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Barnsley Could Be Hit By Massive NHS Spending Cuts

Thursday September 5 2013

NHS cuts could hit town NHS cuts could hit town

BARNSLEY could become the 'poor relative of the NHS' if proposals to cut the town's health budget by more than £40million go ahead.

Figures published by NHS England show Barnsley stands to lose 13.5 per cent of its budget - an estimated £41million - if a proposed change is introduced.

Currently, funding is weighted towards deprived areas with the highest health inequalities, but the move would mean a funding formula based on health needs linked to age, sex and location.

The current budget, announced last December, stands at £344million but this could be reduced to £303million.

But Rachael Maskell, head of health at trade union Unite, said the proposals would impact disproportionately on deprived areas, such as Barnsley.

"In deprived areas, people don't live as long," she said. "It will cause more health inequalities which will be really detrimental to a place like Barnsley.

"Barnsley is going to be the poor relative of the NHS. If there's less money available, there's less money to spend and invest in making sure people don't get ill in the first place. Everything costs."

Barnsley Central MP Dan Jarvis said cutting millions from the local NHS budget could have a devastating impact on the lives of residents and said he would be arguing for Barnsley to receive the decent level of funding it deserves.

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Reply Posted by cliff grimshaw on Friday September 6 2013 at 07:47
how can you cut the health spending with one hand, and then give out contracts for hospital building with onother?
why not save money by cutting council members expences, you could save thousands!!!

Reply Posted by Ackerman on Friday September 6 2013 at 10:28
Dan Jarvis show us ya metal and get more cash for our NHS hospital.

Reply Posted by Not cliff grimshaw on Friday September 6 2013 at 10:35
Never seen such an ignorant comment to a serious problem. What has the Council got to do with it? It's another case of this government loading resources toward the leafy suburbs, the coast and the South, guess where the majority of Tory supporters live - a little clue it's not in the, former, industrial heartlands of this country, which they have brought to their knees over the last few decades.

Reply Posted by donna on Thursday September 12 2013 at 23:26
It's about time drunken and drugged up users get charged for their stay in Hospital if caused by misuse. If people choose to make themselves ill then they should be made to pay. Bad lifestyle choices cost this country billions, stop smoking, binge drinking, and drug use and u get a free service. The bus was made to help sick people, people who have life threatening and terminal illness that can't have life saving and prolonging treatment because of selfcentered people that think the world owes them. We'll sorry, people are fed up of paying for u now so start and pay for yourselves. And before anyone moans about immigrants, they use a minimum amount of the bus budget compared the drunk, drug user and smokers.

ipso Regulated