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Shoplifting Could Force Supermarket's Closure

Friday September 6 2013

SHOPLIFTING has become so bad at a supermarket it may have to close.

Cllr Dave North told police at a meeting on Wednesday that thieves are coming into Asda on High Street, Grimethorpe, and taking goods.

"The amount of pinching at Asda is horrendous," he said. "It's that bad if we don't do something about it, it could close.

"It's got that bad with certain people coming in when security guards aren't there, they're coming out with bags of meat, baby food and all sorts."

He said shoppers have been conning the self-service machines by sticking reduced item labels over other items to get them cheaper.

Police agreed to make this a priority to help cut down the problem.

"We take shoplifting very seriously and are working closely with the local police, council and other retailers to help tackle the problem," an Asda spokesman said.

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Reply Posted by Kate on Friday September 6 2013 at 10:07
It's about time they did something, it's hard enough catching some of them, but then all they get us a slap on the wrist and they are back in the next day with a smile on their face

Reply Posted by tut tut on Friday September 6 2013 at 10:09
Well what do you expect..cut backs .job losses and high food prices high rent and bills. Lol makes me laugh.

Reply Posted by LT on Friday September 6 2013 at 10:24
I agree, people have to survive.

Reply Posted by jim on Friday September 6 2013 at 10:42
So what your saying is they should just take what they want?
People should just work harder and don't say there an no jobs because there are loads of jobs, these people want selling for spare parts to the highest bidders, cos that's the only use they have!

Reply Posted by Carl on Friday September 6 2013 at 14:26
You are exactly what this story is about...idiots! Most shoplifters are trying to fund a habit i.e drugs, very few % are actually people who are struggling. You make it sound like its the right thing to do, would it be right if some one stole from your house?

Reply Posted by dave on Friday September 6 2013 at 17:58
maybe if these scumbags stopped having 15 kids they wouldnt need to nick food!! we are all poor, but we dont all go out and take whatever the heck we want!!

Reply Posted by Sid on Saturday September 7 2013 at 07:37
Stealing to survive, ye right.. if your stealing bags of meat / babyfood.... your floggng it and your probably floggin it for the next fix.

Funny how there are no reports of theft of veg and other basic food - high value easy to shift food is called thieving smack heads.

Reply Posted by Ackerman on Friday September 6 2013 at 10:15
Makes a change from the ripping us off or misleading us, Horse meat springs to mind. i dont condone thiefing but if certain peope are coming in while there is no security guard on duty then the obvious thing to do is employ a local person and have yaself a full time guard

Reply Posted by Jayne marshall on Friday September 6 2013 at 10:17
Why should scum get away with shoplifting ..they don t work so they will get FREE rent FREE council tax FREE school meals an many many more benefits ...then thers people that work and get nothing and they still PAY for food ..THE MOTTO IS IF YOU CAN'T AFFORD IT THEN BACK OFF AND LEAVE IT ALONE LIKE WE DO THE WORKING CLASS ....

Reply Posted by Nin on Friday September 6 2013 at 10:18
Since when did that justify shoplifting then tut tut??!!
Bet ya sweet life the shoplifters have all got mobile phones, cars etc and probably like some justify there thieving because of the area
Its not on. We need local stores to save money trekking to larger stores. At least Asda are one of the few that have same prices in local stores as major stores. Fight to keep it I say. Stop the thieves instead of defending them!

Reply Posted by !!! on Friday September 6 2013 at 10:22
Surely asda can afford to pay store detectives and security guards , but then even when shop lifters are caught they only get a slap on the wrist !!

Reply Posted by Oliver Goodrant on Friday September 6 2013 at 10:26
I've seen the reduced sticker/self-serve scam done at the Old Mill Lane branch of Asda. I'm amazed the solution they've come up with is to close a store instead of simply uninstalling or even easier just turning off the self-serve checkouts and employing real people like they used to. It stops the problem immediatley. Come on Asda, it's not rocket science is it?

