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Working Class 'Left Behind' By Political Parties

Friday September 6 2013

Dan Jarvis MP Dan Jarvis MP

WORKING class people have been 'left behind' by political parties - and that's why they're disinterested in politics.

That was one view at a public meeting organised by Barnsley Central MP Dan Jarvis to discuss why people are disillusioned with politics.

Around 23 people, including two Barnsley councillors, attended the meeting in Barnsley Town Hall last Tuesday night.

Mr Jarvis understood to an extent why people were cynical - especially in the light of the expenses scandal - but said his office worked 'extremely hard' to make sure Barnsley voices were heard in Westminster.

Others said politicians were in a 'Westminster bubble' and completely out of touch.

There was a lack of faith in manifestos and people could no longer tell the difference between the main parties.

Resident Dave Cherry said working conditions had gone downhill because of anti trade union laws. He said: "There's nothing to threaten the established order, and we have left the working classes behind."

Michael O' Hara, from Royston, said: "The London elite, journalists, opinion formers, they do exactly what they please and ignore us. Meetings and opinion polls are just window dressing."

Others said parliamentary debates were only about point scoring rather than real issues - like the NHS and the bedroom tax - and politicians behaved without any professionalism or respect.

What do you think? Have your say below.

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Reply Posted by Stevo on Friday September 6 2013 at 14:43
The working class have been left behind by the Labour Party more like!

The Labour Party was set up by the working man for the working man and now the Labour Party are no more than Tory lite.

The Labour Party cozied up to big business, let MILLIONS of immigrants into our country and gave in to Europe on every major and minor issue.

The Labour Party have ruined our once great nation with their bloody mindedness and in their quest to be seen as "the" most politically correct party is the western world.

Before the were elected into power last time they promised us the earth and they gave us nothing apart from MILLIONS of immigrants and saddled our future generations with massive debts.

These are the exact reasons I will never vote for them again.

People of Barnsley, wake up and smell the coffee, they have done NOTHING for our town and NOTHING for our nation, may your voice be heard at the next elections and do the right thing and put your x in another box other than the Labour candidates.

Reply Posted by Keith Graham on Friday September 6 2013 at 15:04
Which party will you be voting for Stevo?

Reply Posted by Stevo on Friday September 6 2013 at 16:09
There are none that float my boat old bean, here si my take on the four main political parties though if you are interested:

Labour - Failed to remain true to the original ideals of why they were set up - The working mans party set up by the working man, more like Tory Lite.

Tory - The Nasty party, only interested in the rich keeping their wealth and will ensure that the poor will be ever enslaved in their poverty as Tory policy dictates.

Lib Dem - Finished as a political party and will be cast into fourth division politics

UKIP - Nazi - esque and the only policy they have is the one on immigration, the rest of UKIP policy is exactly the same as Tory policy

I am truly at a loss as who to vote for, needless to say none of the above will be getting my X.

Reply Posted by Guesty Mcguest on Friday September 6 2013 at 16:11
Who indeed to vote for, me? I'll probably be voting for the other guy Brewster, we need him!

Reply Posted by Keith Graham on Friday September 6 2013 at 17:13
So does that mean that you will not be voting at the next general election?

While noting that non of the parties 'float your boat' which of the parties are you more likely to vote for?

Reply Posted by stevo on Friday September 6 2013 at 17:58
I shall have to see who the candidates are first before I decide.
Even if it means going against my principles and voting for someone who I wouldn't normally vote for then I may do just that if it means getting the Tories out.
Drastic times call for drastic measures, being principle is very honourable but one has to be a realist.

Reply Posted by Taff Jenx on Friday September 6 2013 at 15:02
nice one!!! and all true

Reply Posted by king louis on Friday September 6 2013 at 15:10
we are living with that already ...Remember the ConDem party are NOW in power and all those that I know feel that they are being robbed by the ConDem to feed the rich. Thatcherism has risen its ugly head and is feeding off the poor yet again. The Labour Party are no more if they were a tree then they have gone and hacked off their own roots thinking it will make them stronger STUPID or WHAT?

Reply Posted by Guesty Mcguest on Friday September 6 2013 at 16:10
Nice to see the labour councillors giving some weight to this, a whole 2 of them turned out for this ( thats if they were indeed councillors), probably no tea and biscuits dinner andnot an official engagement so no monies to be made.

Reply Posted by Tom on Friday September 6 2013 at 21:16
Aye, they always turn up for the free food and gorge like pigs at the trough, it's quite repugnant to see. Especially when the people they are supposed to represent are having to go to foodbanks, the working man can't even afford a pint in his local, that is, if he has a local pub left, so many have shut!
Roll on election and they'll be busy busy busy, and come election day, they'll spend a fair chunk on petrol, driving the disabled and blind from care homes to the poling station in order to secure more votes.

