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Residents Concerned About Housing Plan

Thursday July 4 2013

We Are Barnsley We Are Barnsley

CONCERNED residents fear Penistone's infrastructure will not be able to support the influx of people if plans for 165 new homes are approved.

Penistone's lack of school places, inadequate medical facilities and busy roads were cited as the main objections to the proposals off Hartcliff Road.

Loss of green space around the town was a worry, following a public consultation held by property company Persimmon Homes.

The proposed site has been marked to be considered for development under Barnsley Council's Local Development Framework, which will shape future planning policy in the borough, but it's not guaranteed to be built on.

John Malinowski, 50, has helped establish a group of about 40 worried residents, who will discuss proposals when a planning application, which is expected to be submitted next month, goes in.

"In the main, people are trying to be reasonable about what's happening to Penistone," he said. "We're not against development, but it needs to be sustainable.

"I haven't read anywhere where Barnsley Council has said it will improve the town's infrastructure."

Fellow resident Merna Hodgkiss said: "You might call me a NIMBY but how can Penistone cope with such an influx of residents?

"The bus companies have cut services, the doctors are full, so are the dentists, and the schools have not the vacancies to cope with such an increase."

Following last week's public consultation, Wayne Gradwell, managing director of Persimmon Homes, said: “The site off Hartcliff Road has been identified as an appropriate location for future development, and as a responsible builder we wanted to be certain that any application we propose has been thoroughly considered by the local community it will serve."

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Reply Posted by Bugs on Sunday July 7 2013 at 19:49
Why should Penistone be any different from anywhere else?

The people who live there do not care when new houses are built on greenbelt as i Dodworth, Brierley, Goldthorpe and so on. They do not care that school across the borough are full to bursting and GPs and dentists. Nor as re they bothered about car parking or industrial units until of course it happens to them.

Tough I say and let us build on Cawthorne, Silkstone, Hoylandswaine and Thurlstone whilst we are at it! Then they can live in the real world too. Oh and let us stick the new superfast train under them too.

Reply Posted by Vonnie on Thursday August 18 2016 at 11:16
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