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MP Calls To Tackle Town's High Unemployment Rate

Friday July 12 2013

Michael Dugher MP Michael Dugher MP

A BARNSLEY MP has called on ministers to take action against the town's unemployment rate.

Michael Dugher, MP for Barnsley East, has called on ministers to get people back to work, after recent figures showed the government’s Work Programme is still failing the people of Barnsley.

Figures released by the DWP show that, for the JSA 18-24 and JSA 25+ payment groups, performance in the town did not exceed the DWP’s ‘non-intervention rates’, meaning that in South Yorkshire, the Work Programme is actually worse than doing nothing.

Dugher has called for the introduction of a compulsory jobs guarantee for anyone out of work for more than two years. This would help hundreds of people in Barnsley and nearly 14,000 across Yorkshire.

Training would be given as well as time to job search for those who can work - or they would lose their benefits. 

Mr Dugher said: “The Work Programme is still failing the people of Barnsley and South Yorkshire badly.

“Three years in and the Work Programme has failed 74 per cent of the JSA 18-24 payment group and 84.5 per cent of the JSA 25+ payment group in South Yorkshire. 

“This is simply not good enough and ministers need to take action. We desperately need a change of course starting with a compulsory jobs guarantee to get anyone out of work for more than two years back into a job - a job people must take or lose their benefits.”

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Reply Posted by donna on Friday July 12 2013 at 14:49
about time... I would love to work with old ppl in homes or there homes , but iv got no trainin so not many companys will set me on :( x trainin schools is wot we need I would love it

Reply Posted by Dave on Sunday July 14 2013 at 15:41
Why don't you ask about the Future Carer's scheme run by the council. A lot of training opportunities already exist. A friend of mine went on this scheme and got a job out of it.

Reply Posted by Tracey on Friday July 12 2013 at 16:21
Its not just the work program that's failing - I've been told by a job centre member of staff that they have not written a CV in 20 years. I could not get help with a business advisor as Barnsley job centre does not have one. The Government say that there are things available to help people start businesses or get back into work but its nothing more than a Tick box exercise.

Reply Posted by davian on Friday July 12 2013 at 16:33
THIS Government is full of them selfs there is only 10% of the uk that unemployed rest are Oaps instead of going on about people with nothing he should bring the rents down so people can work but its ok for them to get a wage increase when the rest of the uk are living on nothing pick on the poor they all want to get a ******* grip on life wake up and see the real world scamming tax robbing idots

Reply Posted by me on Friday July 12 2013 at 16:39
Won't get a job in Barnsley unless you speak polish cause that is the only nationality that are getting set on with firms in Barnsley. Job centre advisor even says it. Been to interviews with polish at same interview I did not get job but the pole did. Firms are being racist towards British folk cause they can get away with employing foreigners and paying them minimum wage before giving the Job to British folk

Reply Posted by Brian on Friday July 12 2013 at 18:38
I agree me, they want kicking out the lot of them!
Send em all back to Poland and the other countries they came from.

Reply Posted by Melanie on Friday July 12 2013 at 16:59
why not start a scheme up for people that are unemployed to train them up in what ever training they need for them to get the job they want and for them to get hands on experience by getting everyone placements in the job role they are training for. Years ago they did schemes for people what was out of work and trained them up and they also gave then an extra £10 pound for doing the training. This might help more people back into work, as a lot of people don't have experience and that's why we are not getting jobs ,due to the fact that most employers are wanting people with experience and qualifications.

Reply Posted by Paul on Friday July 12 2013 at 17:22
When will the people of barnsley wake up to this Labour Party , we have 1 MP going to London to ask other MPs about jobs for barnsley ,, when it's small business's that need help ,,and an end to agency workers..., then the other MP Dan matchmaker Jarvis playing Cupid for illegal immigrants ,,what barnsley needs is labour out of it..

Reply Posted by davian on Friday July 12 2013 at 19:10
Melanie its all been dun before with yts and et schemes whats the point in having them if there is no jobs out there and i think all the jobs from all the mines and steel and other trades was stopped for what ? so we can import it .Time to open them back up and decide how we want the uk not some dictator telling us how its going to be as for labour and this government all shit in the same pot out with the lot of them start fresh make it a united kingdom where proud of

Reply Posted by reader on Friday July 12 2013 at 23:58
Im a single mum i work part time wiv 2 jobs. I believe in earnin my way
Ive done plenty of diffrent jobs to fetch mi kid up.... At least poland r willin to work in barnsley its y work wen u can get paid for doin chuff all

Reply Posted by Alex on Saturday July 13 2013 at 06:44
Some years ago there were a program in Barnsley called HPW, it stood for "helping people work". It was brought in by (dare I say it) Thatcher.

It involved people that had experience in a particular job training people that had no training. You got a paid a decent wage (more that what minimum wage is now).

The only downside to it I could see was that, if you were "experienced" you were there full time, that meant you couldn't go looking for a regular job, or that it meant, it would be harder due to the fact you were working full time. If, on the other hand you were the one being trained, it meant you worked part time (that was two days one week and three days the other), but there were no facilities for writing to employers or writing CVs.

If they could again take this approach but fill the gaps in, then I think it would be a better start to getting people work.

