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Bedroom Tax Group Urges Support

Tuesday September 3 2013

Protests outside court Protests outside court

A MEETING is to be held this evening for residents affected by the 'bedroom tax' in Cudworth and Shafton.

Barnsley Against The Bedroom Tax is holding its first meeting in Cudworth, as a result of local demand.

The meeting is at 6pm at West End Club, St John's Road, Cudworth. Fran Postlethwaite from the action group will be speaking.

Some council tenants have had their housing benefit cut because they have a spare room, leaving them worried they won't be able to find the extra money.

Fran said: "We're holding this meeting because we're getting increasing support from tenants in Cudworth and Shafton.

"Tenants are getting increasingly worried because they cannot afford to pay the bedroom tax and Barnsley Council has adopted a very aggressive stance towards tenants who are falling into arrears through no fault of their own.

"I urge everyone who is directly affected to come to this meeting as well as everyone else who wants to help us campaign to defeat this evil piece of legislation."

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Reply Posted by Geoff on Tuesday September 3 2013 at 13:59
Its about time some people realised they get way too much for doing nothing!!
Buy one less packet of fags a week and its not a problem

Reply Posted by Ryan on Tuesday September 3 2013 at 14:26
Well said Geoff. It was good to see that the riff-raff protesting in the small park at the end of summer lane has now given up. Im not surprised, it was one of the most pathetic protests ive ever seen. There was a sign sayying honk your support. I live close to there and i never heard a single honk!. Not in a million years with the bedroom tax go away, most hard working people think it is a good idea.

Reply Posted by david on Tuesday September 3 2013 at 14:27
pathetic!! theyll should hold meetin at 8am non of the lazy sods would turn up then!! bedroom tax should be more thats its only fault, who the hell do these people think they are?? i want 3 beds i have tp pay and so should everyone else!! try stop havin kids ya cant afford to bleedin keep!! and GET A JOB!!!

Reply Posted by kerry on Tuesday September 3 2013 at 14:31
Such Sweeping Statement! Just Pray You Don't Find Yourself in The Same Situation One Day.

Reply Posted by Ryan on Tuesday September 3 2013 at 14:51
Of course if the government says something, its not always morally right. But this government is sayying a lot more things that are morally right than the previous one, and tryying to sort out the countries problems of welfare dependancy and encouraging more efficent use of social housing due to the increased population problem caused by labours open door policy. The extra bedroom tax is a pittance anyway, and even with that added on, the total bill of a council houses rent is still very cheap compared to the rest of the market.

Reply Posted by jim on Tuesday September 3 2013 at 15:03
Does anyone know how much money is getting deducted from benefits for this?
Is it alot of money per week/month?

Reply Posted by Ryan on Tuesday September 3 2013 at 15:08
£14 a week on average or 14% of your entitled housing benefit

Reply Posted by jim on Tuesday September 3 2013 at 15:17
seems alot. But I,m not up on any of it. Just inquisitive really.
Its making me think that the benefit pre the cuts were quite good then?

Reply Posted by Ryan on Tuesday September 3 2013 at 15:21
£14 is a average for the whole country so inflated for the South East. It will be alot less in Barnsley. So that is assuming somebody gets £100 a week in housing benefit. Therefore is somebody gets say £60 a week, the tax would only be £8.40.

Reply Posted by jim on Tuesday September 3 2013 at 15:28
well,I suppose you could sayif my mortgage went up by the same amount(which it has at one point),then I would have to cope,so,in some form or another its happened to all of us.
I,m still on the fence though about it.

Reply Posted by Ryan on Tuesday September 3 2013 at 15:40
I think a important point to make out is that most of the people who are affected by this dont pay the extra £X pounds a week, they get £X less a week in 'free' money. I agree with Craig that there are a minority of situations which are unfair, such as people who have worked & lived there a long time, but not yet of retirement age. But im sure in the majority of cases this affects workless households - so surely this acts as a further incentive for people to find work.

