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Delayed Skate Park Work Set For New Year Start

Wednesday September 4 2013

We Are Barnsley We Are Barnsley

DELAYED work to build a skate park in Barnsley is set to start in the new year.

The work had originally been planned to start by now but following delays to the new Town Hall-based Experience Barnsley and gardens, resources have been limited.

The £100,000 skatepark plan came about after years of demands to Barnsley Council from youngsters who said they would like one built in or close to the town centre.

A number of sites were identified in September 2011 but the one considered the most suitable by the council was within Dearne Valley Park, Hoyle Mill.

It was chosen as the best site because it's less than a mile from the town centre and close to the communities of Oakwell, Old Mill, Monk Bretton, Lundwood and Stairfoot.

Cllr Margaret Bruff, a former youth worker, has been at the forefront project.

She said: "This is something we have been promised for several years. It should have been started this summer but with all the work taking place at the Town Hall, the workforce has been directed up there, which has again put a delay on it.

"We're six months behind and what with cuts in budgets and staff, the council's two landscape officers were sent to oversee the Town Hall works instead.

"We're confident that it'll be starting by the new year. We will get there!"

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Reply Posted by Ackerman on Friday September 6 2013 at 10:11
100k WOW "after years of demands to Barnsley Council from youngsters" for crying out loud, must be better things to spend 100k on Barnsley Council. The kids have got th ebest dirt tracks in the world, also known as the roads of barnsley more pot holes than any dirt track, impossible to drive straight in Barnsley have to swerve all the time to miss holes in the road and they want to spent 100k on a skate park cos some youngsters have demanded one,

Well Barnsley council as a taxpaying resident of Barnsley i demand nice smooth roads to drive my car on, i look forward to seeing road resurfacing machines soon

Reply Posted by hey on Saturday September 7 2013 at 21:06
are stagecoach gonna let people take BMX's on the buses? surely they can't expect people to ride from where ever

Reply Posted by swampy on Wednesday September 11 2013 at 16:46
a cant wait till its built, am gunna nip dar n do sum quarterpipes on it on mi motability scooiter

Reply Posted by mrx on Wednesday September 11 2013 at 20:13
it don't say which new year lol

Reply Posted by amanda on Tuesday November 26 2013 at 11:02
Shouldnt somebody build a skatepark in darfield? There are a lot of empty spaces and skaters like me have nowhere to go. If i want to go to the skatepark i have to take a bus and i cant afford to do that every day.