Reply Posted by sandra on Saturday September 7 2013 at 12:50
Well said Oliver, kills 2 birds with 1 stone as the saying goes

Reply Posted by SHUTYOURBLOODYMOANING on Friday September 6 2013 at 10:30
@Jayne - So, its only people who are out of work that shoplift eh?
Your comment makes you sound retarded. People IN work also shoplift, OAP's do it, young kids do it. You can't put one set of people into a bracket just 'coz they are out of work. That's like saying people who wear shoes shoplift. You just come off as stupid.

Reply Posted by shavedcock69 on Friday September 6 2013 at 23:19
and young kids and old people are out of work make your mind up

Reply Posted by Katy on Friday September 6 2013 at 10:34
for real, how can people on top of post defend shoplifters if they did it to you, you wouldn't be defending them then. yes people need to survive but most people manage to do it by not stealing.

Reply Posted by Tom on Friday September 6 2013 at 10:35
ASDA want to try employing staff that smile and say a quick hello, instead of self service machines. By rights ASDA should be paying customers minimum wage to scan their items. They are so used to free labour and government subsidy, they now expect their customers to do a bit of work in store.
Bring back NETTO!

Reply Posted by Anon on Friday September 6 2013 at 10:35
There is always a security guard present in grimethorpe asda and yet he spends far too much time watching the stuff they have in the entrance coz there's always kids outside. And as for the self serve and reduced stickers, the staff have always had to put stuff through for me because there's no barcode. Here's a good solution tho, remove the self serve and stick staff on the actual tills instead of just the kiosk! And staff need to challenge people putting stuff in their pockets too, I've watched in disbelief as a staff member saw a child do it it when serving their parents!

Reply Posted by king louis on Friday September 6 2013 at 10:36
Give it three months and then compare prices....its all a ruse to raise prices for those shops that are in poor areas...they know people won't pay £6 bus fare to go to town so £5 on the average weekly shop bill can be manipulated into the prices

Reply Posted by xxx on Friday September 6 2013 at 10:39
i know more people who work and nic a sight lot more from their employers than what most people on benefits would ever nic jayne,please dont use people on benefits as the scape goats for thieves.whats that saying you hear daily from workers who help themselves to items, a perk of the job

Reply Posted by TC on Friday September 6 2013 at 10:40
So remove the self service checkouts & employ a couple more checkout operators.

Reply Posted by Mandy on Friday September 6 2013 at 10:52
How's about getting off your arse's and getting a job and paying for goods like the rest of us do!! Absolutely disgusting!! And excuses that times are hard!?!?! omg that doesn't give anyone the right to pinch whats not yours!! Low lifes!!

Reply Posted by Tom on Monday September 9 2013 at 11:46
Say that to the person who lost their job to a self service machine, and who cannot get a job due to the increased amount of self service machines replacing human labour.

Reply Posted by hazzard on Friday September 6 2013 at 10:54
Cll North said "it's got that bad with certain people"so these people are known and the things they took, baby food,bags of meat,wouldn't be surprised if they were selling these high value items on to fund an addiction

Reply Posted by miss s on Friday September 6 2013 at 11:06
There are a minority of staff there at asda that are friendly but the rest of em av got a constant frown on their face n constantly telling u to use the self service counter because they can't be bothered to scan ur items. I get they r busy stocking shelves etc.. but in my opinion they need to organise the staff better and have allocated staff at front of house so they can keep an eye on things as well as staff stocking the shelves watching too.

Reply Posted by Sand on Friday September 6 2013 at 11:11
Times are hard but I work in a shop and sometimes it's every day they are shoplifting it really pisses me off that I work hard for a living and people come into my shop take what they want without paying for it they are abusive as well we need harder penalties for shoplifters everyone has to pay for these people the prices go up to cover for the loss yes times are hard we all know this but this does not give people the right the take what they want

Reply Posted by Taff Jenx on Friday September 6 2013 at 11:23
bring back NETTO ! you halfwit have you forgot how crap they were? and how it dragged the village down having a third rate store, when we have visitors they comment on the fact that we have a good strore in a village like Grimethorpe. as for ASDA employ more people take away the self check outs and ban the thieves forever & and as for the security guard make the job "performance related pay" (i.e. no theft = pay) also give the job to a local who know the light fingered gits by name.

