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Dad-Of-Two Ordered To Pay 'Bedroom Tax'

Wednesday August 28 2013

Unemployed dad-of-two ordered to pay bedroom tax Unemployed dad-of-two ordered to pay bedroom tax

AN unemployed single father has been ordered to pay rent arrears caused by the 'bedroom tax' - even though his 15-year-old daughter occupies the room up to four nights a week.

Dad-of-two James Fawcett lives in a three-bedroom house on South Drive in Dodworth.

His 11-year-old son, Joshua, lives with him permanently and his 15-year-old daughter, Nicole, splits her time evenly between his house and her mother's.

James appeared at Barnsley Law Courts on Tuesday after failing to pay £405 in rent arrears.

The arrears is caused by a shortfall after the bedroom tax - a payment for a spare room - is deducted from a tenant's housing benefit. The tenant then has to make up the shortfall, but many have failed to do so.

"My daughter sleeps here three nights one week and four nights the next week," James said.

"They gave me a three-bedroom house on the basis that I have two children.

"My rent is already higher than someone in a two-bedroom house, so why should I have to pay for that room twice?

"The bedroom tax is ridiculous. I know they have got to get the money in somehow but it seems like they're picking on the small man."

He said suggestions had been made which included his children sharing a bedroom, sleeping on a sofa or sleeping in his room but he said that was unacceptable.

He added: "I fought for custody for a year-and-a-half and my daughter chose to split her time 50/50. Not seeing her is not an option."

James has been unemployed since losing his bricklaying business two years ago. He then suffered a bout of depression.

"I'm always looking for other jobs, but there aren't any about. There are bricklaying jobs I could do, but it means I'd have to work away and I'm a single dad. I just can't do it."

James claims £60 Jobseeker's Allowance per week and has been ordered to pay £15 a week to cover the shortfall in rent, £4 of which contributes towards his arrears.

James asked for the payments to be taken directly from his Jobseeker's Allowance.

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Reply Posted by Kieran on Wednesday August 28 2013 at 11:08
Thats ridiculous

Reply Posted by mel on Wednesday August 28 2013 at 11:40
the british people are being crippled by this goverment cam moron theres foreigners in this country ie muslims ect not paying this bedroom tax due to saying its a prayer room ,what a load of bull ,

Reply Posted by mae brussel on Wednesday August 28 2013 at 11:54
Although i sympathise with the circumstance i cant help but think that there are slight deceptions afoot which are been played out here.
The letter says he gets 60 per week which would say that neither child is with him.
Otherwise he would get more money.
Therefore what would be wrong in sleeping on a settee.if my children were young and i was in the same circumstance i would live in a tent or a caravan on a site first .
Today people have to make up there minds how they want to play this out.
Tomorrow you are owing a fortune that you cannot escape or look after yourself and not rely on other peoples help. once upon a time in the not so distant past everybody lived like that
renting a bedroom out to someone else or taking in someone elses kids.
How do people go on when they go to a caravan for there holiday and live in a space 26' x 10'. and you enjoy the family
bond and share the smells. but you pay
£200 + per week for that. we as a family spent 6months of winter doing just that
part working. with many nights. of 80mph winds 30' from lashing seas on an island and loved every bit of it
theres an old saying.
Its not the size that matters its how you use it. and that goes for many things

Reply Posted by Alex on Wednesday August 28 2013 at 22:34
Mae, can I inform you that this is exactly how I would have stood if I didn't have a job. I have mentioned this on earlier posts regarding "bedroom tax".

The "courts" will not give overnight access to kids if there isn't a room for them to sleep in. The access he would have would be for her to see him during the day, and that is not always possible.

This sleeping on the floor or couch business is crap! Kids need somewhere better than that!

Reply Posted by m on Wednesday August 28 2013 at 23:04
Why am I not surprised to see you with your two penneth

Reply Posted by Alex on Saturday August 31 2013 at 18:00
Why there is a comment box? To make a comment you fool.

