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School Does U-Turn On Uniform Policy After Parents' Backlash

Tuesday July 16 2013

Shafton ALC Shafton ALC

CONTROVERSIAL plans forcing parents to buy uniforms from their child's school have been scrapped by Shafton ALC.

School bosses made a U-turn following a meeting of governors last Monday, prompted by the reaction to their intention to make parents buy plain black trousers and skirts from school.

Their aim was to ensure consistency so all pupils would have identical uniforms in September, in readiness for the school becoming an academy next year.

But parents said the cost £12.50 for a pair of trousers or a skirt was more than double that in a supermarket.

Lisa Allott, acting headteacher, has now sent a letter to parents, going back on the decision.

"We have listened to your concerns and it has been resolved to allow skirts and trousers to be purchased from other suppliers, for example supermarkets, high street shops and other uniform shops," she said.

"I hope this supports you and your family to be able purchase additional items of uniform as you see appropriate."

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Reply Posted by Beep Beep on Tuesday July 16 2013 at 14:33
It is ridiculous that state schools at a time of recession would even try to force this on strapped parents. Barnsley is not an affluent area and private uniform is something that only happens in independent or private schools.
Sounds to me like Shafton thinks it is one step from a private school which is not only laughable but preposterous.

Reply Posted by Taff Jenx on Tuesday July 16 2013 at 14:54
I was going to send my 2 in with tesco/asda trousers and shirts anyway !!!
agree with Beep Beep who do they think and where do they think they are, our postcode is S not OX.
Old wise man said "polish a turd, its still a turd"

Reply Posted by flapper on Tuesday July 16 2013 at 16:51
oooer,no way to talk about yer kids that tho Taff. teehee.

Does anyone know why theres a blinking bouncer on the gates????? Are the kids so bad?...Parents, teachers must talk...get the bouncer out and sort the kids out properly. Thats bad.

Reply Posted by x on Tuesday July 16 2013 at 16:37
great result so lets not abuse it by girls going into school with skirts up their backsides and looking like theyv'e been poured into them. some of these girls look like they are on a night out up town not going to school

Reply Posted by Shelle on Tuesday July 16 2013 at 16:42
The good thing is that they are listening to parents now. When O'Brien was head of the school she would not listen to parents or even inform them what was happening. Hats off to the school now for listening to us and for the improvements that Ofsted have just reported from the 2 recent inspections. It just goes to show how putting the wrong person in charge can have a negative impact on a school. Keep up the good work and carry on listening to us.

Reply Posted by flapper on Tuesday July 16 2013 at 16:54
I think having a bouncer on the gates has a negative impact on the school too Shelle.
Whats going so wrong there?

Reply Posted by g on Tuesday July 16 2013 at 17:53
am glad my lads left but i agree the school will move forward now obrian as gone she was 1 step away from useless as for the bouncer he is actually a behavier officer [posh for bouncer] and when you see some of the students on there way in and out hes got his work cut out

Reply Posted by soapbox princess on Tuesday July 16 2013 at 19:26
^^ No, he actually is a bouncer/doorman, he may have been given the title behavioural officer by the previous head but hes a bona fida bouncer! If hes needed then so be it, i happen to know there are kids in that school who pose a threat to the public, just because they are under age it doesn't make them incapable of committing crimes against their peers. Its hardly the schools fault that all parents cant do their job properly. You should be grateful that the protection is there. I am!!!

Reply Posted by flapper on Tuesday July 16 2013 at 21:14
Having the bouncer may well be needed,and that's really a sad reflection on today's society. I know it sounds crazy now,but not too many years ago,punishment for being cheeky at school was being made to stand in the corridor....it was soooo degrading, it just made you feel like an idiot. It's a shame its all going wrong.I'm not an old person, so its scary just how quickly this erosion of society has happened. Where will it all end. I wish we could bring back the ...not...so old days

Reply Posted by maxine on Friday July 19 2013 at 00:24
I'm all for school security! Some kind of authority might make some of the wilder kids think twice!! I am however less in favour of school uniforms.. It doesn't make the child study or work harder... uniforms do not make grades, hard work does.Wearing a blazer (what ever purpose does this prove), collar and tie at 11+ does not make one a student!!

Reply Posted by ccath slater on Sunday July 21 2013 at 07:41
Its not where u buy the iniform from thats the problem its how its worn they should be rules as to how short a skirt should be and thats just fore starters some of the girls look like little tarts comming out of school then we wonder why theres so my girls getting atacked just think this is more important than were u buy the uniform from

Reply Posted by x on Monday July 22 2013 at 12:51
totally agree with you cath slater uniforms are supposed to be there to stop all this and i can tell you now the first thing i would do if i was the head of a school is ban makeup. these kids are supposed to be going to school not a fashion show or a night out up town. keep short skirts and troweled on makeup for outside school

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