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Food Bank Venue Agreed

Friday July 19 2013

We Are Barnsley We Are Barnsley

PLANS to create a food bank in Cudworth have moved a step further with a venue now being secured to help people in need.

Cudworth councillor Joe Hayward confirmed this week that Cudworth library has been chosen as a distribution centre.

He said he and Fr David Nicholson, of St John The Baptist Church, have visited the venue and are very happy to have such a central location.

"It's a big piece of the jigsaw puzzle," Cllr Hayward said.

"It was always going to be a hard thing to find, especially in Cudworth."

He added the library is used by a lot of people and means those visiting the food bank could use it discreetly.

Last week a meeting was held at the church and Fr David said he hoped the food bank would be set up by September. It would still serve people in Grimethorpe and Shafton, he said.

The food bank will work on a voucher basis - with each voucher entitling a person to three days worth of food, including breakfast, dinner and tea.

Cllr Hayward said the group is now looking to advertise the food bank locally for people to offer their support and donations.

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Reply Posted by ackerman on Sunday July 21 2013 at 19:19
"He added the library is used by a lot of people and means those visiting the food bank could use it discreetly."

So walking out of a Library with a carrier bag full of Tesco value beans and soup isn't going to give you away.

Reply Posted by Beep Beep on Monday July 22 2013 at 15:49
Do not worry, this useage of the library may well save it during the cuts. Plus it will get plenty of use by the ex council workers once the cuts come in again.......

Am I the only one who thinks that food banks are a disgrace? Surely benefits are paid to cover the essentials such as FOOD and bills. It is disgusting that the area needs food aid. We are not yet a third world country.

Reply Posted by Boris on Monday July 22 2013 at 16:06
I think food banks are a disgrace also. We are supposed to be the fourth wealthiest economy in the world. They will be used by people who have spent their benefits on booze, beer and drugs. Perhaps a percentage of food stamps would be the way to go.

Reply Posted by Stevo on Tuesday July 23 2013 at 17:26
I agree in principle with food banks, however if people are getting "free" food to then spend their benefits on luxuries such as beer and fags then its a no from me.

I was in favour of the introduction of the Welfare card, benefits should be for essential items such as food and clothing not luxuries like beer and fags.

I'm not saying that a life on benefits is a picnic either, but personally think if the welfare card would have been introduced then it would have given a few more of the "hard core" long term claimants the impetus to go and find a job and have some pride.

Would have never have worked though as our government have a track record of cocking everything up, Hopsital I.T systems anyone?
AND the welfare card could be used to "barter" food for beer and could also be used fraudulently.

Beep Beep, we are not a third world country.... Yet.

The richest keep their riches and the poor underclasses will continue to be ostracised.

Reply Posted by Ackerman on Monday July 22 2013 at 19:33
People of a working age who are fit to work but don't work should not get benefit's in cash. It should be paid in voucher's, Gas Electric food etc. There children will get free school meals so they are at least getting 1 hot meal a day. Extra's like Sky TV and smoking drinking etc may stop then food bank's would not be needed.

Reply Posted by biscuir on Thursday July 25 2013 at 12:45
I agree with the tokens,i go through cudworth eceryday on my way to work and the ammount of people sitting outside the pubs i a disgrace if people nowadays cant work out there money for bills ect or ignor getting a job then why should they be aloud extra help?and the people that work their arses off get nothing what so ever?cant provide for a famliy out of no choice of your own then dont have one but these days people have babys just fornthe extra benifits n its a disgrace!

Reply Posted by Fred on Thursday July 25 2013 at 13:02
We can only afford part-time firemen, soldiers, police etc we haven't enough resources to properly staff the few A & E departments we have left. We can't maintain all our sports facilities, children's centres, libraries etc. Is this what a rich country does? Only if the government wish to protect the rich non taxpayers at the expense of the many. Remember most people on benefits ate either pensioners (who have paid in all their lives) and people who work hard for minimum wage. The unemployed are a small fraction of the benefits cost yet the government would like us to believe that they and the sick and the elderly are the problem while they and their friends continue to get ever richer on the back of your labour.

Reply Posted by Emface on Thursday July 25 2013 at 13:35
You do know its not all people on benefits that use foodbanks - anyone can and generally it is those on a low working income.
People seem quick to judge yet you never know whats around the corner and anyone of us could land on our backsides with not a penny to our names.

Reply Posted by hard worker on Thursday July 25 2013 at 17:23
just listen to yourselves for gods sake why dont you just line everyone on benefits up against a wall and shoot them,how many of you who work are actually claiming working tax credit, working families tax credit,family allowance,help with childcare costs,help with council tax etc the majority of you who are one minimum wage i dare betthese things are all benefits so you'd better be prepared to line up with the other benefit claiments.i cant for the life of me understand why people want fellow human beings to live in poverty,to watch children suffer. if the government stopped benefits what do you people think you will gain by it, absolutely nothing, your still going to be on minimum wage infact you'd probably be worse off cos all the extras your claiming at the moment will be stopped, oh and by the way no i dont claim benefits,yes i do work,but i will not condone making people live in poverty,for all i know i could be in their position one day.you know the old saying there but for the grace of god go i

Reply Posted by mary on Thursday July 25 2013 at 17:54
Ah you will be a benefit claimant then eh?

