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Man Jailed For Stealing From Pair

Wednesday July 17 2013

Barnsley Magistrates' Court Barnsley Magistrates' Court

A MAN has been jailed for 46 weeks for stealing from his uncle and from a man with a lower than normal mental age.

Michael Barrett's victims had taken him in as a lodger, Barnsley Magistrates' Court was told.

Chantel Lowery-Green, prosecuting, said Barrett, 34, took three Samsung phones and a tablet worth about £700 from the uncle. She said Barrett had been living with him for two or three weeks.

She said: "Later, Mr Barrett went to live with a vulnerable man with a lower than normal mental age. The victim woke up and found that a Playstation games console and some games worth £120 had been stolen.

"Mr Barrett said after his arrest that he sold the items to get money to spend on drinks and drugs."

Barrett, who was not represented by a solicitor, said he had succumbed to temptation and had been sleeping on the streets for more than a month.

He said he had been a drug addict for years and did not want to undergo drug rehabilitation. "I can deal with the problem in my own way," he told the court.

Barrett, of no fixed address, added that he did not want to do unpaid work nor be given Probation Service supervision.

District Judge John Foster said: "Both victims had allowed you into their homes. You took property of significant value.

"These offences show you are not dealing with your drug problems. Jail is the only appropriate sentence. The offence against the vulnerable man was disgraceful."

Barrett admitted two thefts.

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Reply Posted by andy on Saturday July 20 2013 at 15:41
prison is the best option 4 any1. free meals no bills, free gym, free pool, free table tennis, free internet, and if you are good, vouchers 4 alton towers. and they say crime don,t pay. its better than butlins.

Reply Posted by jay on Monday July 22 2013 at 19:33
have to agree with you on this one big bloody holiday for them

Reply Posted by Beep Beep on Saturday July 20 2013 at 16:06
Surely the sentence is not about what the criminal wants but what he needs.

They should have sent him to rehab and made him do unpaid work and probation after a short stint in a prison as far from here as possible. He does not want to come off drugs so he will keep offending. he is the lowest of the low and can not sink much lower.

Reply Posted by hddgibdw on Monday July 22 2013 at 10:07
Free gym... no they get exercise for 1 hour. Its not a full gym like the metrodome or anything.
Free pool and table tennis... no they get association for one hour a day. Free Internet is a load of bollox. Only time they are allowed the Internet is 'workers' or people in education and they are only allowed on certain websites. There room is so tiny ya couldnt swing a cat. They are only allowed out of their rooms if they are doing education. Meals. Association. Exercise. Otherwise they are in that room. So actually know what your rambling shite about before hitting at the services. Yes some people think they should be locked up 23 hours a day but that isnt rehabilitating them is it. That would institutionalise them. Which means when they come out they wont cope and they will commit further crime...

Reply Posted by I agree on Monday July 22 2013 at 22:13
I agree with hddgibdw ? I visit prison on a regular basis and what aload of shite some people talk on here! If u don't join the gym or get a job then u banged up most of the day. Yes prison is punishment, on the out people can smoke in there own homes in there gardens etc. prisoners can't they have there cells only. Some people just think its the best place . Living life to the full ... I think NOT

Reply Posted by hddgibdw on Tuesday July 23 2013 at 21:39
Thanks I agree. Some people don't understand that they need rehabilitation.