Reply Posted by Craig on Wednesday August 28 2013 at 12:15
Dont give up James Lad..

Reply Posted by aly on Wednesday August 28 2013 at 12:40
Get a job then it wont matter!! Its not a new payment the council/government has come up with, its simply the're not being financially responsible for benefit seekers. I do feel pensioners should be exempt from this. People on JSA ESA and IS who say they cant get a job should have to work for their benefits. Theres plenty or jobs around town litter picking, painting etc

Reply Posted by seconded on Wednesday August 28 2013 at 12:48
I think pensioners are exempt aly

Reply Posted by dhsfh on Wednesday August 28 2013 at 13:01

Reply Posted by Alex on Wednesday August 28 2013 at 22:40
dhsfh, Don't you need experience for these type of jobs? This bloke is a "bricklayer" and the jobs in the building trade are slim. If the Government put the money in investing in the housing market this guy would be in work!

Reply Posted by Mick on Wednesday August 28 2013 at 13:06
If there is a legal agreement splitting custody 50/50 then it's worth applying for the discretionary payments that are available to support exceptional cases but you've got to see it from the point of the taxpayer - if the reduction in housing benefit isn't applied then they are paying for the kid to be homed twice. The parents should sort out the finances between them just like they sorted out custody & share the pain of deductions. Failing that would it be so awful for the dad to use the living room as his bedroom & get a good quality sofa bed. Lots of people live in overcrowded homes, it's just part of life.

Reply Posted by Fred on Wednesday August 28 2013 at 13:43
Why should we be expected to live as our Great/Grandparents did back between the World wars? There is plenty of money in the country the only problem is that this government wants to keep it all in the hands of a very small minority. This minority are not the hard working taxpayer they claim to support nor is it the immigrants or scroungers they, and others, like to blame for our problems. 95% of the wealth of our nation is in the hands of those who fund the Conservative party and guess what they are getting richer than ever while we tighten our belts and tear ourselves apart as they laugh all the way to their island tax havens.

Reply Posted by Stevo on Wednesday August 28 2013 at 13:59
Fred, 110% Correct.

Reply Posted by Fed up on Wednesday August 28 2013 at 14:15
Get a job - pay your own rent, bills etc like I have to, I work full time and pay for a house I can afford (what my salary will alow) I would love a spare room but can't afford it, why should I pay my taxes so others can have this luxury when the just sit on their arse all day and get money for nothing?!?
Can't afford the rent top up but most can still afford their 40 a day habit, cans of beer, full sky TV, huge TV, Internent connection and so on - get your priorities right!!
Can't find a job - then do some voluntary work and contribute to the community that way until you do get a job (any job that is not a job 'you like')
No sympathy pay up or get out - end of

Reply Posted by Stevo on Wednesday August 28 2013 at 15:19
Tell me what is this "luxury" you speak of and how does one go about getting it?

I cant see how any benefit claimant could leave a life of luxury could you?

Yet another sucker spoon fed by the Tory propaganda machines like the Sun and Daily mail.

Reply Posted by Alex on Wednesday August 28 2013 at 22:41
Well done you. Lets hope you don't end up on the dole then!

Reply Posted by Dan on Thursday August 29 2013 at 01:43
walk down wellington st past chennels at 10am on a morning and you see em drinking.

Reply Posted by Mary on Wednesday August 28 2013 at 14:36
There are jobs out there, there are tons of jobs out there. I have been a stay at home whilst my kids were little. Now they are of school age I am going back to work. I applied for 4 jobs and got the fourth one. I have never claimed any benefits by the way and my husband had to pay for my prescriptions when I was ill and pay all the bills from one wage. We agreed between us how to manage the money and childcare.
The trouble with most of the whingers on here is that they live passively, claiming benefits and expecting life to be as good if not better for them than that of people who work. They refuse to get educations at school and refuse to do any form of training or education when they leave school. That means that they can only apply for the lowest paid menial jobs which they do not want. Then they say they cannot get a job because those jobs are oversubscribed by the other uneducated people.
My advice is retrain, reeducate and then look for a job ( there are loads) and get a life, instead of moaning about what is or is not going off with the richest in society or the government or what you are supposedly entitled to. When you are not.