Seriously though most people are not having a go but are stating that we should not need food banks.

Reply Posted by hard worker on Thursday July 25 2013 at 21:12
did you not read it correctly mary i am NOT a benefit claiment never have been, worked for over 30yrs love. the point is we are living in a society that now needs food banks even for low payed workers.i know there are people who screw the system there always will be but i dont think that makes it right to make genuine claiments suffer i dont think it makes it right to want children to go hungry. if the guy next door to me has his benefits stopped my wages are not going to go up but his kids are going to have a shit childhood im sorry but i would not get any satisfaction in knowing that my complaining and moaning in part could be responsible for these bairns going hungry .all the moaning in the woprld will not make a benefit scrounger go out to work they will just find some other way to get money,and more than likely not legally

Reply Posted by Stevo on Friday July 26 2013 at 07:02
Probably the best reply I have ever seen on here that HW.

Problem is the nasty Tories and their press propaganda machine are determined to ostracise benefit claimants and label them as "scroungers" .
We read this crap everyday in the papers, especially the Sun (which I do not buy) and people actually believe this is the gospel truth.

The Tories are determined to crush the poor, to keep us subservient and ensure that we are all paid minimum wage and all to protect the business interests of their claret supping cohorts.

Fact is the large majority of benefits are paid out on Pensions and Tax Credits.
The pensions issue is only going to grow at an exponential rate and I can foresee that there wont be a state pension by the time I come to retire.

Tax credits, bit of a misnomer really, simple common sense tells me that if the Minimum Wage was more acceptable, say £9 an hour, then the need for people to rely on Tax Credits to "top up" their earnings wouldn't be half as prevalent as it is today.

Of course this will never happen in our lifetime.

Reply Posted by Sharon on Sunday July 28 2013 at 07:12
Hard worker, I agree. It's shocking that this country needs food banks. Let's not forget that the nuns provided the service for quite some time before the convent place in town closed. I also came across one in Leeds many years ago as a teenage runaway; and I have noticed how the homeless have been forgotten about in the tirade against people who drink, smoke and have Sky while claiming benefits.

A persons fate can turn on a penny; a hardworking family loses it's main income and the whole pack of cards comes down, mortgages/rent don't get paid, homes get repossessed or tenants get evicted. We all know how dodgy and uncaring private landlords can be (as long as they can pay their own bills) There's a myriad of reasons why a person can be homeless. Having a lunatic Glaswegian tyrant for a landlord being one.......I am so tired of tyrants and dictators. Who in this town would like being told what to do? Not a one that I've met.....

Reply Posted by hard worker on Friday July 26 2013 at 12:08
if this charging £25 per visit to see your GP comes in there will be a lot more people needing food banks, lets see what the good old tories can use about people on benefits to distract you low paid workers from thinking about this latest scheme to milk money from the poor.you are so right stevo the tories dont give a monkeys about the poor, we cant blame benefit claiments for the amount of wages we get paid the government set the minimum wage not them.instead of allowing this government into brainwashing you into think everything wrong with this country is down to benefit claiments i suggest you start and look at what their rich family and friends are up to and what the rich of this country are getting away with

Reply Posted by richard on Saturday July 27 2013 at 22:27
we spend over 300 million in overseas aid while the people of the uk need to use food banks what a joke.
its about time we told those out of touch politicians on both side its our money and we wsnt it spent at home. so we dont have to live like they did im victoran england what next workhouses for the poor and needy

Reply Posted by Stevo on Monday July 29 2013 at 12:01
300 million?

ITS 11 billion more like!

Reply Posted by Rog on Saturday July 27 2013 at 23:47
Every day whilst on my lunch, I pass two pubs...the same old faces outside,push chairs in tow, shirts off, tattoo coverings. This has become a lifestyle for too many. Children used as a jump up the jump the ladder..it has to stop.. Why pay for their kids they knock out with alarming regularity...some are unemployable.If I lost my job tomorrow, would the government pay my mortgage..would it hell..so why am I paying taxes to pay for their housing benefits..their council tax, their prescriptions, their kids free meals, and ultimately their fags, beer Sky tv.

Reply Posted by hard worker on Sunday July 28 2013 at 14:32
you hit the nail on the head rog, what did you say,THE SAME OLD FACES,thats an handfull of people, the very same people i refered to earlier whom i said would never get a job no matter what but what about the thousends of genuine claiments rog who are not sat outside the pub everyday who are looking for wotrk or who cant work through ill health should they be made to suffer to,and as for why should we pay for their kids well i will tell you why rog kids dont ask to be born,they dont choose the family they are born into and if they have the miss fortune to be born into a family where their parents dont give a damn then we as more fortunate human beings should.and as for paying your mortgage if you lost your job then no they are not going to buy you a house are they,but you would be treated same as anyone else and have a roof put over your head,ok you might not own it but then again neither does anyone else on benefits