Reply Posted by Clare on Friday September 6 2013 at 11:25
I'm on the poverty line and I starve my self to feed my kids but noo way would I ever steal !! It's disgusting ! And such a bad look on the town I no it's a deprived area but Jesus have a little pride and show the rest of the county your better than that! They should close the shops make them go further away and face tougher security . Disgrace I love barnsley we get such a bad wrap and this is why.

Reply Posted by sandra on Saturday September 7 2013 at 12:55
well said Clare !!

Reply Posted by Sw on Friday September 6 2013 at 11:32
I do not condone shop theft but do sympathise with people on benefits and it is only going to get worse. As said before do not blame people Asda blame yourself for taking advantage of working people you open all these stores and rake in all your money but yet run a skeleton staff and pay peanuts. Why grumble asda put it as a loss on your tax returns like rest of the super massive companies

Reply Posted by CR on Friday September 6 2013 at 11:55
Reading some of these posts I have to wonder if I am visiting the same store. I haven't come across any sullen staff members within the Grimethorpe branch, only once was it ever suggested to me to use the self service tills as the till I was standing at was experiencing problems. What is leaving me gobsmacked is the amount of people suggesting that shoplifting in any form is justifiable. Would they feel the same way if the shoplifters came to their house and stole their goods? Theft in any shape of form is incorrigible and no situation can justify it,

Reply Posted by dmal on Friday September 6 2013 at 12:11
i was in asda on tues wen a known theif was caught with beer down his coat n not the first time and was just told to leave by managment i said they should av brought the police to him thats the way to stop it n the manager just wasnt interested they kno excatly who is goin in n shop liftin so why keep allowing them in the shop n shoud get rid of the self serve tills as well put pictures up of all cought name n shame them not that any of them would b shamed

Reply Posted by Mary on Friday September 6 2013 at 12:15
Should get better security on instead of looking for reduced things n kicking kids away outside keep an eye on self service!

Reply Posted by anon on Friday September 6 2013 at 12:28
ASDA's Every day low price policy comes at a cost.NOT enough staff in ANY stores,so it serves the greedy feckers right.Im NOT condoning stealing,BUT ASDA could eradicate the problem by employing more colleagues,,,,but they WONT,,Smart Price operators,SMART PRICE company,SMART PRICE results,,,hell mend them!

Reply Posted by ann on Friday September 6 2013 at 13:33
From someone who was a manager in a supermarket most of stolen goods where from professional thieves for consumer items the unemployed largest percentage was food items or children's clothing in other ways the basics I don't condone theft in anyway or shape but I am fortunate in never having to face a hungry child with no money life as many twists and turns and non of us know our future .. just saying....

Reply Posted by Nin on Friday September 6 2013 at 13:50
Am lost for words reading all these comments! Do you really think that employing more staff, making staff smile at (sometimes) rude customers, taking away self serve tills will stop the thieves. I think not! The reason they cut staff, wages and have self serve tills is to reduce the cost of our groceries. We have high demands as customers. And we demand cheap basics or we go somewhere else to get them. The reason I believe the thieves carry on thieving is because there is no consequence to it and some people have been brought up with very poor standards. I for one would rather eat dog shit than eat something that had been stolen.. Someone may be poor but it does not justify stealing.....EVER

Reply Posted by lyndon on Friday September 6 2013 at 14:13
a lot of the thieving will be down to the smackheads stealing to order

Reply Posted by HuDDy on Friday September 6 2013 at 14:30
I say if they get caught steeling then they should do community service or jail time even if its just a jar of jam only way the scum of barnsley are going to learn they can afford there voi jeans tracky bottoms and tops but not food shows where peoples priorities are

Reply Posted by lyndon on Friday September 6 2013 at 14:50
hold on a minute is that aimed at me carl? i was merely stating fact. how can what i put possibly be construed as condoning shoplifting? the only idiot is you

Reply Posted by annoyed on Friday September 6 2013 at 17:17
Most of the rats that steal from there live very close to the Asda, parents don't work and don't care, having kids to some is a way of increasing income.

