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Travellers Leave Unlawful Encampment

Tuesday August 13 2013

A GROUP of travellers have left their unlawful encampment - leaving a large amount of waste behind.

The settlement of more than 20 caravans in Darfield, some of which continued to arrive throughout the week after an initial wave last Thursday, was seen travelling at speed out of Darfield at about 9pm on Wednesday.

The council was in the process of evicting the group, believed to be Irish travellers, from the Longbow fields at the time they fled, though had only got as far as conducting welfare checks, before applying for an eviction order through court.

The order would have given the travellers seven days to leave the site.

A large amount of refuse was left on the site, which Cllr Pauline Markham said councillors were working on getting moved as soon as possible.

She said: "They've left a real mess, it's really bad, so we're currently talking to whoever we can about getting it moved because the junior football team will be using the pitches any time so we need to do it fast."

Although there have been complaints about the travellers' behaviour, Darfield JFC chairman John Dale said he found them reasonable and amenable.

He said: "When they arrived, they were camped on one of the football pitches and we asked if they would move to the other end of the field, which they did.

"I was mowing the grass on Saturday when a couple more caravans showed up on the pitch. I was about to ask them if they'd move when one of the travellers who had arrived earlier did it for me.

"They seemed to be using the bottom end as a toilet area and driving vans over the pitches, which isn't so good, but they've been no problem to me."

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Reply Posted by Strider on Tuesday August 13 2013 at 09:45
I have a small camper van and find myself banned from most car parks in England because of the actions of these travellers. When are councils going to man up and deal with them effectively rather than treating them as a vulnerable minority? In other countries campers are welcome because the authorities deal with travellers immediately rather than when they can be bothered to get round to it.

Reply Posted by kate on Tuesday August 13 2013 at 09:46
Shame the council still haven't moved the rubbish yet. Also the humam waste in the bushes has got to be a health hazard especially with the football club using the field. Its about time the council got there fingers out of their pockets and helped them. Why hasn't the field getting cut anymore? Its still council land. Ive seen parents from the football club trying to cut the field this week. Surely getting kids to exercise and keeping them off the streets is more inportant. I feel for this club has the local councillors are rubbish.

Reply Posted by Josh on Tuesday August 13 2013 at 09:48
They parked right on the football pitch section of the field too. wouldn't expect anything less to be quite honest.

Reply Posted by k on Tuesday August 13 2013 at 09:50
I totally agree with you strider, other authoritys can shift the travellers on within 3 days. Ours takes 8! On sky news they were taking about new procedures for moving them within 24 hours. Bet barnsley council dont do it.

Reply Posted by k on Tuesday August 13 2013 at 09:52
You want to see the damage to some of the pitches from them racing and doughnutting on them. Council wont help cutting it as its not there responsibility even though it still belongs to the council! Any volunteers to help cut it would be appreciated. Lets get the football team a field back and show the council how its done

Reply Posted by Jon D on Tuesday August 13 2013 at 10:30
It may be time to use our vote and kick the leaders of this borough into touch. Barnsley has been plagued with travelers invading public spaces and the Dearne Valley Parkway now for two years or more. Maybe it should be the people who should persuade these travelers to leave Barnsley. OH NO... you can not take the law into your own hands. If the law does not work for the tax payers that fund it then there may be no choice but to do just that !!!

Reply Posted by let's sort this rather than blame and grumble? on Tuesday August 13 2013 at 12:06
After calling the council and speaking to a housing employee who whas very helpful it seems the authorities that move travelers have temporary stopping places where the gypsies have to pay to stop at. If we had one of those the police could move the travellers and they would be contractually bound to pay rent there and clear their rubbish. I know nobody wants things doing for them but in the end this will enable them to be moved straight away because otherwise it will just be moving from one park to another over and over again - poo on the floor

Reply Posted by sharon on Tuesday August 13 2013 at 12:12
what we need is someone nice and responsible to buy the field off the council and still let darfied teams use it that way local kids don't suffer and have to stop doing something love and that helps keep em off the streets

Reply Posted by king louis on Tuesday August 13 2013 at 13:16
heavy plant and very large stone boulders should be used to trap all of their vehicles in until they wish to leave. Without using their precious vans they cannot operate their "business" and within two days they would ask to go

