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Businessman Fears Accident On A61

Monday August 12 2013

Tony Buckley Tony Buckley

A BUSINESSMAN fears someone could be killed because of the long-running roadworks on the A61.

Tony Buckley, owner of First Call Building and Garden Supplies on Peel Place, off Old Mill Lane, said traffic chaos created by the bus corridor near Wickes was dangerous and could lead to an accident.

Tony, 46, said: "I know it's got to be done and I don't want to stand in the way of progress, but someone is going to get killed.

"Our staff and customers are having problems getting in and out of Peel Place. One driver from a supplier has refused to come back because he said it was dangerous."

Tony said traffic leaving Peel Place to head up Burton Road had to cross two lanes - and then filter into a third lane.

"There are give way signs and cars stop but people behind don't know why and are slamming the brakes on and hitting the horn. A couple of times we've nearly been smashed into by people who don't know what we're trying to do. They're coming through like Lewis Hamilton."

Tony also said he's lost business because of the roadworks, and said his takings were down £1,800 over the last month, compared to the same four weeks last year.

He said customers drive past because they can't see how to get into Peel Place and others would visit to look around, but didn't return because of the roadworks.

He added: "I think all the businesses down here should be offered compensation. No one has been out to see how it's affecting us. We all got leaflets about two weeks ago but no one said how bad it was going to be.

"It's bad at the best of times, but rush hour times are the worst."

A spokesman for the council said new traffic islands were being constructed and the carriage way along Old Mill Lane was being resurfaced.

He added: "As will be appreciated, working in a confined area and maintaining acceptable traffic flow is difficult and involves changing traffic management layouts as areas of road are completed.

"Discussions have previously been held with First Call Building and Garden Supplies and some of their requests and concerns have been accommodated in the present layout.

"Access into Peel Place has been maintained at all times, and signs have been put in place informing the public that Peel Place is open.

"We're not pretending the current arrangement is perfect but the approach has been to complete the roadworks as soon as possible to reduce disruption in the long term."

The spokesman said access to Peel Place had been maintained at all times and that signage and the design of driving lanes were adequate.

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Reply Posted by BarnsleyFred on Monday August 12 2013 at 11:41
The spokesperson for BMBC wants sacking then doesn't he/she. Another "bullish attitude" and I hope the voters remember this. They are denying the existance of pot holes, stray pebbles, dangerous adverse cambers and such... Cllr Miller should resign immedaitely. If he worked for my company, he would have been long since dismissed for failing in his duties!

Reply Posted by sheila on Monday August 12 2013 at 11:51
the BARNSLEY COUNCIL they make me sick all this road should have been done by now what a bloody mess it is and its getting worse not better look at the road in the middle where it splits my god i am very surprised there hasn't been an accident there before now people jumping in front of other car get the police down there or make it safe for us other drive its not asking for much grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Reply Posted by Rachel on Monday August 12 2013 at 12:01
The signs don't tell you that the left hand lane is closed until you get down near the bridge so cars wanting to go onto Wakefield Rd are still flying down not expecting it. I had to slam brakes on the other day as two cars decided to come flying down & push into the gap between me and the car in front. The week before when I went down the left hand lane I got to the signs, stopped and waited until someone let me in but not everyone is as patient as me. It was bad enough down there before the roadworks & I doubt it'll be any better when they're FINALLY!!! finished.

Reply Posted by Steph on Monday August 12 2013 at 12:04
Its a complete joke they want it finished yes good hurry up but they shunting traffic this way and that have they not realised its the school holidays get everyone infront of there to roundabout then down to asda and the same in other direction up to the roundabout then in front of school that way for a day or 2 they shut the full road and get it all done in one they can compencate the buisness for all the disruption then all happy but you see counicl dont think like that do they any way every time i drive past no matter what time of day there just stood talking not working

Reply Posted by somme on Tuesday August 13 2013 at 09:09
Phew........that's a long sentence !

