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Swan Dies From Air Rifle Injuries

Friday July 19 2013

Swan killed by air rifle injury Swan killed by air rifle injury

A MALE swan was killed when it was shot by an air rifle in a shameful act of animal cruelty. 

In a cruel twist, they also discovered the dead swan had a female mate and three young cygnets which have been left to fend for themselves.

The suffering bird was discovered by shocked Carlton residents on the disused Wakefield to Barnsley Canal last Thursday morning.

They immediately contacted Yorkshire Swan Rescue Sanctuary to come and see to the injured animal, but when the wildlife workers arrived, they found the bird dead on its nest at the side of the canal.

One resident, who wished to remain anonymous, said: "I've been feeding the swans on the canal every day for the last three years.

"I was shocked to find the swan in such a terrible way and knew that he needed help.

"I can't believe anybody could be so deliberately cruel to these beautiful animals. It's sickening."

Dan Sidley, from the Yorkshire Swan Rescue Sanctuary, said injuries to swans caused by air rifle pellets are 'all too common'.

"We see many swans every year, which are brought to our sanctuary for treatment and all too often the birds are discovered with pellets littering their bodies," he said.

"Some are lucky enough to survive the ordeal, though like in this sad instance the injuries are too great. It's hard to comprehend why anybody would inflict such needless suffering to a wild animal."

The charity can be contacted on 07763 424 892.

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Reply Posted by chris on Monday July 22 2013 at 09:16
Some sad people in this world to do somthing like this,unfortunately its becoming more&more common.tougher punishment is needed and not just a slap on wrist and a fine.

Reply Posted by Don McCarron on Monday July 22 2013 at 09:16
Can someone give me one good reason why we allow the sale of air rifles in the UK?

Reply Posted by Annoyed on Monday July 22 2013 at 09:21
Don, I agree with you 100%. The only function of a gun is to kill or wound things! I understand it is a sport and used to be taken to a gun club as a child. and the people there were great and passionate about their sport. Keep guns in licensed places, where people are vetted to the hilt before they are let in the door. But why oh why allow any numpty to own one? Age is no barrier against cruelness and stupidity.

Reply Posted by chris on Monday July 22 2013 at 09:23
Its not the gun don,its the idiot holding it thats the problem.should only sell them from licensed shops.can get them anywhere now they even sell them on markets near me for £60 and crossbows aswell

Reply Posted by flapper on Monday July 22 2013 at 14:40
Soz Chris, tis the gun luv, why else would you want or need one...but to shoot? I dont gerrit. sorry

Reply Posted by graham kirkup on Wednesday July 24 2013 at 08:33
About time air rifles where banned full stop as there only used for ilegal hunting.let those who wish to use them for sport be properly licenced as most fire arms arem

Reply Posted by Clare on Wednesday July 24 2013 at 09:49
I had to ask a bunch of youths down at Elsecar park to stop throwing stones at swans...could not believe my eyes and infront of my 6year old boy, was fuming

Reply Posted by dawn on Wednesday July 24 2013 at 14:32
I think tougher laws on any violent crime is needed and jail to be jail not a hotel x especially where violent crime takes place whether it's against a defenceless animal or another human being x

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