Reply Posted by jayne on Tuesday August 13 2013 at 17:42
They moved into wath n over took our training rugby pitch, i know the season has not started yet but surely thats the last thing we want, i heard some have moved onto the school field up the rd in wath never right

Reply Posted by observer on Tuesday August 13 2013 at 22:35
well/didn't see that coming. did we?..lol

Reply Posted by martin homer on Wednesday August 14 2013 at 07:57
I run the under 12 at darfield and my pitch has been myself for the last 12 months because the council refuse to do anything for us I am up there at least once a week with a petrol mower keeping it down my pitch has doughnut marks from vans and tyre prints all over it which I now have to try and seed and hope its good enough to use for the start of season in September if the council don't want to maintain something that belongs to them please hand over the deeds and we can get funding to turn it into a proper community space problem solved

Reply Posted by need action now not words on Wednesday August 14 2013 at 17:03
These travellers should be immediately blocked in and allowed to leave only on condition that the camp is clear.no benefits agency visitors and no free health care. Make this parasitic community subject to the laws of this land they must pay now. Enough is enough.

Reply Posted by Mark on Wednesday August 14 2013 at 17:18
.........and that they have also paid the rental fee for the site.

Reply Posted by flapper on Friday August 16 2013 at 18:45

Reply Posted by Swampy on Sunday August 18 2013 at 12:37
Get rid of em like Hitler did, gas mark 5 all the lot.

Reply Posted by Al on Sunday August 18 2013 at 15:51

Reply Posted by Joanne on Monday August 19 2013 at 09:46
That is an horrendous comment. You should think about what you are saying.

Reply Posted by lol on Monday August 19 2013 at 11:58
Whats that converted to electricity

Reply Posted by big prick on Tuesday August 20 2013 at 19:17

Reply Posted by tom on Sunday August 18 2013 at 23:09
why are all these parks left wide open for them to just drive into. in ireland they use boulders and gates or barriers so there is no entry and every time they camp for a few days everyone gives out about the rubbish, council get off your arse at the first sight of them and before u apply to gave them moved deliver a bloody bin so they can put the rubbish somewhere, honestly how did these twats in council get jobs. untrained monkeys would have more brains lol

Reply Posted by joseph on Sunday August 18 2013 at 23:21
The important word here is IRISH there is the settled traveler comunity just in darfield that's been there more than alot of people on here have been alive.....so not to tar everyone with the same brush.

Reply Posted by Juliet on Sunday August 18 2013 at 23:26
Who the hell is BIG AL?sounds ok to me:)wish he left a contact

Reply Posted by karen on Monday August 19 2013 at 14:59
The field does not belong to the council - it belonged to the school and is therefore the property of the GOVERNMENT - the council cannot spend hundreds of pounds each year cutting it due to GOVERNMENT cuts. The football club have been offered a lease for it, it is their responsibility to cut it and nothing to do with the council.

Reply Posted by cathrine on Monday August 19 2013 at 22:37
where did you hear the football club had got a lease for the field from?

Reply Posted by cathrine on Monday August 19 2013 at 22:36
@ Karen the field actually belongs to the council and not the school, when the school shut the council were made to take it back on, the field is safe for 5 years , the council will not cut it as its not there responsibility and its too much expense for them to cut it! Has for the football club has been offered a lease is a load of tripe!! the football club have to cut the field else the children would have no where to play. This isn't just used by them children play on this field, dog walkers, runners, horses, can you see any of them cutting it, the football club are trying by any means necessary to keep the field cut but by doing this the children suffer as the money is now spent on the cutting of the field and not them. If it was down to the council the field would be unusable by now.

Reply Posted by J on Tuesday August 20 2013 at 12:09
My dad spoke to the mp for the Darfield area and apparently the council do not own the field. They have been trying to track down who actually owns it but they don't actually know! The foulstone used to pay for the maintenance of the field because they used it for PE lessons etc, but they didn't own it either. No-one knows who the owner of the land is!

Reply Posted by flapper on Wednesday August 21 2013 at 09:29