Reply Posted by Me on Tuesday September 3 2013 at 15:04
A lack of swearing wouldn't help either,it wouldnt get my passion through also

Reply Posted by jim on Tuesday September 3 2013 at 15:07
Take your point. I know what you mean

Reply Posted by T on Tuesday September 3 2013 at 15:59
Fairness - Justice - Respect

Fairness: - You are already getting free money, stop complaining.

Justice: - It might actually get some people off there idle back sides and go to work.

Respect: Respect the working public of Barnsley who pay income tax on our wages to support you feeding clothing and housing you and your family.

To be fair it’s just a cut. Just like wage cuts and redundancy's. Deal with it. If your struggling to find work, make the effort to go get help not just job centre but extra help through recruitment agencies and CV help clinics. Don’t just go protest whilst everyone else is paying for your bread.

Reply Posted by kerry on Tuesday September 3 2013 at 16:10
Ryan If You Are Going To Comment Atleast Get The Facts Right, You Know Nothing About This 'tax' And Peoples Varying Situation.

Reply Posted by jim on Tuesday September 3 2013 at 16:17
One of my relatives is on benefits and she thinks she,s better than me because she dosn,t work. She sneeres whilts bragging about having new windows fitted (by the coucil) and whilst telling me where she,s planning to go on her 3 holidays per year abroad. She also has a newish car and smokes like a chimney. Eats crap mind you! And she,s fat as a pig on it too.
I hope she kops the cuts. Its disgusting how some do bragg. Rant over

Reply Posted by Jayne on Tuesday September 3 2013 at 16:36
Jim I am in the same situation as you. A benefit scrounger looked down her nose at me for working, stating that no way would she work 12 hour shifts in a warehouse on a weekend because where would she find the time to go out. She was telling me all this while planning a lovely trip to Tenerife on my tax money.

Reply Posted by jim on Tuesday September 3 2013 at 16:45
Well Jayne at least we have self respect and pay our own way,the problem is when we get old and have worked will there be any cash left for those of us who have paid it all in. Way things are going,NO. Its a mess.
Ive found the best way to deal with those such as my relaitive is to tell them nothing and keep smiling, beacuse I can tell you,they are soooo jealous. They just know we are better than them and always will be. I,m not talking about all those on benefits,god help some of them,but there is a minority that take the pee when they see me sat in my office on a day such as today. But peace of mind and self dignity is a magnificent thing you know, I know and you know because weve got them by the bucket load.

Reply Posted by Graham on Tuesday September 3 2013 at 18:44
Lets be right, these people are just a bunch of wasters. Sponging off the backs of decent hard working people.

My advise to all of them is get a job, you idle backs.

Reply Posted by GRAHAM on Saturday September 7 2013 at 13:33

Reply Posted by ;) on Tuesday September 3 2013 at 18:55
I pay bedroom tax i'm my sons full time carer not everyone can work so to whom thinks people that pay bedroom tax are scroungers get real not everyone lives in the same circumstances. I dont actually mind paying it i just mind the incoherent tools making inept comments :)

Reply Posted by Graham on Tuesday September 3 2013 at 22:25
I don't think you are paying anything, you are simply getting less in state handouts.

Reply Posted by sarah on Tuesday September 3 2013 at 19:11
in nov 2011 my partner had an accident he spent 3 nights in hospital in london and 3 mnths in and out of sheffield hospital having various ops he went back to work 7 mnths later. In the meantime i was earning 620 mnth plus 240 family allowance out of that came 435 mortgage and the rest of the monthly bills. We had no help from anyone the company refused him sick pay but with 4 kids had to get on with it so I have no sympathy whatsoever with people who get everything for nothing they were taking off me when our kids needed it most so go buy your kids the biggest prezzies fags beer holidays stuff from the catalogues and shut your faces go live in another country and see what you get....jack s**t thats what! sorry to sound harsh but until you genuinely have something to moan about then do it not cause you have to pay something towards living.

