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Town's Taxi Drivers Want More Protection

Wednesday September 4 2013

Barnsley Interchange Barnsley Interchange

THE town's taxi drivers want better protection after a driver was left with a suspected fractured eye socket after being assaulted in the town centre.

Last Sunday at around 6am, a man attempted to get a taxi home from Barnsley Interchange and allegedly punched the driver because he could not pay for the fare in advance,

The 43-year-old driver, who does not wish to be named, suffered a suspected fractured eye socket and bruising.

"Doing this job you do feel very alone and you do have very little protection," he said.

Mark Cocks, chairman of the Hackney Carriage Association and a driver for 19 years, says assaults are on the rise and drivers need some form of protection.

"There was a driver who was slashed with a pen knife a few weeks ago in Grimethorpe and another driver was slashed with a kitchen knife a few months ago. Attacks on drivers are on the increase.

"If I was being assaulted I would protect myself with reasonable force, but as it stands if I was to hit a person back and they made a complaint about me, my badge would be suspended.

"All drivers are of the same opinion, both private hire and Hackney carriage, that we will protect ourselves. It's human nature."

A spokeswoman for the police confirmed officers attended an alleged assault against a taxi driver at the Midland Street rank at about 6am on Sunday and a man was arrested on suspicion of assault.

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Reply Posted by T on Wednesday September 4 2013 at 11:39
The police are never round the taxi ranks at the right times. They are then at like 10pm (when no one goes home) but then 2am onwards there nowhere to be seen in town. If the police / security was there at the taxi ranks at least this may forewarn potential attackers that they are been watched etc etc. Other than that CCTV in cabs and automatic locked doors could help.

Reply Posted by Flapper on Saturday September 7 2013 at 16:54
Nice one lol.

Reply Posted by Graham on Wednesday September 4 2013 at 11:51
I am a taxi diver with CCTV installed after a lot of red tape that the council put in place and I have nothing but positive comments about it, even the scatters of barnsley are amazed that we taken this step to protect ourselves. Yes in Leeds Sheffield but not barnsley but incidents are on the rise !! We need harsher penalties for people who commit this crimes and if anyone wants to see my cctv system get in touch and I will be happy to show you

Reply Posted by T on Wednesday September 4 2013 at 11:55
That’s great Graham! Protects both parties at the same time too. And I agree with you completely for the harsher penalties!

Reply Posted by cory on Wednesday September 4 2013 at 14:33
pepper spray or Taser or both

Reply Posted by rainbow on Wednesday September 4 2013 at 17:36
I recall a taxi driver being severly assaulted when he wouldn't wait for a bloke to get a kebab, leaving the poor cabi with a fractured jaw.. The plods let this animal off with a police caution, the drivers should stop working at midnight for a few weeks till somethings done about it.???

Reply Posted by Swifty on Thursday September 5 2013 at 01:13
Many years ago 20 I think around Judge Pickles At Sheffield Crown Court said " People who abuse a public serving employes while carry out there dat to day duties Will be jailed that appear before me.

So much so Yorkshire traction had posters showing Judge Pickles comments.

Why have we gone back 20 Years.

Reply Posted by jonno on Sunday September 15 2013 at 21:01
ha, remember those posters on the tracky busses but think it was judge Michael walker not pickles

Reply Posted by Swifty on Thursday September 5 2013 at 01:20
Rainbow I have just read your comment. You are 100% right all Taxi Drivers should follow your comment. that way BMBC and the Police will have to sort out the mess and Pubs and Clubs including Night Clubs will be responsible for there laws and legislation.

what should Taxi Drivers be responsible to clear the shit out of the Town Centre every weekend while the real people responsible The Police And BMBC and Licensed Premises sleep in the bed at nights.

Reply Posted by rainbow on Thursday September 5 2013 at 08:46
Cheers Swifty, as for the judge Pickles comment I fully agree, but if the plods don't prosecute these people, how will we ever get them to court.!!! The police are letting too many violent crimes go particularly at turning out time.???

Reply Posted by Dave on Friday September 6 2013 at 09:33
The police do not prosecute anybody and they never will. That is the job of the CPS. They are the ones that decide whether there is enough evidence against an individual and whether it is the public interest to have somebody charged with particular offence. While the police could show more of a presence in the right places at the right times, it is not up to them to decide who gets put up infront of a judge and who doesn't.

Reply Posted by jue on Friday September 6 2013 at 09:26
Cctv in all taxis like new york they would think twice then

Reply Posted by John S on Monday September 9 2013 at 20:29
I agree with prosecution aspect but not with you expecting the council to deal with it. Pubs and taxis are there purely and simply as a business to make money. They don't have to do it. They should be expected to take reasonable steps to look after themselves and drivers, if this is investing in CCTV or plexi glass so be it. Council only licence pubs and taxis to ensure they comply with legal requirements. It's the polices job to protect the public and solve crime.
Everyone always complains about council wasting money but they are always the first people you turn to to get their hand in their pocket.

Reply Posted by angry on Monday September 9 2013 at 20:38
Ia freind of myne got sexually assulted a few month ago after baby sittin her niece and he wa a drunk that gt away wi it coss he said that she wa willing to sleep wi him then she didnt like it coss he wouldnt give her munie wich wa a load of bull a think the cops shud go threw what half of those pple who r tryin to earn a livin has to pple want to think there gt men and women owt there willing to run all those piss heads about after the had enough

Reply Posted by Simon Walsh on Tuesday September 10 2013 at 07:07

Reply Posted by swampdog on Wednesday September 11 2013 at 16:49
r the do want protectin, companys the work for shud fit cctvs to alt cabs.
When mi motability scooiter brok darn dave at AI came for me n even shoved mi rarnd tarn in mi wheelchair wharl a did mi shoppin cos mi chuffin kids ant interested, thev alors got the hand art wantin chuffin money burra keeyap tellin em I ent chuffin got none na cos us bedrooim tax.

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