Reply Posted by Swifty on Friday September 6 2013 at 23:50
Two Councillors turn up. That's exactly whats wrong with these muppets. How much did the councillors claim last year totally around £900.000.000. Barnsley people deserve better value for money. Council cuts also requires less Local Councilors.

That's reasonable in these difficult times

Reply Posted by Fawkes on Friday September 6 2013 at 23:59
The Royston councillors mr & mrs cheetham were both still on there 1 month long holiday in portugal .All while holding down multiple pais posts at the council .Plus being assistant police commisioner for south yorkshire. It makes me sick of these parasites.

Reply Posted by Cher on Wednesday September 11 2013 at 09:04
Stevo-you talk a LOT of sense, so nice to read such an eloquent and intelligent response on here. I'd vote for YOU if you were running! You should consider it...everyone I know is dissilusioned by the main parties.

Reply Posted by Ged on Wednesday September 11 2013 at 11:25
Toothless Labour are silent over the "spare room subsidy". They should propose that now the precedent has been set, it should apply it to all households not just those on benefits. Set the level of tax to the same percentage level of household income as those on benefits at present and the country would be squeeling. It would be scrapped.

The country should be squeeling now, but no, I'm alright Jack.

Reply Posted by Mark on Thursday September 12 2013 at 13:01
What a ridiculous thing to say.

Firstly, there is no such thing as a bedroom tax.

Secondly, the majority of people have paid their own way in life by buying their home and working for a living rather than relying on state handouts.

Reply Posted by Ged on Thursday September 12 2013 at 15:37
What a selfish thing to say. Kick 'em while they're down, give 'em no chance to get back up.

Blinkers on, you only see the stereotype - never worked, smart phone, sky TV, fags etc. Spare a thought for the disabled who can't work, they too have to pay this evil tax. You obviously class everyone as benefit scroungers. Still, you don't have to pay so you're alright Jack.

Reply Posted by Mark on Thursday September 12 2013 at 15:56
Not selfish at all. Just realistic. I am quite willing to support people who are incapacitated through genuine sickness and disability. I am not prepared to support the work shy, scroungers and those with a 'glass back'

I firmly believe that state benefits have to be reduced for the benefit of the economy and in order to encourage the work shy to get back in to employment. I support the so-called bedroom tax, although as I have previously said, in reality there is no such thing.

Let me assure you that there are no blinkers. I just expect everyone who is able to do so, to contribute to society by working and paying their dues and demands. I think that is quite a reasonable view to have.

Incidentally, how have you come to the conclusion that I do not have to pay this non-tax?

Reply Posted by dedatodd on Friday September 13 2013 at 12:15
I don't think the issue here is the 'bedroom tax / spare room subsidy', in principle I support the move. However the issue is the number of homes available to move into, downsizing is not possible if there are no homes available. So you have people willing to downsize but not where to go and as such have to pay this ConDem levy.

As for major parties being out of touch, they are. However the apathy of the population around politics or actually voting have helped in part to widen this gap and allows them to roll out unpopular policies even when met with massive objections (Iraq war).

To start fixing the 'politics' in the UK maybe we should make voting compulsory (add a 'none of the above' box ) even if its to spoil the ballot paper. Shrink local government - how many councillors per ward? Make it a full time post with no 'external' finances. Do we need 2/3 MP's for Barnsley?

I also think the lack of parties like the Green Party being present on the ballot papers in Barnsley don't help, TBH at times they would have my vote. Along with the likes of the 3 major parties (very rarely are all candidates from Barnsley) we get the BNP and Independents.

An overhaul of Politics is needed to ensure all classes are represented, but until we get 80 / 90 % of those eligible to vote doing so its not going to happen. When politician's realise that they have to work hard for the votes then a difference will be seen.

Imagine a turn out of 80 / 90 % voting and 40% of those vote 'NONE OF THE ABOVE' - massive wake up call across a parties both national and local

Reply Posted by rainbow on Thursday September 12 2013 at 11:50
Of course the working class have been left behind, when did you last hear of a working class MP. Very few including Dan Jarvis has ever done a days work in his life. Very few of them have any experience of what its like to be at the bottom looking up all the time.??? Trouble is we keep voting for em.!!

Reply Posted by Swifty on Friday September 13 2013 at 22:54
Rainbow your wrong regarding Dan Jarvis. This man has done more in his working life and has experienced life's lows as well. Your right on your one point I think you are trying to say"Barnsley MP's should be Barnsley Born. Having said that which current Barnsley Councililor had the education or his trusted to represent the people of Barnsley.