Reply Posted by Stevo on Wednesday August 28 2013 at 15:17
Hahahahah you crack me up woman.

"They" refuse to get an education at school - Your words not mine,not everyone is academic, not everyone can grasp literally and numeracy, what about Dyslexic people, should they be denied a career and be subjected to a life on benefits?

What about Disabled people - Should they be denied benefits too ?

The low paid menial jobs are in existence because of the companies in and around our town refuse to pay a decent days wage, most are the minimum wage and are for crap companies like Asos who only exclusively employ Eastern Europeans on zero hours contracts via "hire and fire" employment agencies.

Sounds like you and your hubby have managed nicely on one wage and you have not claimed any benefits, I suppose you handed back your child benefit then?
Or did you give it to charity?

Such a sweeping statement from one that evidently has no idea how hard trying to find a job, any job in and around Barnsley actually is nor one who has had to endure the hardships of a life on Benefits.

Reply Posted by Steve on Wednesday August 28 2013 at 15:32
Sweepin statements, eh Stevo??

As you say 'Sounds like you and your hubby have managed nicely on one wage and you have not claimed any benefits, I suppose you handed back your child benefit then'

Worth remembering not EVERYONE does get Child Benefit...

Reply Posted by Jo on Friday August 30 2013 at 00:44
I'd heard that ASOS exclusively employed Eastern Europeans too. I told my son there was probably no point in applying for a job there. He ignored me and went ahead. He got a job along with 20 or so "English" lads. He signs his permanent contract today.
It's funny how people can be made to think there's no jobs. Easy done I suppose. I was taken in by the ASOS rumour. They are always wanting staff!

Reply Posted by Stevo on Friday August 30 2013 at 15:24
Congrats to your lad for getting a job at Asos.
They are always wanting staff as they have one of the highest staff turnovers in western Europe.
It is not a nice place to work for but hopefully your lad will be an exception to the rule and give it a go.

Oh and at last count the company employ 50% eastern Europeans.

Reply Posted by blueber on Wednesday August 28 2013 at 14:39
Totally agree with fred. Amazing how many seemingly intelligent working class people are conned by the fantastic tory publicity machine. Only wish the labour party enjoyed the same media coverage

Reply Posted by Dan on Thursday August 29 2013 at 01:52
Yeah its also amazing how the labour council claim to be skint through tory cuts but spent all that money on creating a museum and public showers,(water feature) next to the town hall.

Reply Posted by mae brussel on Wednesday August 28 2013 at 14:40
Fred i agree with you. why should you.
But you do. because if somone controls what you get. and what you do you have no say.
This person is getting deeper and deeper
into debt. with no escape.
What i suggest you do fred is stop filling peoples heads with negatives is go to this mans house and give him the money he owes.
go to 10 downing street along with stevo and do all the spouting you like which whont make any difference whatsoever.
Only you yourself can sort your problems out

Reply Posted by Stevo on Wednesday August 28 2013 at 15:01
Les, erm why on earth would I go to 10 downing street to spout off?

Tis you with all the negativity my pedigree chum, remember how you went off at a tangent with regard to the post about miners and mining diseases?

I don't think I need to say anymore do I?

Reply Posted by Biil on Wednesday August 28 2013 at 15:15
Who,s Les Stevo?
Dya mean Mae,? She slates the miners at every opportunity, and she,s full of negativity too.
Just asking cos I cant see a Les post.
Like to read your posts.

Reply Posted by Stevo on Wednesday August 28 2013 at 15:24
Mae is a pseudonym for the poster that was formally known as Les.

Who still talks absolute drivel by the way.