Reply Posted by Liam on Friday September 6 2013 at 17:37
Grimethorpe, why don't that shock me its full of smack heads woman beater's drug dealers n wimps they should level the place n rebuild it for the respectful members of Barnsley

Reply Posted by fred on Wednesday September 11 2013 at 12:05
Obviously you have not been in Grimethorpe for a long while
It has been knocked down and rebuilt with over 1000 new homes

Reply Posted by LV on Friday September 6 2013 at 18:41
I'll be willing to bet they have to shoplift because they can't afford food after forking out for brighthouse, cigs, booze and TV/internet packages! People need to prioritise!!!

Reply Posted by inmyopinion on Friday September 6 2013 at 19:11
Shop lifting, don't agree with it of course but it is far too easy for them when it is busy there are not enough staff to manage. the lay out is all wrong too the tills are in the wrong place and it's easy to walk in and out. don't know why the sticker scam works because i thought it also went on the weight, these should be verified by the assistant thats on the quick pay till. i agree it needs to be tackled by asda or i would close it too or give them an Aldi and lets see what shit they pinch from there

Reply Posted by horse meat on Friday September 6 2013 at 19:52
you are all a set of Hippocrates ! remember when you all bought horse in your beef from the supermarkets !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reply Posted by Swiftly on Friday September 6 2013 at 21:10
This is a topic that will be deliberated for many years to come. People need to be educated and understand if its not paid for its not yours.

Having said that where does society start.pheraps we could spray peope say Peodos blue, Burglars Red. shoplifters Pink and so on.

Don't forget the biggest scrounging Of All Councillors may be tartan paint.

Reply Posted by MrsMail on Friday September 6 2013 at 23:07
@Mandy & Jayne Not every shoplifter is unemployed. So stop making folk on benefits feel inferior. I hope you don't claim working credits or child benefit. Cos that is a benefit you know. Usually those who go on about scroungers claiming benefits are helping themselves tol alll manner of tax credits and child benefit. Well here is a thought. Have a baby. Pay for it yourslelf.

Reply Posted by Dave on Saturday September 7 2013 at 08:55
I moved into Grimethorpe 18 months ago. The reason I picked the area is the local services and the very reasonable Asda supermarket was a high priority for me. It would be a shame to see it have to close, as I use it daily. The staff there are friendly, helpful and don't deserve this and neither does the rest of the community who rely on it. I'm on the poverty line and have been for some time, I have morals and couldn't bring myself to shoplift if I thought it was my only option. I buy cheap food (not smart price) I cook home made food and shop sensibly by budgeting and pre planning. Surviving on the bread line can be done, some SCUMBAGS just don't try hard enough. Shoplifting for them is the easier option. Message to Asda, please employ a full time security guard and keep the place going for the better people in our community!!!

Reply Posted by Grimethorpe Resident on Saturday September 7 2013 at 11:26
most of the smaller Asda stores are like this - not just in Grimethorpe, same problem in Wath, only one till open (the one with the fags), the rest are self service usually with one member of staff standing by to help when they invariably don't scan something properly - Asda need to sort out their staffing instead of taking away a service from people who really need a low cost supermarket without having to travel into town.....

Reply Posted by Aidan on Sunday September 8 2013 at 03:09
i'd steal if i was starving, or if my family was starving, what happens when a natural disaster hits? food and drink get looted because people want to survive, it's the same thing here, granted a fair few do it because they feel like it but there are a lot that are actually going hungry night after night and they feel the only option is to steal some food, especially pensioners. stealing is justified in certain circumstances. nobody should have to go hungry, and if you say 'well get a job' you can just go shove your head further up your arse and do a barrel roll

Reply Posted by lyndon on Sunday September 8 2013 at 17:01
should bring there prices down robbing bastards.that will cure 98% of shop-lifting.

Reply Posted by Mark on Monday September 9 2013 at 11:48
What a ridiculous thing to say. How irresponsible of you.

