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Barnsley Man's Brain Tumour Battle

Wednesday November 30 2011

Karl Martin Rock You Karl Martin Rock You

A BARNSLEY man who has been living with brain tumours for five years is keeping a daily diary for his children to remember him by should he not recover.

Brave Karl Martin is campaigning to raise awareness for brain tumour research after being diagnosed with a malignant tumour himself in 2006 when he collapsed with an epileptic seizure.

He underwent radiotherapy but turned down surgery after being told it might give him only an extra year and leave him partly paralysed and blind.

He said: “I couldn’t see any point with so many risks attached. I decided to make the most of every day and focus some time on getting 100,000 signatures on an e-petition to Raise Awareness & Funding for those affected by Brain Tumours at http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/17419 please sign up - it takes 2 minutes of your time and could make a real difference to patients like me."

Karl, his mum Jill and dad Brian and his wife Lauren also do fundraising for brain tumour research. This morning, Karl wrote this on our Facebook wall:

"Something I wrote on 26th June 2011 laid on the landing between my childrens bedrooms listening to them sleep while on a down day thinking about my Brain Tumour and thought it was about time I shared it - all copyright rests with me as the author.

My Tumour and Me
In days gone by a Surgeon once said, “You’ve got a tumour inside your head”,
“Are you sure Mr Surgeon” was my reply, with a quivering lip and a tear in my eye,
He held in his grasp my MRI scan, he showed it to me with a shaky hand,
I sat and I looked at what I could see, a tumour was growing inside of me,
“What the hell do I do now I’m only a lad, not only that I’m also a dad”,
“I’m sorry my boy, what can I say, your life’s changed forever from this very day”,
So I set about battling this retched disease, it was on top for a while and winning with ease,
But as time progressed my confidence grew, with all my heart my courage did too,
You’ve taken my job, my car and my pride, yet my wife and my children stand strong by my side,
For almost five years we’ve battled each other, I suppose we could have even been brothers,
I thought we agreed to end this row, but you tricked me, turned cancerous, well done, take a bow,
So we stand here again all battered and bruised, I’m fighting a battle I’m destined to lose,
But you can’t take away who I am, what I’ve got, you see my old friend I’ve got the lot,
My family, my friends, my kids and my wife, they all love me dearly and they are my life,
So take your best shot now, come on feel free, because I will live on in them but you’ll die with me!

Karl Martin - 26th June 2011 (c)

* Karl and his family are shown with Ian Reddington (Coronation Street) and the cast of We Will Rock You.*

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Reply Posted by Ronandsuecuthbert on Wednesday January 11 2012 at 13:27
This brave man must be listened to by Government

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