Reply Posted by Bill on Wednesday August 28 2013 at 15:30
Oh,I didnt know that.
But yes ,whoever it is Mae does talk drivel.
Around midnight the drivel gets even more drivelly...hichic

Reply Posted by Pig Sick on Wednesday August 28 2013 at 15:19
What a caring load we are, lead by the most uncaring government since the witch herself.. My brother has cancer he has a bag for is urine and is clearly incontinent.. he lives in a three bed house with his wife ..the spare bed is permanantly made up as he more often than not wet the bed through.. he has to pay £30 extra for this luxury... he has two upcoming appointments one tomorrow with the cancer specialist to examine him to check if his cancer has returned.. and another one next week to visit an independant assessor to see if he is fit for work.. what a caring lot we are to put him through tests like that... and to hit him with this wonderful bedroom tax..

Reply Posted by mae brussel on Wednesday August 28 2013 at 16:25
Thats what i like about stevo he doesnt like to here truth but cant compensate in his crap by agreeing .
He just disagrees about everything .
A moaner.

Reply Posted by bill on Wednesday August 28 2013 at 16:44
That's rich coming from you. Hahaha.
Read yer own posts.
Very funny.

Reply Posted by Stevo on Wednesday August 28 2013 at 17:04
I don't like the truth?

Hang on didn't I just say twas you that was full of negativity in a previous post?

I really am beginning to think you truly have a split personality Les / Mae / winky.

Unlike you that can not string a coherent sentence together and is the epitome of the term "keyboard warrior" , I intend to make a difference in the not too distant future and I am making a difference within the community projects that I currently run.

Tell me what difference are you making posting your incessant inane drivel whilst hiding behind your keyboard?
Phone more like.

You stick to your keyboard / phone and your split personalities Les / Mae / Winky

Reply Posted by Albert on Wednesday August 28 2013 at 17:16
'I intend to make a difference in the not too distant future and I am making a difference within the community projects that I currently run'. So says stevo.

Good. I assume that you will be clearing off. Good riddance. You will not be missed. Well, perhaps you will be missed, but only for your comedy value.

Reply Posted by Stevo on Wednesday August 28 2013 at 17:24
Alberto, the only place I intend to go is to jump on the gravy train with the rest of our councillors and MP's.
I'll keep you informed on my progress, i'd hate to think you had missed out.

If you think this is comedy then you aint seen nothing yet old bean.

Reply Posted by Winky on Wednesday August 28 2013 at 16:33
I agree.
Stevo is always bellyacheing about what the government should do.
But talks on w a b.
Bit like been at speakers corner on a sunday morning at 5 am

Reply Posted by Shannon on Wednesday August 28 2013 at 21:43
Agree Winky. Does Stevo want to be an MP or something? He cant work coz hes allas on here.

Reply Posted by Winky on Thursday August 29 2013 at 14:48
Stevo its really good that you are keeping on the ball with my a k a.
Not too sure that your sherlock homes attitude is relevent to the the story of the man with the bedroom tax problem though.
If you are going to make a difference in the world of barnsley you are pissing in the wind.
There are tens of thousands of people
just like you who say they are goig to do this and that and its just wind.
I on the other hand am not interested in changing things.because i learned from people like you who talk shite,that you dont do anything . Why do you think the world is like it is.
Why do you think you cant find anything better to do than contradict every post i make comment on.
Why should it make any difference what my name is to you or anyone else.
Theres only you that cares.
If you really want to know who i am.
Get your sherlock homes hat out and pipe and i will give you clues.
My father was co founder of wombwell & district sporting association and did this as a non profit making venture with one other male . when people helped people get on without money grabbing. later with helpfrom a famous barnsley woman
and the name changed to this womans.
My favourite people of all time besides my. family are mae brussel. edward heath and tony benn
now leave my comments to me and ill leave yours to you.
And only you gives a shit that im using a phone. cos i dont

Reply Posted by Stevo on Thursday August 29 2013 at 17:21
Mae, yes I agree , see I do agree with you from time to time, in fact I have just agreed with you on the Berneslai homes who were trying to nick the house from the cancer sufferer post.
It doesn't matter what your name is, although as you change your name more than your pants it can be quite hard to follow you.
There is no hidden agenda, there is no belittling or contradicting,if you post something that I find either amusing or ridiculous then I will respond with a reply, but again we have had this conversation many times before.
I did like the Sherlock Holmes comment, it made me chuckle.

