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Two Members Of Police Staff Arrested

Friday July 19 2013

Police's helicopter Police's helicopter

TWO members South Yorkshire Police's staff have been arrested on suspicion of stealing the force helicopter's logbook.

It's understood one of those arrested is a police officer and the other a member of staff. Both have been released on bail.

The helicopter has not been used for five months due to mechanical faults.

Earlier this month, the force said it needed to recreate the aircraft's logbook which had "gone missing".

In a statement, South Yorkshire Police said the arrests were "part of an ongoing criminal investigation".

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Reply Posted by mr x on Friday July 19 2013 at 12:22
I thought it didnt sound good when it use to fly over compared to wy heli if theve been fiddling books to say its been serviced when it asent thats why they will have stole it

Reply Posted by Young morris on Friday July 19 2013 at 12:30
Illiterate dumpling.....

Reply Posted by Andy Smith on Tuesday July 23 2013 at 22:13

Reply Posted by Steve on Friday July 19 2013 at 13:06
Why would someone steal such an important but useless document? can't sell it and no use to anyone but the helicopters owners/operators!

Reply Posted by mark on Friday July 19 2013 at 13:40
bent coppers???? my god whod have thort it, they jus as bad as everyone else, except they hypocrits , i should say that not every copper is on fiddle, but the few that are not are big headed egotistical power hungry idiots who were clearly bullied at school, and to the real few that are neither, thanks for ya hard wrk

Reply Posted by Steve on Friday July 19 2013 at 15:47
Mark, instead of bullying future police officers at school, you should have paid attention in English / Literacy.

Reply Posted by kelly on Saturday July 20 2013 at 17:55
Well there's two reasons as to why they would nick such a thing, 1: Being that they have been fiddling the book to state the helicopter is in perfect working order or 2: someone had a bright idea to nick it and flog it on. Better to nick it with the logbook than without..... And why haven't these 2 people been named and shamed?? 'a normal innocent bystander to an incident would have had there name splattered allover papers...

Reply Posted by danny on Sunday July 21 2013 at 02:27
Referring back to 'kellys' comment. Are you for real? Yeah they could steal the helicopter, but then what they going to do with it? Its not an everyday helicopter! What they gonna do, trade it in for a vauxhalk astra? Jesus christ. Some people

Reply Posted by bolly on Sunday July 21 2013 at 12:40
The grasp of the english language and grammar on these pages amazes me,where did some of you people go to school??

Reply Posted by craig on Sunday July 21 2013 at 21:54
it amazes me as well bolly . employable ? -- not if there was a grammar test involved . its shocking .

Reply Posted by Brian on Sunday July 21 2013 at 23:00
Which school did they go to?

It's doubtful whether they went to any.

Reply Posted by Mr. Jones on Monday July 22 2013 at 09:12
Bolly, you need a capital "E" on English and a space after the comma ;0)

Reply Posted by Barnsley Truth on Monday July 22 2013 at 18:32

Reply Posted by ty on Sunday July 21 2013 at 14:21
Better put a no fly zone in force then lol

Reply Posted by Michael Davies on Tuesday July 23 2013 at 21:12
more like a witch hunt and a senior officer wanted the two officers gone! thats how it works.. who on earth would want to steal a logbook?

Reply Posted by kipper jackson on Tuesday July 23 2013 at 21:20
love reading your monguls comments......brightens my day up....keep em coming!!! haha

Reply Posted by dgh on Tuesday July 23 2013 at 21:30
Sorry but saying police officers are people that used to be bullied at school. I wanted to join the police force I was never bullied

Reply Posted by Bob on Tuesday July 23 2013 at 21:56
Quality comments, I have to say you guys have really cheered me up... Both the illiterates and the grammar police!
As for the reasons for stealing the log book, the only purpose of the document is to keep a record of the maintenance carried out on the aircraft. It is more like a car's service history book than a car's V5! The only logical explanation for its theft would be to hide a poor or incomplete history. That does suggest that perhaps somebody on the ground crew has been on the fiddle... But I am only speculating because SYP haven't said any more. I'm sure WAB will report the details IF it goes to court!