Reply Posted by chris on Wednesday September 4 2013 at 01:10
@jayne pray tell me about the HUGE taxes you pay. You take more out of the system than you pay in. Wind your neck in. I live in London and have huge outgoings. I have too liittle time and too much to do than worry about folk on benefits!

Reply Posted by T on Wednesday September 4 2013 at 09:02
Chris thats bang out of order really. And why are you even commenting on here if your living in London? Your choice to move down there and live a expensive lifestyle. I think you need to wind your neck in and simmer down. Also what was you doing on here at 1am in the morning? Bit strange if you ask me.

Reply Posted by sid on Wednesday September 4 2013 at 09:15
Hey T, Chris lurves living in London you know. She posts how bad it is with drugs,shooting, aww god you name it they've got it. But then she enjoys belittling our town?. Weird kinda fish. She,s not logical...or a flipping wind up merchant.

Reply Posted by T on Wednesday September 4 2013 at 09:57
Well said sid, well said!

Reply Posted by Chris on Wednesday September 4 2013 at 23:42
I comment on here because I spent the first twenty five years of my life in the town.

Sid - I have commented on several posts on here. I have highlighted the good things about Barnsley and commented on what I think to be bigoted posts by WABers. London does have its problems but I have lived here for over 18 years now. You have just amalgamated my comments. I am sure you will be pleased to know that I have no plans to move back to Barnsley anytime soon!

T - You might not know it but London is a 24 hour city. Posting at one am is strange? People work shifts down here. The busiest hospital in central London employs Biomedical Scientists working from 4pm to midnight. What about the staff that work in the thousands of bars in the city? Or the legal secs providing out of offfice support to commercial lawyers working round the clock?

There is a world beyond Barnsley and yes I do feel I am 'allowed' to comment on WAB

Reply Posted by sid on Wednesday September 4 2013 at 23:59
Yawn...the cannabis clouds have taken hold of you I fear.

Reply Posted by Chris on Thursday September 5 2013 at 00:17
Sure they have Sid. Funny how I train with a well known athletics club in West London several times a week and have been chosen to compete in my age group at the UK Cross Country Championships in December. I like nothing more than to breath in cannabis smoke then go down the track and run.

Reply Posted by sid on Thursday September 5 2013 at 18:29
Chris im glad about the cross country,and I hope you do well . I'm not bothered what you do,its just that you always slate Barnsley in your posts,which I just can't fathom why. As iv said before,its different to london. For some reason,you seem to feel the need to keep comparing the two,in an often mocking and nasty tone. There's no comparison, we already know.

Reply Posted by Chris on Thursday September 5 2013 at 00:22
T - shock horror. I have just seen a job for a biomedical scientist at a large teaching hospital in London. The hours are 9pm to 8am. £24 per hour. That means that you will be awake at 1.00am. Now ain't that strange?

Reply Posted by mae brusel on Thursday September 5 2013 at 01:08
I love living in barnsley.
Listening to all you far too wealthy tosspots,complaining that you pay all this tax for unemployed people. you really do talk a right load of shite.
you dont pay 10p out of your wages for the unemployed,although you may pay 10p out of yout taxes to keep the rolling millions still owed for the iraq war.
The rolling millions still owed on the afghan war. also the rolling debt of the humber bridge. also the rolling money in aid to india and any other country that the government wants to keep giving and then for those who have businesses who pay there taxes spend most of it trying to claim it back. ie fuel vat what about those who have to drive to work and cant get any vat back non of these are on the dole

Reply Posted by sid on Thursday September 5 2013 at 18:33
God Mae,what are you on about now? Is this anything to do with the bedroom tax?

Reply Posted by Chris on Thursday September 5 2013 at 01:10
Poor Sid - Obviously could not make it London and run back home to Bansley

Reply Posted by sid on Thursday September 5 2013 at 18:19
What you on about?
I don't want to come to London?
Never will,well,not till the train up and running so I can belt back.