No one favours the underdog, however since the dawn of time the underdog has occasionally triumphed, david and goliath being prime example.

If you are quite happy sitting behind your keyboard or posting on your phone then good for you, I intend to at least try and make a difference to life as we know it in Barnsley.
Many people sit behind their keyboards and moan, actions speak louder than words.

Reply Posted by Sid on Thursday August 29 2013 at 15:16
Crikey Winky, I hope the Mae Brussel youve mentioned isn,t the one that posts here, I pray you mean the real one.
The Mae that posts on here is a rude arrogant know nowt.
Feel abit sorry for you if Heath and Benn are your favourite people. They didnt do much for mankind. There are no politicians that are worthy to be on my favourites list. WeeWeeWee pigs in the trough I,m afraid.

Reply Posted by sid on Thursday August 29 2013 at 19:33
Haha, as I said,rude and arrogant,.
Well played Mae

Reply Posted by mae brussel on Friday August 30 2013 at 00:26
mae brussel does not call people wankers only those who cant think of anything better than stealing someones name because there useless pieces of shite.
People who do steal names are so bored with there pathetic little lives

Reply Posted by sid on Friday August 30 2013 at 08:43
Done it again Mae, rude and arrogant.

Reply Posted by Winky on Friday August 30 2013 at 00:50
Edward heath gave every working. man and woman a 1% pay rise everytime the cost of living went up by 1% it was nice to keep getting a pay rise every couple of months the other thing he did was turn all the friggin lights off after a certain time during the fuel crisis it was good to see the sky after all what better way to cut down on polution than to take away street lights. at least it would make drivers more aware and pedestrians would only see car lights coming at them.
And tony benn well we all know what would have happened if the good man himself had got in. we wouldnt be the most burgled country in the E U. so think about. it ted heath . no lights no burglerys cos we could have kicked the shit out of them and no witnesses to keep the solicitors in royalties. we would have been on 15:00 an hour so we wouldnt have had the brain drain in the 70s and we wouldnt have need for other people to take the jobs and thered be no unemployment like there is now. + there wouldnt have been a thachers 5% pollution tax or the now bedroom tax.
Birthday presents all round

Reply Posted by sid on Friday August 30 2013 at 08:49
So Winky, that makes them two your favourite people.
What a strange kinda fella you are,but it takes all sorts.
You,ve obviously thought it through,no mention of peacekeepers/health workers/education workers/charity workers.
Still, if they float your boat who am I to argue.

Reply Posted by Winky on Saturday August 31 2013 at 01:11
Sid are you taking the piss
You pick the worst 4 types of people.
Have you seen the state of of the health service. charity. how many times do you see cancer research selling drugs to the highest bidder and the nhs cant afford to buy them. so such as you dont get.. schools im not even going down that rd.
and peacekeepers.
The police are suppose to be peacekeepers.
There not.
The united nations are suppose to be peacekeepers no there not.
Have you seen the state of the world outside barnsley .

Reply Posted by swampy on Saturday August 31 2013 at 03:23
a once went arta Barnsley, a went to coast in 1979 an it rained so a kem back t't tarn.

Reply Posted by sid on Saturday August 31 2013 at 18:34
Like I said,you're a strange kinda fella. They can only work with the moneys they are allotted. Yes its not perfect,but if you or yours need any of those I mentioned, illness, robbery,car accidents,the list is endless, the well educated appropriate people will be there to help. You might need doctors help now,as you sound a bit depressed to me. I would rather put any of the workers on my favourites list than most,if not all politicians. God, you make me despair. Who,s next on your list? Flipping Elton John? Itvwoukdnt surprise me.

