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Council Responds On Transport Improvements

Friday June 28 2013

We Are Barnsley We Are Barnsley

BARNSLEY Council's ruling cabinet has responded to suggestions on how it can improve Barnsley's transport infrastructure and ensure development land is used to 'best effect'.

The recommendations were made by the economy and skills scrutiny commission which looked at whether Barnsley has the right transport infrastructure and development sites needed to attract major new employers to the borough.

The council's cabinet has released a report outlining its responses to the commission's investigation.

With regards to concerns raised about greenbelt land being used for development, the cabinet said all potential employment sites are assessed for suitability prior to being included.

And it agreed that existing 'brownfield' sites be fully exploited in order to minimise the impact of future development on greenbelt.

The commission said traffic levels in Barnsley are increasing and are expected to continue to rise so locals should be encouraged to use 'sustainable travel options' such as walking, cycling and public transport where possible.

The cabinet report states budgets in Barnsley have been allocated to key bus route improvements, walking and cycling, and travel planning.

Recent grants had provided investment in bus route improvements and walking and cycling in the Dearne, provided a new bus accessing ASOS at Grimethorpe, and doubled the frequency of the X19 bus between Barnsley and Doncaster.

Further walking and cycling routes are planned for Barnsley town centre and in Hoyland/Elsecar, and the final phase of the Elsecar Park and Ride at Elsecar railway station is due to start.

New walking and cycling routes at Carlton Community College and Shafton ALC have been installed, and similar improvements were made at Horizon Community College and Netherwood at Wombwell.

It said studies carried out at Carlton Community College show cycling increased from one per cent to nine per cent in the first year of the routes being in place.

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Reply Posted by Graham on Sunday June 30 2013 at 15:26
The Council, as usual, are simply tinkering with the transport infrastructure.

To assist with the regeneration of the town centre and the wider borough two new roads need to be developed. Indeed, had the council had the vision the two roads would have been developed years ago.

1. A dual carriageway linking the M1 and the town centre. In an attempt to get traffic in and out of town quicker.

2. A northern relief road. In an attempt to ease the traffic flows on both Wakefield road and Huddersfield road.

I note from this weeks issue of the Barnsley Chronicle that Sainsburys are to create a large store on the site of the existing B&Q store at Stairfoot. This will then lead to additional retail units being created on the land adjacent to and beyond the Sainsburys store. This should lead to the creation of a substantial retail park which will be an excellent development. Sadly, this will give rise to a substantial amount of extra traffic and thought will need to be given as to how that traffic is dealt with. Surely it cannot all be expected to arrive and depart via Stairfoot roundabout. Consequently a new road will also be required here. Without giving the matter too much thought, I would imagine that a new road linking the Aldham Bridge area with Hunningley lane would be required.

Come on Barnsley council, get on with it.

Reply Posted by Grim on Monday July 1 2013 at 19:44
It is laughable that they expect people to walk when the pavements are so shabby, or use bikes on roads full of pot holes. Also the bus services are generally poor and too expensive.

The road networks in and out of town have been a mess for over 30 years. Why build the Alhambra on a major route in for example? Why put a one way system in the middle of the town and pedestrian walkways in when the town is too narrow to support them? The bus station has always been in the wrong place.
The new town hall developments and the money spent on the top of the hill is a waste. It needed spending on the markets and the shopping centre. After all nobody wants to walk up to the Town Hall.

The Stairfoot Sainsburys is a farce waiting to happen. I am guessing that BMBC want their own little Cortonwood after whining that Cortonwood pulls shoppers away from Wombwell. What will this do? Traffic will be a nightmare.

As for brown field site usage, well I for one would like to see the figures proving that. So far I see green field development but not much in the way of brown field development.

Reply Posted by guesty mcguest on Monday July 1 2013 at 22:06
I know how bmbc can improve things, the whole highways department can resign
The wickes debacle is evidence enough that they haven't a clue