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Budget Set For Council Building Maintainence

Thursday June 20 2013

Budget set for council-owned buildings Budget set for council-owned buildings

THE budget for maintaining council-owned buildings and services has been set at £1.8million.

The maintenance budget for the year is £1,861,000 in total, with £1,381,000 allocated for works this year along with £85,000 in maintenance fees, and £395,000 carried over from the previous budget.

Proposed priorities include £409,000 allocated to Barnsley Premier Leisure to maintain the Metrodome, Hoyland Leisure Centre, Royston Civic Hall, Royston Leisure Centre, Dearnside Leisure Centre, Dorothy Hyman Sports Centre and Hillies Golf Club at Wombwell.

Proposals include items such as repairs to the steel chimney and gymnasium roof at the Metrodome and replacing the squash court and gym roof at Royston Leisure Centre.

Cemeteries in the borough and Barnsley Crematorium will be allocated £79,000 work including footpath, drain and wall repairs.

Culture and heritage hot spots such as Cannon Hall, the Cooper Art Gallery, Elsecar Heritage Centre and Worsbrough Mill will be allocated £94,000 for proposals including the external painting to Worsbrough Mill, rewiring the electrics at Cooper Art Gallery and the ballroom floor being stripped and resealed at Cannon Hall.

The council's Parks Services will receive £32,500 for Mapplewell Pavilion, Green Road and Water Meadows Park at Penistone, Thurnscoe Park and Mitchell Fields at Worsbrough.

The Smithies depot has been allocated £37,500 for things such as refurbishing the garage toilet, replacing the roof of the MOT garage and replacing windows.

About £210,500 will be used to maintain the council's admin buidlings including remedial work and some new carpets at Barnsley Town Hall, Commerce House, Regent Street, Hoyland Town Hall, Westgate Plaza One.

Libraries in Penistone, Wombwell and Worsbrough will share £16,000 for new lighting, windows and skylights.

Dearne Enterprise Centre has been allocated £20,000 to renew the fire alarm system.

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Reply Posted by David on Tuesday June 25 2013 at 22:28
How do they come up with these figures. £37000 for the garage. I'd love to see the quotes for the jobs. You could build four for that. As for carpets for various council buildings, have they not heard of austerity. Use that £215 to do something useful in the area. They have just closed three youth clubs. Carpets for councilors or clubs for kids, not a tough decision unless you are in council chambers obviously. Finally why are the council giving money to BPL with a list of directors as long as your arm. £409000 for refurbishments. Why are they not raising money for themselves if they are a charity as they claim. Did they not get £500000 off the council last year for refurbishments? Is it because a number of the board are ex council members.