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Sexual Exploitation High On Police's Agenda

Thursday June 27 2013

DCI Mark Wilkie DCI Mark Wilkie

THERE are 15 ongoing investigations into children at risk of sexual exploitation in Barnsley.

DCI Mark Wilkie said the issue of child sexual exploitation came to the fore with cases in Rotherham, Rochdale and Oxford where gangs had groomed young girls for sex.

"The general view with regards to Barnsley is we do not have the same issue with this as other areas in South Yorkshire.

"We don't have a massive problem with it, however one of the things we have to be careful with is that while there may not be a visible problem, we cannot take our eyes off the ball and have to look a little deeper."

Child sexual exploitation is a form of abuse where young people are forced or manipulated into sexual activity.

The police say offenders may sometimes get the young person to engage in sexual activity by giving them attention, treats, alcohol, drugs or a place to stay.

In some cases they may even manipulate the young person into believing they're in a consensual relationship and that they love them.

It's a problem that's high on the agenda for the Barnsley force, says DCI Wilkie.

"In Barnsley we have now got a specific detective who looks at child sexual exploitation as a full-time job and that role has come from funding from Commissioner Shaun Wright's budget," he said.

"It's a crime that ruins lives and we're talking about vulnerable people here. It's usually young girls who are vulnerable to this, who find themselves in situations not of their choosing.

"They get sucked into a lifestyle that does them no good and our job is to spot the early signs of this and make interventions and focus on would-be offenders."

While there are no areas in town that are the specific focus of police attention, DCI Wilkie said there are places kids congregate where there might be an issue, such as the interchange, although there is no specific intelligence of this happening 'on a daily basis'.

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Reply Posted by craig on Thursday June 27 2013 at 13:28
we know what rotherhams full of, so it stands to reason why it happens there and its lower in barnlsey..

Reply Posted by Andy on Thursday June 27 2013 at 14:28
Coupled with this is the issue of the town's youth provision being cut back. Where will the young people congregate when they have no youth provision to socialise in? Does not take much imagination to see that more young people will be 'driven' onto using the streets as a recreational recourse. Therefore, making them venerable to adults who target them in order to exploit them.

Reply Posted by Grim on Friday June 28 2013 at 13:15
@Craig - surely that is just a nasty racial remark as is common on here. There are groomers of every age and colour but nearly all of them are men........

@Andy - True but surely it is down to parents to invest time and money into the issue and to look out for their kids. Obviously the most at risk are the kids in care who have come from awful situations to start with. Social services need to improve to stop this.

Reply Posted by keithy on Monday July 1 2013 at 08:42
Craig might appear racist to you Grim, but its the truth, its the do- gooders ike you that helps these things along.

Reply Posted by Chris on Monday July 1 2013 at 08:53
Agree with Craig and keithy, majority of these offenders from rotherham were foreign, that's fact not racism. It's things like this happening that end up making people racist, but that's another matter. All child groomers etc should be castrated and branded for everyone to see whothey are!

Reply Posted by Paul on Monday July 1 2013 at 09:29
Were Talking about gangs or men here that are actively grooming young vulnerable girls, This isnt just an isolated matter this has been going on for years but kept quiet to avoid racial tensions, And yes it is mostly Asian men that are involved, 7-8 of these Asian gangs have been prosecuted recently will still more pending court, When was the last time you saw a gang of any other origin being prosecuted for this sort of crime in this country?. And all the do-gooders would sing a different tune if it was one of there Daughters being abused in this way. And before the so called do-gooders start: I'm not racist I just hate people from all colours and creeds who abuse Kids in anyway!. statistics show that 2000-3000 young Asian girls go missing from the school registers every single year in this country from as young as 8 years old, The Majority are forced into arranged marraiges back in overseas countrys never to be seen again, This is the reality!

Reply Posted by Kev, on Wednesday July 3 2013 at 22:33
Wright found the budget to do this which is a good thing. He had to after the cock ups he made when he was on the board of Child protection services in Rotherham.

Reply Posted by Bob on Wednesday July 3 2013 at 22:35
Grim has it right. Colour isn't related to grooming. Yes, there was a big story about Asian men grooming white girls recently, but that doesn't mean all grooming is done by Asian men. The fact is, if these vulnerable girls had the parental guidance and protection that they need, they would be safe from grooming. Perverts come in all colours. It's up to us to protect our children.

Reply Posted by Observer on Wednesday July 3 2013 at 23:23
Everyone has their views. Grim has his. But come on. It's time people's,stopped hiding behind the racist thing. Facts are facts. We can't hide behind racist comments all the time. We can ans must withhold out integrity. And believe in what we believe in, just because we might upset someone , or seen to be racist. It must stop now. ,,these are Muslim people. We all know this. Including grim.

Reply Posted by keithy on Thursday July 4 2013 at 00:24
Henry is right, in fact he,s spot on, regardless of what Grim or anyone else says, why cant we speak our minds and say the truth ?

Reply Posted by Paul on Thursday July 4 2013 at 03:25
It's easy to shout racist if you do not live in an area where things like child grooming is prevalent. In fact, I think the cases that have surfaced are only scratching the surface! People make the mistake of calling all Asians - When in reality it is only a certain group of Asians. I have not got a problem with muslims (Because this is what the thread is really about in all honesty) I have a problem with extreme muslims (As do the biggest percentage of other muslims) this type of muslim has no regard whatsoever for a child and to this type of muslim, the young child is just looked at as a piece of meat! In all honesty, even though I am not a member of any group or association, I have to totally agree with a great many things that EDL leader Tommy Robinson has to say. I cannot believe that people are so blind as not to see that there is a war going on in our own country! The extreme muslims will not rest until they see the islamisation of the UK and the rest of the western world......It's coming!..........AND, before anyone jumps on this post of mine and starts screaming racist at me I am married to an Asian lady who would probably join the EDL before me!

Reply Posted by ray on Thursday July 4 2013 at 07:45
Over 80% of child abuse takes place in the family home, The ethic population of the country runs at around 5% therefore the vast majority of child abusers are White British, FACT!!!!!

Reply Posted by Paul on Thursday July 4 2013 at 13:44
OK, but this is not about the single mother's new boy friend or an uncle sexually abusing kids - It's about organised crime on a large scale!

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