Reply Posted by Nini on Monday August 12 2013 at 12:17
It's shocking and even worse now than before. They decided to put a new sign on Wakefield road with an arrow pointing to monk Breton and another arrow pointing to town, this implies it breaks off into two lanes. When you get to old junction it broke off into two lanes so you would think left lane monk bretton, right lane town....oh no left lane monk Breton and town, right lane traffic coming opposite way! Almost two head on collisions due to the confusion!! Cover the flaming sign up! Surely with the delays with all this they would have got something done at weekend! Sick to death of it

Reply Posted by Jo on Monday August 12 2013 at 13:45
I've got to agree it is awful driving this gauntlet. To be fair when I drove it Sunday it was not clear which way I needed to go. Drove down this morning and couldn't work out how to get down peel place so I have given up. Such a shame cos I have used first call before, so I either wait until they have finished the road works ( LOL) or source the stuff I need from elsewhere. The area is definitely getting worse and I will be trying to devise alternative routes altogether now. I pity the poor people who will end up in an accident cos it's just a matter of time

Reply Posted by mick d on Monday August 12 2013 at 16:19
Everyone is so impatient and selfish, go through the works SLOWLY watch where you are going, THINK where you need to be before you get there and not rush so you miss the turn and have to brake sharp, its pure common sense, but yes roadworks are a pain, but only because people forget - "roads dont cause accidents", impatient selfish inconsiderate motorists cause them

Reply Posted by jimmy cliff on Monday August 12 2013 at 17:05
Barnsley council is a joke full stop filled with dinosaurs that haven't got a clue whats going off in there own town....

Reply Posted by Nini on Monday August 12 2013 at 17:39
Sorry mick d but its not about being patient as I have been patient for 18 months! This is my first complaint. I was driving slowly on the day in question, trying to save the suspension another battering if not for any other reason. I was THINKING about where I was going, which is difficult when the route has changed 3 times in the last week! The sign says go into two lanes, there are 2 lanes! One into town and one out, but there could have been a lane out of town at the other side of orange cone city for all I knew! Roadworks are a pain but these are outright unsafe!! It's supposed to be completed by September, I reckon if they started today it would take em 3 months to clear the flaming cones away there are that many

Reply Posted by anom on Monday August 12 2013 at 21:43
u should live on Wakefield road. we have had enough as residents. not only the traffic chaos but idiots coming home on a night throwing the traffic cones and signs across the road in front of traffic and they think it is funny. not only the population, noise, traffic queues know idiots who think causing a accident is funny. the Labour party need to be ashamed of the problems this is causing from when they started to now and as tax payers we are footing the bill????

Reply Posted by Sharon on Thursday August 15 2013 at 18:31
sorry mick, but i disagree
yes there are many impatient drivers about, but these roadworks are dangerous, regardless of the fact whether your selfish or impatient........... they are not explanatory enough for a start, i am an NHS worker in the commnuity and this is a regular route for me, a couple of weeks ago it was changed 3x in 2 days, no matter if you take your time or not, anyone with common sense can see what a mess they have made, and not to blame the drivers, the only good thing to come out of it so far is the entrance and exit to wickes is alot easier, i have shopped at Asda for years and if i go now i divert through Honeywell it's that bad

Reply Posted by Mark on Thursday August 15 2013 at 19:15
I fully agree with Sharon. The lanes, both in and out of town have been changed many times in the last three weeks and sometimes they have been changed several times within the day. The directions have not been as clear as they could be and I am sure that many people will have been really confused by them.

This whole saga of these works has been shocking from the start. When people realise what will have been achieved when the work is complete they will ask whether it was all worthwhile and could the money not have been better spent.

Reply Posted by Dawn c on Thursday August 15 2013 at 20:37
Yes I agree the signs for which lane to take for where to go are appalling, that's why I ended taking the right hand lane on saturday teatime to go to town from Wakefield road luckily I noticed traffic at the bottom in the same lane as me and 2 cones were missing so I guess I wasnt the first who had to switch lanes also 2 cars at back of me had done the same. Accidents going to happen before long.

Reply Posted by x-juli-x on Sunday August 18 2013 at 10:34
I went through the death trap one night after all the lanes had been changed and it was scary..none of the temporary road signs light up and I struggled to work out where to go. As I drove down all I could see was a mass of cones as they reflect from the headlights. I ended up crawling through at 20 mph which caused beeping motorists behind me. I use the road most days as it's the route from mine to my daughter's but the amount of times the route changes is silly. I know it has to be done, I know there are impatient drivers and I know rush hour traffic can't be helped, but there are millions of roadworks around the country that seem to manage traffic much better.