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School Faces Financial Worries

Tuesday July 30 2013

Kirk Balk Kirk Balk

KIRK Balk Community College may be down to its last £100,000 by the start of the new financial year in April 2014.

A report by governors states the expenditure for this year has been greater than the income, and the situation cannot be sustained.

The school currently has £272,000 in reserves - but that has fallen from £448,000 the previous year.

Chairman of governors at Kirk Balk, Michael Sanderson, says the college isn't in a crisis but is in an uncomfortable situation and governors are doing their best to resolve it.

Mr Sanderson said: "There are a number of reasons for this. We have been working hard over the last three years and we have planned ahead financially.

"There are strains on the budget and the money hasn't risen to keep pace with the costs, but the expectations are that it will eventually get better and we will do whatever is necessary to run with the budget."

In the last 12 months the college has spent £6.67million - but only had an income of £6.49million.

An issue affecting the budget is the number of students who move up to Kirk Balk each year has steadily decreased but is expected to increase again when the college changes to academy status.

Mr Sanderson said: "We have been dealing with issues like these for a very long time. So much depends on student numbers and we are expecting them to rise.

"Resources were carefully accumulated, it's not an easy time for any secondary school in Barnsley."

Governors' reports were sent out to parents last month informing them about the resources and what is planned to be done, but Mr Sanderson has said, despite the school being under very great pressure, it is keeping its head above water.

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Reply Posted by mustapha phag on Tuesday July 30 2013 at 16:15
Thats why the education system doesnt work.
Educate the children of the future to spend more than you have. available.
Then your country will be trillions in debt

Reply Posted by Barnsley Truth on Tuesday July 30 2013 at 17:51
So a school has spent some of its reserve, big deal. I suspect that many schools in the area are biting into the reserve this year but will be back on top by next year, when it creates another reserve out of the budget it is given. This is a non story WAB.

What about a Barnsley school giving away a revenue stream to one of it's vice principles spouse's companies. Now that's a story....email me for more details. :-)

Reply Posted by Guesty Mcguest on Wednesday July 31 2013 at 15:56
Barnsley Truth that is something I would like to see.
In these times of austerity school mergers and poor inspections I'm surprised some schools have not gone in the red already what with many schools being pretty much left to fend for themselves I think we may see some go that way in the next couple of years. Barnsley secondary schools seem to be a bit of an easy target in the local news at the moment. I myself am looking forward to seeing some mass improvements in the next couple of years, but I don't expect to see the same amount of coverage for these.

Reply Posted by Barnsley Truth on Friday August 2 2013 at 06:23
Guesty. As long as schools continue to employ substandard business managers and allow the heads to control them they will fail financially. However they are not being left to fend for themselves, they are given support just need to manager their accounts better.