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Firefighters Vote To Strike

Friday September 6 2013

FIREFIGHTERS have voted in favour of a strike in a dispute over pensions.

Members of the Fire Brigades Union want to a strike over a change in conditions which means they will be unable to retire until they're 60 - rather than at 55 as happens now.

The union said many firefighters will not be able to maintain fitness standards into their late 50s and this will endanger the public.

They fear many could be dismissed by the fire service before they reach retirement age, meaning they wouldn't be entitled to their pension straight away.

The government has said the existing arrangements are unaffordable, but acting FBU secretary Graham Wilkinson said the proposals would mean there was more chance of firefighters being dismissed because of their inability to carry out some duties.

"The major problem is that the government wants firefighters to work until they're 60.

"The government did a study which showed many firefighters struggle to keep up at that age and our main concern is that if we have firefighters unable to keep up with fitness standards, they could be dismissed under capability."

A spokesman for South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue said contingency arrangements were in place to help keep people safe but said the service would be considerably depleted.

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Reply Posted by S on Thursday September 12 2013 at 09:39
Just to help people understand no firefighter wants to strike they have no choice, retiring at 60 is now a certainty as government changed legislation so they have no choice but to work till 60, strike or not, that is not what this dispute is about although none of them are happy that this has happened, as a firefighter the new changes that they are wanting to impose as we'll as working till 60 is to increase contributions again, putting it to potentially over 15% more than most in the public sector, and the factor that if a firefighter gets injured, they would not be able to claim there pension I wonder if this is same in the mp's pension????? No infact the mp's new pension scheme they can leave on ill health and claim there full pension, yes there full pension I ask the public which job are you more likely to be injured on????? The fact that they are wanting a firefighter to work potentially 10 yr longer get less is not just morally wrong it's modern day robbery, would you go down without a fight if somebody told you you were paying an extra 10yr on your mortgage? Striking unfortunately is the only thing left support your firefighters! If anybody has any other suggestions please post (sensible) and I know there will be those who will argue saying that its a sign of the times! But before you do that take a look at an mp's pension as we truly are all in it together also all the money that will be wasted on a high speed train that will knock 20 mins of our trips to London, rant done finally!

Reply Posted by Dom on Saturday September 14 2013 at 13:14
I for one support our fire fighters they do a great job and if anybody is putting life's at risk its the government