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Overturned Lorry Causes Traffic Havoc

Monday July 15 2013

We Are Barnsley We Are Barnsley

AN overturned lorry blocked traffic in both directions on Dearne Valley Parkway for more than seven hours on Thursday.

The lorry, operated by Roadway Container Logistics, overturned at the Jump roundabout at about 6.25am. Firefighters were called but driver, Bob Pierce, managed to get out of his cab before they arrived and was unhurt.

The Dearne Valley Parkway was closed in both directions and traffic was slow on the Wood Walk junction until about 2.30pm while the lorry was recovered.

It's not the first time a lorry has been overturned on the roundabout but Cllr Roy Miller said this was always due to driver error rather than the design of the bend.

"Sometimes the speed of some of the lorries and cars exceed what they should be. If they go around that corner too fast, they go over."

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Reply Posted by Adam on Monday July 15 2013 at 19:13
Not the fault of the road!?
That section of the roundabout has an adverse camber (it leans outwards and downwards away from the centre of the roundabout). As you exit it towards Cortonwood it changes to the opposite. (Leaning inwards and down wards towards to centre). It effects to stability of my vehicle (Ford Ka) and that's at a speed below the sign posted limit.
Is there a single sign advising / warning drivers (especially drivers of high sided vehicles)? Is there squat. I'm surprise that there hasn't been a lot more incidents and accidents.
Arriving from Wombwell Lane to the Jump roundabout you can't see traffic coming from the Motorway junction until its on the roundabout, because of concrete bridge wall. Maybe some inductive loops need add to that approach to alert drivers coming from Wombwell lane. Similar to whats on the A6135 near Chapletown and Harley to alert traffic to vehicle turning in Hood Hill (Kirkby Lane)

Reply Posted by Swifty on Monday July 15 2013 at 19:19
Speed Speed Speed.
That's the main course of this kind of accidents. Only a few months ago a cement wagon did the same at the Hemmingfield Road Roundabout. The same stretch of the Dearne Valley Parkway. You can't throw big wagons on two wheels around these roundabouts. Well you can and that's what happens. Hope the both drivers are ok.

Reply Posted by Adam on Monday July 15 2013 at 22:43
"Sometimes the speed of some of the lorries and cars exceed what they should be. ..." sometimes it isn't. Road Adhesion Problem (Wet / Slippery, Pebble, dust, rubbish), Asymmetrically ran over something on surface (Brick / Wooden block etc). Tyre Deflation? The load could shifted in transit, breaking a tied down. Etc. Etc.

Blame the driver, not our problem. Where report that ruled out other potential causes?

Then he (Cllr Roy Miller) goes on to admits (or knowing) there is an issue with that corner.
"... If they go around that corner too fast, they go over."

He a Counsellor, do something about it them. Or do they just act and say stuff to make things seem normal, when behinds the scenes they sitting in meetings twiddling there thumbs and buzzing their lips, drinking tea and biscuits, and warming the air with waffle, and stinking it with bull plop.

Sheffield Council reprofiled a section of the A61 (Penistone Road) to remove the camber and dips that seemed to be a contributing cause of serious accidents.
Yes speeding was an aspect of them if it wasn't. Why was it reprofiled?
I believe that the changes will reduce the severity of the accident when there is one. Can be seen to admitting we got it wrong.

If the design of the road is promoting excessive speed then do something to alter that. Speed camera on the approach? Traffic Lights? Speed activated chevrons on perimeter of roundabout.

Take the roundabout out and make it a curve, the vast majority of the traffic is on the Cortonwood - Motorway axis. Both wombwell and Hemmingfield can a be access on another nearby roundabout.

Signs "Adverse Camber on Exit (Safe speed: 30mph)"

Reply Posted by bob on Tuesday July 16 2013 at 21:26
Not at jump roundabout was next one for hoyland. Whole roundabout slopes and is easily visible. Needs slope as it is prone to flooding.

Reply Posted by Gary on Tuesday July 16 2013 at 21:52
The road wasn't closed for 7 hours either, I drove by towards wombwell at 8:30am to go to work, came home at 10:30am and then went back again 12 midday, saw the lorry overturned each time, but no road closures. So it can not have been closed for more than 2 and half hours. I guess they shut it for a small length of time in the afternoon when they recovered it. It had tipped over fully onto the pavement. It was a lovely dry day, got to have been caused by speed. As said above, it was the Hoyland/platts common roundabout.

Reply Posted by mustapha phag on Saturday July 27 2013 at 07:11
Mr miller sir i suggest you stop taking the pills and get your head out of your arse.
The rd at jump roundabout has an adverse camber .
There is nothing more obvious .
It is a roundabout that .for a truck turns right and then bears sharp left at ange .
For a long vehicle this is a bad manouvre.
Please tell the public how many vehicles have hit this dilemma since it was built.
If this was a ride at alton towers there would be great stress factors in the cars through track design.
Get into an articulated truck and feel the rd stress as you travel through the chicane and there are no speed restrictions