On one of the posts last week they mentioned that Barnsley council were getting a grant (or something to that extent) to renovate some houses and bring them up to scratch, well, wouldn't it be better for local people to do it with something like that than employ (and it does happen) qualified people from outside the area.

Reply Posted by andy on Saturday July 13 2013 at 17:39
politicians, councillors. do u think we r all thick as pig shit. we all no where the problem is. 2 many immigrants. they av our jobs, house,schools hospitals. **** em all off back home.

Reply Posted by Jimmy on Sunday July 14 2013 at 08:19
I know that you get called racist for saying that preference is given to Polish people for work in this town but it's 100% true. I normally don't care where anyone comes from but it sticks in the throat when you're getting rejected for job after job in favour of Eastern European migrants. This blatant, legal discrimination by employers is shovelling English people into the arms of UKIP and the fascist BNP, neither party friends of working class people. Michael Dugher should take note of this.

Reply Posted by Fred on Sunday July 14 2013 at 16:07
I agree Jimmy, our town is awash with Eastern Europeans who have indeed taken all the jobs from local folk.

Reply Posted by Stevo on Wednesday July 17 2013 at 19:17
Jimmy, as far as I am concerned NOW is the time for a cap on migrant workers in ANY workplace.
NO workplace in our borough should have more than a percentage of 10% immigrant workers.

What really pisses me off is the politically correct namby pamby attitudes of the people that such as Hoyland Red, Grim, Brian, Les (to name a few) who suggest that talking about immigrant workers taking all the jobs in our town is a "racist" issue.
Obviously they have never had to try and get a job in Barnsley or compete against the Eastern European migrants that HAVE taken the majority of jobs over the last few years.

Symphony has 92%, YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT 92% Eastern European workers, how the hell in this day and age can that be right?

Duggy Dugher and the Labour idiots couldn't really give a toss, after all it is them that opened the floodgates in the first place.

However,even the idiotic Labour voting people of our town have had enough of "new" Labour (More like tory lite), lets just hope that a lot more local people wake up and smell the coffee.

Reply Posted by rainbow on Monday July 15 2013 at 07:56
4 million immigrants during Labours term in government made sure it will always difficult for anyone wanting work. They've always put the interest of foreigners above the interest of the people born in this country and there's nothing that can be done to repair the damage.??

Reply Posted by Stevo on Wednesday July 17 2013 at 19:19
Rainbow, the damage has already been done, we will be paying for the immigrants and their dependant children back in their home countries for generations to come.

It is only going to get worse next year with the impending influx of MILLIONS of Bulgarians and Romanians.

Reply Posted by Sounds on Monday July 15 2013 at 09:46
get one or two pits opened up again, its happened elsewhere why not in Barnsley? Pits create jobs outside of the pit too......remember

Reply Posted by Paul on Tuesday July 16 2013 at 12:57
Has anyone ever thought that maybe the reason why "the Poles" are (allegedly) getting "all the jobs" is because they are honest, hard working, reliable people who don't whinge and just get on with their work? I see dozens of, quite simply, unemployable people whinging that they can't get jobs. Ask yourselves this question - if you were the one giving jobs out, would you want someone who was hard working and reliable or a layabout who thought that the world owed them everything and who blamed everyone and everything else for their own failures?

Reply Posted by King Fred on Tuesday July 16 2013 at 14:59
Because Labour let them all in and our kids kind find jobs as a result.
My lad just got laid off and been trying to get a job for the last 4 weeks, he went to asos and was basically told unless he spoke Polish then he had no chance.
This country is f*cked.

Reply Posted by Paul on Thursday July 18 2013 at 21:06
Well there you go then, learn Polish.

Reply Posted by terry on Tuesday July 16 2013 at 14:21
I'D like to know what our three MP's are doing about getting the bedroom tax scrapped?

Reply Posted by Barry on Tuesday July 16 2013 at 14:57
They wont do anything you fool.

Reply Posted by Stevo on Tuesday July 16 2013 at 16:26

Another soundbite from Duggy Dugher!

There is no "real jobs guarantee" in our town, the only guarantee is that you will come across employers and agencies that will ONLY take on Eastern European migrant workers, ASOS, SASH, SYMPHONY, to name but a few. Companies that couldn't give a monkeys about local people who are desperate to find work any work.

Tackle the employers who pay the crap minimum wage and actively discriminate against our own brothers and sisters, then and only then would local people have a chance of finding work.

So reading between the lines, Duggy wants folk that have been unemployed for two years to be "shoved" into minimum wage jobs? and have their benefits stopped if they don't take the job?
This coming from a Labour politician?
Labour get more like the Tories every day.

I have news for you DUGGY, Their are NO jobs, the employers and agencies have set on Eastern Europeans and they have taken the large majority of the jobs, if you cared to enter the constituencies that you are supposed to represent then you would realise this!

Dear Duggy and Labour cohorts, you have no clear policies of your own and are Tory lite, your leader Ed Millichip is about as charismatic as a wet Haddock and make no bones about this, unless you radically change your policies and retain true to the original ideals of the Labour movement,,the party for the working man, then you my pedigree chums are FINISHED!

Even the idiotic people of our proud town that vote you in time after time are are getting sick of you and "new" Labour.

Your time is up.

ipso Regulated