Reply Posted by mae brussel on Saturday August 31 2013 at 23:42
Sid please dont despair for me i am certainly not troubled with depression
because i dont take pills. i dont drink . i have a great job .
I dont like elton john all my kids work or have there own business i dont worry about money. because i havnt got enough to worry about i dont owe anything to anybody because i dont buy anything i dont need..so instead of critisising me as a person and despairing
I just give an opinion and. thats my opinion and if you knew me as me you would have a completely different opinion so dont judge me until you do.

Reply Posted by sid on Saturday August 31 2013 at 23:49
Oooer. Winky and Mae. You are the same person. 2 onto 1!!! That's bullying hahaha. I said earlier you was a strange kinda fella. Do you argue with yourself in the mirror? Weird.

Reply Posted by Mustapha phag on Sunday September 1 2013 at 00:47
You certainlly catch on slowly stevos been telling you forever about mae and winky.
I think stevos gone to bed early unless hes on one of the. charity cases or some drug bust

Reply Posted by stevo on Sunday September 1 2013 at 10:45
Drug bust?

What on earth are you on about?

Reply Posted by sid on Sunday September 1 2013 at 11:17
Mustava, don't read blumin everything on here. I'm a busy guy,but I do enjoy it,and yes I have picked some info up along the way which has opened my eyes. That can only be a good thing.

Reply Posted by mae brussel on Sunday September 1 2013 at 01:18
Sid and stevo.
I think sometimes you mae translate some of my so called by you slating miners in a wrong way i argue about certain principles in topics that i dont agree with. topics that even miners dont agree with. my dad was almost killed in a mining accident near doncaster in 1953or 54 he was one of only a few that survived. and i met one of the others who was lucky that day another one of our family (historical) was killed at tankersley pit disaster most of my relatives were on strike in the 80s thatcher war .i think that you have mis interpreted my notes from debates about things that really were going on at the time. and not figments of imagination. and. the notes i wrote were factual and there were genuine people
and there were fakers and that is a fact and there was a lot of people who made money out of it fact and there were people in deep shit. but its no good pretending that everyone was flying the flag or the star or the banner.
Thatcher created a big split between the miners. but so did the miners. and so did its leaders

Reply Posted by sid on Sunday September 1 2013 at 11:25
That's true Mea, and your posts make it appear that during the split you fell on the side of Thatcher.
With all my own family history around mining ,I shan't ever sell them down the river within my posts
Sometimes I think you just go off on one and then think about it later.
Miners were not all the same,they are people so do different things to cope with any situation. Some things folk never agree on,but you do tend to start effin an jeffin if folk don't agree with you.

Reply Posted by mae brussel on Monday September 2 2013 at 00:21
I was reffering to the topics on here.
Not a character reference

Reply Posted by mae brussel on Monday September 2 2013 at 00:37
You must tell me which comment i made giving any inclusion that i was siding with thatcher.
If there was a time that you may have miconstrude a meaning was that she knew what she was doing , and her intentions to ruin certain things, then these were absolute facts of that time.
She was a problematic woman and so was her family.
The thing most people in the street dont seem to understand is that everythig that happens in this country is 10 years in the making governments dont. just say one day well have a pitch battle with the miners next week .or well bomb iraq tomorrow or well bump diana off tomorrow. these things are planned years in advance.
But i would never say i was on the side of any government because they all piss in the same pot whoever is in

Reply Posted by sid on Monday September 2 2013 at 19:32
I'm a bit bored by it all now Maenky. But the last sentance (bar the swearing) has made me warm a bit to you.
I also appreciate you put a lot of thought into your posts. We,all probably disagree on lots of stuff,and we may agree on some of it. Its all banter,and we can't change a thing. I am,I'm afraid losing interest in things I can never have any influence over.
Now I've learned how crooked politics etc is I'm over it.

ipso Regulated