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Elderly Woman Campaigns For Bus Action

Wednesday July 24 2013

Stagecoach Stagecoach

A 93-YEAR-OLD woman who lives in sheltered housing is crusading for action after the bus services she and her friends use were cut from three to one an hour.

Vera Padgett, who lives alongside other elderly people at Ashby Court, off Racecommon Road, says they now have to either struggle up and down steep Racecommon Road - or stay in, leading to isolation as well as inconvenience.

The number 21 bus now operates via Dodworth Road, not Racecommon Road, leaving just one bus an hour.

Mrs Padgett raised the matter with Kingstone councillor Tom Sheard and organised a petition with about 40 names calling for buses to be reinstated. It has since been passed to South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive and Stagecoach, which made a "commercial decision" to cut the 21 service.

Mrs Padgett said: "Many people who used that service are 80 or 90 years old and some are in wheelchairs. Even if they aren't, it's too hilly to walk up Racecommon Road.

"If you miss the bus you have to wait an hour or get a taxi and we can't afford taxis all the time. I used to go into town nearly every day because I like to buy fresh food but now I only go twice a week."

A South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive spokesman said: "Racecommon Road still has an hourly service 23/24 operated by Tates Travel, which is funded by the Passenger Transport Executive.

"It does mean the number of buses has reduced per hour, from three to one, but the SYPTE-funded Tates service does ensure residents aren't without a service."

Rupert Cox, commercial director, Stagecoach Yorkshire, said: “We made changes to services in April to improve the reliability and punctuality of services between Silkstone, Penistone and Barnsley as well as provide a quicker journey time into Barnsley.

"Racecommon Road is served by SYTPE-funded services 23/23A/24 which provide a bus every hour and serve Barnsley and Gilroyd.

"We have been in touch with the residents and suggested the alternative travel options with them.”

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Reply Posted by ET on Wednesday July 24 2013 at 13:45
Just like all the old folk at top of Aldham House Lane in Wombwell, one an hour that sometimes misses whats the use of new 22x every 10 mins when you can't get up and down the big hill its as steep as Racecommon Rd .

Reply Posted by LV on Wednesday July 24 2013 at 13:58
I can see where Ms Padgett is coming from! Racecommon Road serves a lot of streets and is a tough climb for even an able-bodied person! I'm sure TSY can look into adding a route that covers Racecommon Road?

and as for the 22X - Stagecoach have introduced that one to rival the First 22 service to Rotherham, I can't say it needs to be every 10 mins as I should imagine a lot of people will be going to their jobs using that service (which will often be shift work) so I think they should look at which service times get the most use and makes the less used services less frequent!

It was a great convenience for myself when I lived in Dodworth to use the 21 when it's route changed to include Dodworth, rather than bypass it - would have been a great deal more useful had they introduced it while I was still at Kingstone School!! - but now there is less demand to go up Keresforth Hill Road I guess this is probably why they cut the route seeing as a great deal of people complained of how long it took to get to Barnsley when the route included Dodworth. I know they can't make everyone happy, but they should at least try to give the elderly a better quality of life.

Reply Posted by craig on Wednesday July 24 2013 at 16:09
more strain on our infastructure by the ageing population!

Reply Posted by Old Grump on Wednesday July 24 2013 at 17:41
So what!!!! there are many areas in Barnsley that only have one bus per hour, three an hour is a luxury, you miss one you wait for the next, its not the end of the world.

Reply Posted by Mark on Wednesday July 24 2013 at 17:48
It may be if you are 93!

Reply Posted by Laura on Wednesday July 24 2013 at 18:00
I use both the 21 and the 20 and it has been a big difference since they have changed them. But I think the 21a service is the worse because they should put it back to how it use to be to go up race common road thru gilroyd n down to dodworth nd the when it gets to penistone instead of goin straight to penistone it goes up thru cubley and down bluebell av and tbh it's not made the routes shorter but has made them longer. They should keep the 21 and 20 the same they are at the min but put the 21a on thru the day and back to how it use to be. Because its just ridiculous practically goes round dodworth twice when there's no need it could just do the old route but thru the day so old people and that can catch that bus too because I've heard many people complain because of the new route they can't get to dodworth doctors or the high street cos they've gotta walk for ages and its hard for them!

Reply Posted by mustapha phag on Friday July 26 2013 at 01:11
You know what the trouble is here.
You get it too easy today.
The lady who is 93 her mother wouldnt have had a bus to catch or a car.
In scotland recently i knew a woman who was 90 lived in a cottage 15 miles from the nearest town and 90 miles from the nearest city.
Twice a week she went to town there were 2 buses per day one to town at about 8 in the morning. and one back home at3:30. this was the only bus and it was the school bus .. one outward and one inward and a 15 mile journey.
yes you get it easy

Reply Posted by Brian on Monday July 29 2013 at 17:11
see what i mean Mustapha Phag. not only have you got a filthy habit but you also have no care for our older generation only yourself. you are a selfish person!

Reply Posted by mustapha phag on Monday July 29 2013 at 17:27
Hello brian. nice to have you. up and down the scale.
Unfortunately i am in that older generation.
The statement is true, read the story.
If you knew how buses worked. you would also know that there are buses axed all over the place for the good reason if you send 3 buses out every hour and only 15 people ride on all 3 buses
it makes good business sense to chop 2 buses

Reply Posted by mustapha phag on Monday July 29 2013 at 17:33
Also how many times per day does said people catch the bus. once outward once inward.....you know what they said about the post office....use it or lose it

Reply Posted by mustapha phag on Monday July 29 2013 at 17:43
And also my habits are good habits.
I was going to have mustapha leak but its been done already on a carry on film.
But i would like to add that most people in there eighty + years smoke .fact
and most of the oldest people who have ever lived smoked.and i dont use any of the n h s except they made me have a tetanus injection for a dog bite 45 years ago

Reply Posted by Brian on Monday July 29 2013 at 19:24
my appologise im winding you up.

Reply Posted by lol on Sunday August 4 2013 at 11:48
she should be in a home at that age.