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Car Theft Warning Issued By Police

Friday December 2 2011

CRAFTY thieves have been stealing car keys from houses and making off with the vehicles, according to police.

Inspector Julie Mitchell tweeted that she had noticed a small increase in attempts to steal cars by getting the keys from the house.

She added: "Audi's and Golf's appear to be the preferred choice."

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Reply Posted by Rharding42 on Friday December 2 2011 at 11:03
When I was dow in barnsley visiting my family
The theifs tried to steal my jeep they caused alot of damage
And distress to me
Police told me that alot of 4 wheel drive vehicals where targeted

Reply Posted by Scott H on Saturday December 3 2011 at 14:45
It's fortunate I hide the car keys and never ever leave them near the letter box where the can be fished through... When I'm in the house I always make sure I lock myself in so know one can let themselves in. Also I have a Toyota Auris so I think I'm safe. :-)