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School Closures Revealed After Strike Announced

Friday November 25 2011

Barnsley Town Hall Barnsley Town Hall

SCORES of schools across Barnsley will close on November 30 after thousands of public sector workers agreed to strike in a row over pensions.

The walkout will see public sector workers - like nurses, teachers and council staff - refuse to work on that date and instead do a rally in Barnsley which starts at Churchfields at 9.30am and marches through the town to Peel Square.

In a statement issued earlier today, Barnsley College said a large number of its staff was likely to be striking and that students should check with their heads of department to advise on whether courses are still running.

The statement added: "If your course is running your tutor will tell you where to come and who will be supervising you.

"Most College sites will be closed but the main site at Old Mill Lane will be open if you want to use the Learning Curve – there will be limited access to other facilities."

Not only will several schools be closed - but things like bin collections and support services will also be affected.

A council spokesman said: "While it is recognised this is a national dispute, every effort will be made by Barnsley Council to continue to deliver essential services to ensure the health and safety of the public. However there will unfortunately be disruption to services normally available from the council."

There will be no green bin or kerbside recycling collections on that date - they will be picked up on Wednesday 14 December. There will be limited or no grey bin collection - those not collected will be collected on Wednesday, 7 December instead.

The following schools will be closed for one day:


Athersley South
Barugh Green
Burton Road
Cherry Dale – closed to nursery and years 1/2/4 and 5
Darfield All Saints
Dearne Carrfield
Dearne Highgate
Dodworth St John the Baptist CE
High View Learning Centre
Holy Cross
Holy Rood
Hoyland Common
Joseph Locke
Littleworth Grange
Pipers Grove
Richard Newman
Royston Meadstead
Royston S John Baptist CE
St Dominic’s
St Helen’s
St John the Baptist CE Infant
St John the Baptist CE Junior
St Mary’s CE
St Michael and All Angels Catholic
Tankersley St Peter’s
The Ellis CE
The Hill
Ward Green
West Meadows
Wilthorpe Infant
Wombwell Park Street
Worsbrough Bank End
Worsbrough Common

Carlton Community College
Darfield Foulstone
Darton College
Kirk Balk Community College
Shafton ALC (both sites)
The Dearne ALC

Also Greenacre, Royston Meadstead and Wilthorpe Children's Centres will close.

The council says other schools may also be closed and says parents should double check with the schools.

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Reply Posted by guest on Friday November 25 2011 at 09:27
Thurlstone primary is closed also

Reply Posted by Gustymcguest on Friday November 25 2011 at 09:44
Right i'll get this in first before the usual gumpf comes up, public sector workers, councils workers, teachers, lecturers cleaners, nurses all those that fall under the same pension scheme are striking, not politicians though their pensions are safe.

They are not striking for a payrise, they are not striking for better working conditions nor are they complaining for the sake of it. The reason they are striking is because they will no longer be getting the pensions they were promised, that's right PROMISED.

This for some was over 25 years ago when they signed up for their jobs, they had an idea of when they would retire and a good idea of how much they would get. For many this was not just a perk of their job it was essential security for when they retired. For many that work in the public sector they accepted lower wages than private sector jobs as they had the carrot of a good pension, this was an investment in their future.

Up until very recently when a few bankers decided to totally foul up the economy, this was still on the cards. Now we are being told we will have to work longer and the pension that we all signed up for on the first day of work is no longer there. The proposals by the government are not even fair imagine being told a year from retirement that you can no longer retire and also the pot of money that you have been working for probably to support you and your partner in retirement is also no longer there either, it's not fair is it? You might never have started the job 25 years ago or you may have paid into a private pension as well.

Add to this the fact that some people are early on into their careers and if reforms come in now, i.e many of us in our 30s are being told that we will have to work well into our 60's what's going to happen with future reforms, when were are 58 what will the retirement age and pension reforms be? 70 - 75 - 80?  Will be walking out of work and straight into the morgue?

So the pension strike isn't just about griping its about getting what you were promised not asking for more.

Over the next few days the Tories will be out in force saying how it's unacceptable for people to be doing this. Well the government did this not the workers they are just after a fair deal.

Most cannot afford a day off work those that don't strike should not have scorn poured on them either.

Not one person in parliament will have their pension affected by cuts. You will be told their isn't enough money to be able to support current pensions, well why did successive governments offer them then? Also think about the 50 million pounds A DAY we are spending on the debt ridden euro and then ask why we are paying that.

Reply Posted by Rebecca Bailey on Friday November 25 2011 at 11:45
which day is it is it wednesday

Reply Posted by lilmissvixen on Saturday November 26 2011 at 08:59
holgate is also closed hun x

Reply Posted by Michelle Wilcock on Saturday November 26 2011 at 09:34
St Michael's in Barnsley is also closed,  I have a confirmation letter.

Reply Posted by Harper94uk on Saturday November 26 2011 at 10:20
Joseph Locke sent letters to parents in the week, but they havent confirmed whether the school will be closed. They said they will let us know next week if its confirmed.

Reply Posted by Sarahstewart on Saturday November 26 2011 at 20:11
Greenfield primary closed too

Reply Posted by Katieschofield19 on Monday November 28 2011 at 09:54
is college on strike or not?

Reply Posted by Lucy Coulbeck on Monday November 28 2011 at 10:03
Kingstone School Is Shut Too .. 

Reply Posted by Woffinden5 on Monday November 28 2011 at 10:17
Lacewood is closed too

Reply Posted by Anorack on Monday November 28 2011 at 10:56
The teachers in the unions will be on strike. There will not be normal service at college. Please check with your tutors.

Reply Posted by barnsally on Monday November 28 2011 at 11:09
Birkwood also closed.  Had a confirmation letter. 

Reply Posted by christine on Monday November 28 2011 at 12:47
greenfield primary in hoyland are closed as well

Reply Posted by Guest on Monday November 28 2011 at 16:43
Barnsley College Sports Academy are running a Sport and Dance Club day for those that don't want to give up a days pay it's on their website www.barnsley.ac.uk

Reply Posted by Angie40plus on Tuesday November 29 2011 at 17:34
its 1 day only ppl have known long enough to get sorted god the world is not gonna end !!!!!!!!!

Reply Posted by Jadeshannonmusgrave on Tuesday November 29 2011 at 17:39
the Edmunds primary is shut and Barnsley academy is shut to years 9&10

Reply Posted by Gary on Tuesday November 29 2011 at 18:26
not a truer word spoken Gustymcguest, please support those taking action

Reply Posted by Emma on Tuesday November 29 2011 at 18:30
Athersley north is we had lettes yesterday.