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Police Launch Major Drinking Crackdown For Christmas

Tuesday December 13 2011

BARNSLEY police will be cracking down on drink driving and other alcohol related crimes as part of a massive campaign called Shaken and Slurred.

The James Bond-themed campaign aims to discourage irresponsible drinking and encourage safety and alcohol awareness. Fines will be handed out to those breaking the rules and there will be increased patrols in pubs in the run up to Christmas. There will also be road police running breath tests on motorists travelling on the boroughs roads at all times of day.

Chief Inspector Shaun Morley said: “We are all for people enjoying themselves over Christmas and New Year however, there are some people that take these celebrations to an extreme, putting extra pressure public services.

“People’s safety is our priority and therefore we are asking members of the public to help us by not putting themselves in any danger.”

The Shaken and Slurred Campaign can be found on Facebook here.

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Reply Posted by Amywayne on Friday December 9 2011 at 11:53
What makes Christmas so special.... 365 days a year they should be doing this!!!!!!

Reply Posted by GuestyMcGuest on Friday December 9 2011 at 12:10
It's more common at Christmas Amy, think christmas parties, and all the extra socual events people go to.  A lot of drink driving is also done the day after as well when people are still over the limit.

Reply Posted by Ashlea on Tuesday December 13 2011 at 09:44
well i think its stupid think of how many people are gunna be drink driving and that and you get a £80 fine but if you go on a 2 day teaching thing you get your money back just think are many people are gunna do tht and do it all again STUPID!!

Reply Posted by Biglad71 on Tuesday December 13 2011 at 19:36
I agree with Amywayne I know police are stretched but I would welcome more random tests all year round

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