Reply Posted by gazza on Sunday September 8 2013 at 19:42
you walk into the asda at grimethorpe and 2 your right is the meat counter where u can pick up and walk straight back out with security man prefering to help stock the shelves instead of what hes getting paid for.. Kik save had the best idea the right isle was blocked off and u had to start your shopping at the far side of the store and come through the checkouts to leave which were near the entrance door by the way

Reply Posted by grimethorpe worker on Sunday September 8 2013 at 19:54
been going to this asda every day for the past year as i work close by. i havent ever seen any security other than the cctv cameras many a time the door buzzers go off but nobody goes to challenge the people walking out. theres not enough staff to watch people going in and out of the place plus the till situation is a joke the fag counter is always the slowest way through then the self service takes the piss people not knowing how to bag there items up as they've scanned them so they scan and then bag the weekly shop up, there maybe another check out open but very rare. if they want to cut shop lifting down then move the tills closer to the doors so every 1 has to walk through the tills to get out and put a 1 way barrier up to enter the shop. oh and get a decent security person stood at the door instead of the 1 they dont have now.

Reply Posted by honest hard-working mum on Sunday September 8 2013 at 20:49
Bugs me when I keep reading comments like "all they get is a slap on the wrist". Yes some people may not get hefty sentences for whatever reason but the courts are losing patience with prolific offenders and are starting to hand out some lengthier sentences. But then people will start saying that the prisons are too comfy etc. Don't know what the answer is to this problem but prison doesn't seem to be working. These thieves don't care about the consequences of their actions and they won't change their behaviour until they do.

Reply Posted by me too on Sunday September 8 2013 at 21:06
They need to work. Jobs. They,all have money,self respect and less time and need to steal.
They need to see a future for themselves,and all of this comes with earning their own money.

Reply Posted by swampy on Wednesday September 11 2013 at 16:33
gerrem art pickin dog shit up wi the bare hands tharrel stop em!

Reply Posted by Amy on Sunday September 8 2013 at 22:47
No matter how cheap a place is you will always have shoplifters. If they all got off their backsides and looked for a job and started earning money instead of being on Benefits then maybe they wouldn't feel the need to steal. However no matter how many times someone steals they never get more than a slap on the wrists.

Reply Posted by rachel on Sunday September 8 2013 at 23:08
to all you that say its just those ppl on benifits who steal what about fraudsters etc making millions from other ppl conning people out of thousands disbaled people are on benifits do there steal ??? the biggest theifs in the world is the goverment simple !!! i dont condune shop lifting and there need get tougher on them maybe stop them doing it them

Reply Posted by Bub on Sunday September 8 2013 at 23:54
Obstacles can be converted into stepping stones on which one may climb toward some worthy goal, unless they are accepted as obstacles, and used as alibis.

Reply Posted by PETENOWITSGONE on Monday September 9 2013 at 11:53
Im on mi way to ASDA post your requests if you need anything getting PETE.

Reply Posted by Bub on Monday September 9 2013 at 18:54
Tom you have a choice. Seems you chosen to use it as an alibi.

Reply Posted by ?? on Monday September 9 2013 at 22:16
What a load of rubbish!! Asda is owned by Wal-Mart, one of the largest companies in the world. Owned by one of the richest families in the world - look it up. They have been squeezing suppliers, customers, other businesses for years. Closing down independent companies and making profit off others misery, including their own employees. Do they seriously expect sympathy?? I don't agree with stealing, but they get away with it day after day. Nice to see the OTT reaction when it happens to them.

Reply Posted by Kevin D on Wednesday September 11 2013 at 15:53
What irresponsible comments.

ASDA are continually the cheapest food retailer and I am pleased that they are making every effort to keep prices competitive for their shoppers. Without ASDA grocery shopping would be more expensive for all of us. Well done ASDA

Reply Posted by big t on Monday September 9 2013 at 22:42
my wife works in a suppermarket and have people in all time stealing all the time and its the same were she works peopl just walk in with shopping bags and put what ever they want in them and walk out of shop as if ok to do that but wen they phone for police it takes them a week to come to shop to see the cctv and then a month to come back in to store to say were sorry but we dont know who they are but will keep our eyes open for you wat a joke. !!!

Reply Posted by sheila on Wednesday September 11 2013 at 15:39
they need to get new staff what know what they are doing and what stay at the self service tills becouse there never anybody there when i go in so it's no wonder some please take stuff the security guard looks to scared to do anything always kids outside the shop at the doors people cannot get passed .

