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Barnsley Celebrates GCSE Improvement

Thursday August 22 2013

Positive GCSE results for town Positive GCSE results for town

BARNSLEY'S overall GCSE standards have risen, continuing a five-year trend of improvement. Here's a list of the area's schools and how they've performed.


Many students surpassed expectations. Stand out results for James Higginbottom, Lauren Hayes and Cameron Hudson, who each achieved at least seven A* and A grades.


Best GCSE results recorded. A 5 per cent rise in A*-C grades in English and mathematics.

Significant improvement in languages, sciences and English literature.


Improvement in the proportion of 3 A*-A grades and a rise from 5 per cent to 15 per cent in EBac qualifications.


Significant rise in standards during the school's first year. Results are above national average for 5 A-C grades including English and mathematics.

Holy Trinity

Above average proportion of pupils attaining 3 A*-C grades and above average capped APS - 19.3 per cent of pupils gained EBac qualifications.

Carlton Community College

Best results since school opened.

Shafton ALC

Exceeded floor standards and had a 7 per cent improvement in mathematics since last year.

Kirk Balk 

Improvements in proportion attaining English and mathematics. EBac outcomes have risen from 8.4 per cent to 19 per cent.

Barnsley Academy

Good outcomes in science, business and ICT compared with previous years.

The Dearne

Pupils gaining EBac has risen from 0.9 per cent to 7.9 per cent.

More information

The proportion of pupils attaining five or more A*-C grades has increased, with over 50 per cent of pupils meeting or exceeding this national expectation for the first time.

Standards in English and mathematics have improved most noticeably, with a 12 per cent increase in mathematics over the past five years.

Last year's dip in English has also been reversed, with a 3 per cent improvement.

Other achievements include an increased number of pupils attaining the highest grades of A* or A and a rise in children reaching the EBac standard.

Cllr Margaret Bruff said: "I'm impressed with the overall improvements, for English and mathematics in particular.

"I would like to congratulate all those young people and their teachers who can feel proud of their commitment in delivering these results. I wish the pupils every success for the future."

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Reply Posted by Tracey on Thursday August 22 2013 at 14:27
Well Done everyone who got there results today x

Reply Posted by ET on Thursday August 22 2013 at 16:35
Congratulations to all concerned, lets hope that brilliant jobs come available to all these hardworking students, and they don't join the long queue of jobseekers preceding them.

Reply Posted by John on Thursday August 22 2013 at 19:19
Well done to every student who received their GCSE results today. A big Well Done to Horizon CC students with 63% of year 11 students receiving 5 A* to C inc Maths and English. A big well done to the teaching staff including management, teachers and support workers. I can see more parents wanting their kids to be taught at Horizon, I predict this school to be one of the best in Yorkshire within 18 months. The results speak for themselves. For all the negative comments that have been said about the schools in Barnsley, if your child is willing to learn and be taught and is willing to put some effort in, then the schools will do their best to educate them.

Reply Posted by Proud parent on Thursday August 22 2013 at 22:39
My daughter went to Horizon CC and has done extremely well. She has 15 passes A-C. Well done to all Horizon year 11 students on your results, you did us proud.

Reply Posted by donna on Friday August 23 2013 at 19:09
my son went to kirk balk well done to all by the way , an very big well dun to my son on yr grades xxxxxxxx

Reply Posted by tina on Sunday August 25 2013 at 21:35
wow well done horizon cc my child is in year 10 so hope next years pupils do as well as this years lovely to hear positive comments on here for a change. hats off to all involved with the school keep up the good work

Reply Posted by fay on Monday August 26 2013 at 10:49
Excellent to see all have done well Well done to all the kids :-) xx But have to say a good write up for all schools Well that is apart from CCC hahahahah all rest of school have a percentage and ccc Best results since school opened. lol But have to say my son went to this school and year 11 s have had it hard at that school i dont know how they managed to do as well as they did cause they had a crap yr

Reply Posted by Gusto on Tuesday August 27 2013 at 12:47
My son got 12 A-Cs, BBB at A level and has just got a 2:1 degree but there's still no jobs in Barnsley area!!