Reply Posted by Chris on Thursday September 5 2013 at 01:12
Mae Excellent view

Reply Posted by Chris on Thursday September 5 2013 at 01:17
Mae Excellent view.

Reply Posted by lepont on Thursday September 5 2013 at 01:27
T - It it is now One nineteen in the morning. Folks are stlll posting. Shit. Must be those forayne!

Reply Posted by T on Thursday September 5 2013 at 08:48
@Chris it is now 8:48 in the morning I have just done my 30 Mile commute to work (Leeds Area). So don't tell me about a life beyond Barnsley.

Reply Posted by Ken on Thursday September 5 2013 at 09:04
It just goes to show how much these so called protesters are out of touch with the rest of society.

Get it paid like the rest of us!

Reply Posted by x on Thursday September 5 2013 at 18:13
just out of curiousity,can any of you who keep whining about people on benefits tell me what it is you have actually gained financially since these people have had their benefits cut,has anyone been given back the taxes they are now not paying benefit claiments,has anyone been able to move to a better bigger house,have more holidays,eat better,or have a better standard of living all round.do you go to bed and sleep more soundly.sorry i was just wandering because it hasn't made a damn bit of difference to my pay packet or life style.

Reply Posted by sid on Thursday September 5 2013 at 18:22
Hey X, good slant on it.

Reply Posted by T on Thursday September 5 2013 at 19:47
@ x one thing mate. We now have nearly a 10k tax free allowance on incomes whereas before it was just over 5k. Makes the difference pal no matter what wage your on you'll notice it.

Reply Posted by Ian on Thursday September 5 2013 at 22:52
I've looked at the photograph very carefully and it looks like the people on there may be sharing a brain cell

Reply Posted by x on Friday September 6 2013 at 11:09
oh right t so you can afford an extra bottle of wine a week. well i hope people loosing their homes and being hungry is a worthwhile price to pay, personally i dont think it is

Reply Posted by bob on Friday September 6 2013 at 11:21
this is a 100% genuine request to all of you on here who are working,my dear friend was laid off from work due to ill health 2 yrs ago,she is 54 has artheritis in every joint in her body,her fingers lock and she can't move them,she has chest pains and struggles to walk more than a few yards due to shortness of breath ,and severe pain,she has short term memory loss problems and also suffers from severe depression.she is desperate to find a full time job as according to this government she is fit for work. so is as most of you seem to think, classed as a benefit scrounger living her life of luxury on the £74 a week she recieves so this is an appeal to you all. come on put your money where your mouth is and give my friend a full time job,she is willing to turn up on time every day and do what she can

Reply Posted by me on Saturday September 7 2013 at 13:14
Bob,this is where the whole thing is so broken. Your friend is unemployable. Unfit for work due to her ailments. This government is so wrong. There are special cases in life and your pal is one of them.
I do hope somehow she gets good treatment and some compassion from the benefits agency. She,s not a scrounger,the word is batted about too much and too easily. She,s ill and I for one wish her all the best for the future. (I'm not 'ill and I,m in work before anyone starts)

Reply Posted by bob on Saturday September 7 2013 at 12:54
hanky or not mate your all full of shit,you call people like her scroungers,but nobody has come forward to give her a job,she wants a job, she wants to be off benefits ,shes sick of people like you judging her but not prepared to give her a chance. It all boils down to the same thing,you want everyone off benefits and in work,just as long as they are not working with you,because just maybe they may need a little help and consideration from the people they work with. Make your minds up,you either want people back in work or you dont

Reply Posted by swampy on Tuesday September 10 2013 at 17:53
Am convertin to be a muserlim then a can se mi box rooim is for prayin in n that, then the scan stick bedrooim tax.

Reply Posted by swampy cant spell on Thursday September 26 2013 at 17:03

Reply Posted by bob on Friday September 20 2013 at 08:27