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Devastated Family Unhappy With Hospital

Thursday August 29 2013

Barnsley Hospital Barnsley Hospital

A DEVASTATED family are writing to the Nursing and Midwifery Council after a staff nurse on duty at the time of their father's death was allowed to carry on working.

Julie Norton failed to ensure 74-year-old Roland Coxan received around-the-clock care, and then omitted details during an investigation into his death.

The Nursing and Midwifery Council panel ruled Norton's omissions amounted to misconduct, but that her fitness to practise was not impaired.

But Mr Coxan's daughters Angie Bailey, 50, and Julie Clay, 54, are unhappy with the decision.

Angie, of Cawthorne, said: "We don't like the idea of her working on a ward. We're unhappy that her only punishment was a two-day suspension for being involved in our father's death.

"It's been dreadful for our mum. She was going to come to this last hearing but she wouldn't have been able to cope with it."

They claim there may be discrepancies between evidence given at the inquest and that given at the Nursing and Midwifery Council hearing.

Mr Coxan, of Cope Street, Worsbrough, was admitted to Barnsley Hospital on March 30, 2008, with a number of health problems and had a couple of falls in hospital.

He was assigned a 'special' - an auxiliary nurse to supervise him on a one-to-one basis.

Mr Coxan fell from his bed on the night of April 24 after auxiliary nurse David Ingram was told by nurse Patricia Fawcett to get on with other duties on the ward.

He died two days later from pneumonia and the effects of a broken hip.

A spokesperson for Barnsley Hospital said: "We're investigating this matter and will be discussing it directly with Angie Bailey and Julie Clay."

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Reply Posted by Andrew Walker on Saturday August 31 2013 at 10:57
This is unbelievable. Ward 27 needs to have a thorough review of its staff, it's not acceptable.

Reply Posted by paulc on Saturday August 31 2013 at 11:51
You know you should not make a fuss! Do you honestly believe that the hospital management give a toss about the death of your father!

Reply Posted by Dinky on Monday September 2 2013 at 22:06
Paul how would you like it if someone made disgusting insenstive comments about a family member of yours dying that you were really close to? I bet you'd be first one in line to complain then. You are insenstive and heartless.

Reply Posted by BarnsleyMW on Saturday August 31 2013 at 14:11
Paul I'm disgusted with your comments!!

Reply Posted by Swifty on Monday September 2 2013 at 21:48
Paulc those are the most insensitive comments I have ever read on a WAB topic.
Shame on you.

Reply Posted by proud mummy on Monday September 2 2013 at 22:42
I honestly cannot believe some people. I sympathise whole heartedly with the family concerned and really feel their anguish. Paul, get a grip man, The hospital have a fantastic PALS service and they are situated right at the main entrance so everyone knows they are there. I don't know if this gentleman died on ward 27 but it is out of order to mention this ward it isolation when incidents happen hospital wide

For the people that enjoy dragging nurses through mud they need to see the bigger picture and consider the additional pressures that the poor nurse was probably facing on the day. I am sure that her intent was not to cause neglect or harm, she made a drastically wrong decision and will remember the consequences of that for the rest of her life. I would love to see anyone that has something to say walk a day in the shoes of a nurse sometimes.

Barnsley hospital is the only hospital that doesn't close it's doors when the going gets tough as other hospitals have done in the South Yorkshire area. So for all the moaning that people do about the clinical staff, while you're sitting there moaning they have done a 12 hour long day and are frequently there easily an hour and much more after their shift still with that patient that 'went off' just to ensure that they are stabilised properly, or washing the patient that has been incontinent just as they are about to leave because they can't see them left in their own mess, or even DOCUMENTING all the care they have given, to protect themselves and their patients from the ever increasing litigation that they face in todays 'Sue me' culture. And they just take that as part of the job, un paid and no time back. Because they are nurses.

I pass on my sympathy to the family. But trying to get her struck off will not alter the outcome of this terrible situation. If anything this will be a massive learning curve to the individual and more importantly to the organisation. With regard to staffing resources. If you have an opinion email the hospital and tell them. The more emails they get the louder your voices will be heard, instead of just slating the service that you think you're not getting

Reply Posted by xfriend on Monday September 2 2013 at 22:44
I know the nurse in question n all I will say is good luck to the family of the dead man,doesnt surprise me what she did.!!!

Reply Posted by sid on Monday September 2 2013 at 23:20
That's a horrible post. Both party's family's may read that!!!!
If you are an xfriend,you must have liked the nurse at some point. I wouldn't,t want you as a friend nasty sod

Reply Posted by Andrew on Tuesday September 3 2013 at 01:04
Feelings go out to the family

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