years donated to charity kept a clean police record but got a brain tumour had to finish work 2 ill & dint earn enough to pay to live had to seek help less than six weeks ago he had surgery 3 weeks later a letter saying he cud not have help he had to get a job he is still ill doctors backed him up but yet he has to suffer thoughts on this guy ? HE IS REAL HE SIGNS ON AT BARNSLEY JOB CENTRE

Reply Posted by Stacey Roberts on Monday September 16 2013 at 12:15
Grrrrr I invite you to re-read my second comment. I'm clearly not speaking about people who are not capable of working. Now, if you can, defend those (and yourself, I suspect) who just simply don't work because they can't be bothered

Reply Posted by just me on Sunday January 5 2014 at 20:20
If you rented a dvd and it was scratched you would expect another free or a suit and it was stained you would expect an exchange so why when you rent your home from who ever cant you have repairs sorted by the landlord or relavent authorities ?

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