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Man's Appeal Quashed In Court

Thursday August 8 2013

Man's appeal quashed Man's appeal quashed

A MAN who went from buying a cannabis plant "at a car boot sale" to setting up a sophisticated drug factory in his garden has failed to have his jail term cut on appeal.

Derek John Wicks, 49, claimed he grew 34 cannabis plants and set up the factory - capable of producing almost £46,000 worth of drugs a year for his own use, because he "did not want to associate with drug dealers".

The businessman, of Westfield Crescent, Thurnscoe, was jailed for two years by Judge Peter Kelson QC at Sheffield Crown Court in March after he admitted producing a Class B drug.

Lord Justice Leveson said Wicks led police to a large, brick outbuilding when they raided his home in May of last year.

Behind a hidden passage, officers found a "hydroponic cannabis cultivation set up" with 34 plants, 13 high-intensity lights, an irrigation system, oil-filled radiators, an extractor and books on cannabis production.

As well as £4,000 found in a safe, a forensic expert said the plants could immediately yield 1.5kg of cannabis, worth £15,300.

On arrest, Wicks said he had bought growing equipment and some of the plants "from a person at a car boot sale" for £250, but only for his personal use, setting up the massive operation "because he did not want to associate with drug dealers".

He pleaded guilty on that basis, but prosecutors disputed it. Judge Kelson agreed that his explanation was "implausible" and sentenced him on the basis he grew the drug for profit.

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Reply Posted by beep beep on Thursday August 8 2013 at 14:57
Yet another idle scrounger trying to make fast buck. Good riddance.

Reply Posted by wheey on Thursday August 8 2013 at 16:51
actually he isn't an idle scrounger hes worked pretty much all his life, dolls head, see u soon wicksy

Reply Posted by Fawkes on Thursday August 8 2013 at 18:45
Druggies . The towns full of the filth !

Reply Posted by anon on Friday August 9 2013 at 10:43
2 years not long enough, they should have extended his time on appeal, parasite.

Reply Posted by gfo on Saturday August 10 2013 at 16:51
hes a businessman, leave him alone you dickheads.

Reply Posted by donna on Sunday August 11 2013 at 12:45
them whos slag him off ,, call him scrounger an a drugi ,,,, grow up yr all so perfect ???? I dunt think so he works he as his own business , an so feckin wt he smokes a bit of that ,,, at least hes not stickin sh== into his arms an knickin out of gardens an cars love much ME donna

Reply Posted by P on Sunday August 11 2013 at 14:40
He's a business man What a joke. Does he declare the income from the drugs. I suspect not.

Reply Posted by caz on Tuesday August 13 2013 at 19:13
Growing for his own use only...MY ARSE....(thats what they all say).. Bang him up for 10 years!!!!

Reply Posted by mick on Tuesday August 13 2013 at 19:36
i known john for years, never been a scrounger! EVER! He got caught growing weed, he knew the risks, he took the risk and got caught, thems the breaks. This doesnt make him a bad person, so what if he liked "a smoke", those of you pulling him to pieces would have probably liked had you ever met him, always friendly and lending a hand where he could..... youre all judging the book by the cover :(

Reply Posted by budder on Tuesday August 13 2013 at 20:05
some people ant got guts t do it its jealosy he is a very nice man