Reply Posted by Rebecca on Wednesday September 11 2013 at 15:40
If they take out self service and have to employ more staff then prices of shopping will increase. Those super markets are supposed to be a cheap alternative to a corner shop not to save people bus fare to big asda. So much easier to have self service. How many of you would queue 20 mins at a till without complaining to be served by a person instead of automated machine! Get a grip lot of you!

Reply Posted by RICH on Wednesday September 11 2013 at 15:42

Reply Posted by Becki on Wednesday September 11 2013 at 15:44
Cant believe half of you are condoning thieves! It'd be a totally different story if they pinched something belonging to you! If you can't afford to feed a habit then don't do it in first place, there's a million an one places to go to get clean so it's no excuse. Folk on ere are quick to judge folk but them buyin off shoplifters are no better than drug dealers! As for self scan they was put into supermarkets because CUSTOMERS was complaining over havin to stand in ques full of trolleys wen they only had a basket!

Reply Posted by swampy on Wednesday September 11 2013 at 17:22
gerrall these thieving scratters art pickin dog shit up wi the bare hands tharrel stop em.
Av nivver worked a day in mi life and av just ed ta mooive to a two bedder cos a cant affoard bedrooim tax n am skint as f*ck but ad still nivver goer art thieving, a mite nivver ev ed a job but av still got mi pride.
A wa that skint last week a ed some gravy n three slices a bred, some a yor young ens dunt kno what poverty is.
Av goor flat tyre on mi motability scooiter n are young en sed id fix it av no doubt hel be set there wi hand art burra keep tellin im a ent na chuffin money.
Mi grandson r carl el fix it tho hes a good lad r carl.

Reply Posted by Lesley on Wednesday September 11 2013 at 18:34
It's not just people on benefits that steal, i worked in a shop and even the well off will steal if they can get away with it.

Reply Posted by T on Friday September 20 2013 at 14:27
Its Grimethorpe. That's all that needs to be said.

Reply Posted by prodigal on Saturday October 26 2013 at 18:16
There used to be two prolific druggy shoplifters in Grimey, Nowadays one of them walks around looking like a scrubber, wouldn't pinch a penny sweet if they were starving and still gets followed around that shop,,,, the other dresses well, drives, is well thought of in the community, works part time, thieves in every shop they go in, and has a house full of burgled stuff.

Reply Posted by hhh on Saturday October 26 2013 at 18:24
prodigal,,why do you do the decent thing,anonomous,,it is our local people who will suffer when it closes,,no where else to shop.unless you pay top dollar.

Reply Posted by karen on Friday November 1 2013 at 20:19
something definatley needs to be done, its the scum that thieve nothing to do with not affording it,if you can afford to booze ,smoke , drug it every bloody day, and put rags on your kids and feed them chips , and be living off benifits and not having to pay a bloody bill except gas electric, then pay for your food, with yous stealing you are having the cost to recuperate put on the items, and we decent hard working citizens pay the price, then you have to think of the overheads, stop with the rubbish their a large company , so what they worked damn hard to allow us to have asda corporations, you always find a reason for your lifestyle at the end of the day you get more then most people do working, they should give you thieving scum national minimum wage weekly, and out of that you pay for everything, like we do , the money you get is not meant for big luxuries , its meant for yous to live , cant afford it save up for it instead of going to the boozer , then you can stop the shoplifting, what asdaneeds to do is name and shame, and have more security guards that its always manned get rid of the self service check outs and put another counter in

Reply Posted by mr khan here on Friday November 1 2013 at 20:25
KAREN@ some points bloody good,Some points bloody bad,Alot of working class people also steal,i not saying not working don,t bloody steal,But please everybody we all know.ASDA sould set more staff on,also bloody good security is vital,mr khan serving Barnsley over 40yrs,

Reply Posted by Doris on Friday February 21 2014 at 14:49
Big up the shop lifting!! They fleck in rob us, shops councils,government, we just get there before um!! Why pay wen u can have it for sod all!!

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