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Conservation Mowing Results In Rat Increase, Says Resident

Thursday June 20 2013

Rat increase in overgrown area Rat increase in overgrown area

A GRASSED area where mowing has been reduced for the benefit of local wildlife has been attracting rats, according to residents.

The Inkerman field is between Upperwood Road and Barnsley Road. It's one of a number of sites in Wombwell and Darfield identified by Barnsley Council for twice-yearly 'conservation' mowing, as opposed to 'amenity' mowing 12 times a year, to benefit wild animals.

Donna Tindle, 35, regularly visits her grandparents on Upperwood Road, whose house backs onto the uncut grass, but says it's not attracting the right kind of wildlife.

"It looks a right mess. It's been mowed around the edges and on the paths but that's it," she said.

"It used to be kept pretty low but it's already ankle length now and full of rats."

The sites were chosen after the Dearne Valley was recognised as one of only 12 national 'nature improvement areas' by the government - with up to £1.5million of funding expected to follow over the next three years.

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Reply Posted by les on Thursday June 20 2013 at 12:08
Rats are wildlife. and i dont think that there are any problems that can be associated with rats in fields.
I have a field at the back of me that has rats mice and voles in it but while ever they are in the field.there not in houses.
Rats never harm people unless they are cornered .
Leave them alone theyve always been there.
Listening to comments on w a b there are more problem rats walking round barnsley town centre than there are in your field

Reply Posted by stevo on Monday June 24 2013 at 01:33
Rats are vermin!
They carry a multitude of diseases, remember the black death that wiped out half of Europe?
heres a few to chew on...
Weil’s disease
Foot and mouth disease
to name but a few,yes rats are relatively harmless in the wild but get them in your home and it is entirely a different kettle of fish.
The biggest problem is homeowners feeding our native birds by bird tables and hanging fat balls etc, yup granted our native birds are fed but so are the rats and mice.
As much as we like to feed our native birds, especially in winter, think twice!

Reply Posted by tracy on Thursday June 20 2013 at 13:15
they have done it where i live too and it looks a right mess .. children play on this area and because they cant see in the long grass they risk getting cut ect as people are throwing their rubbish in it . Animals are ending up at the vets ect .. its another cut back that they are trying to fob off in my opinion :(

Reply Posted by Mick on Thursday June 20 2013 at 13:17
LMAO Your right there Les . There called SMACKRATS in the town centre!

Reply Posted by donna on Thursday June 20 2013 at 15:51
My grandparents are eldrly and have had rats in their garden rats carry desaise and as for people on wab saying its rubbish that attracts them my grandparents are spotless and don't leave rubbish out they have lived at that house since it was built worked all their lives and they have to look at that and its a playing field not a wildlife site you wouldn't be happy if it were in your back gardwn would you?

Reply Posted by tax payer on Thursday June 20 2013 at 16:59
YES I WOULD Donna ! i think you will find its tax payers money that pays for the land too be mawn. I personally would like too see more greenbelt land in this town and stop housing AND isnt it a "nature improvement area " ? when its sold and they build houses for one person families will you complain again ?

Reply Posted by Dannyboy on Thursday June 20 2013 at 17:49
Usual ill educated ignorance. Rats, shrews, field mice and voles are all normal in grasslands and are not a problem. When will people realise that in order to have a thriving ecosystem that feeds, waters and protects us we need to do more for local wildlife? And it doesn't look a mess, granted rubbish does so do a litter pick if it's that bad, fully grown grasses and herbs are gorgeous and not the sterile short cut turf that people have got used to. It's about time we started to take care of the ecosystem services that give us life and celebrate the biodiversity Barnsley has. Also the cost of cutting longer grass swards once is about the same as cutting 12 times for short swards, do no money saving at all. We should welcome the nature improvement area and other similar projects in the boro and relish our flora and fauna

Reply Posted by les on Thursday June 20 2013 at 21:18
As i said in the first place if there is rubbish tipped and broken glass etc i dont think it is the wild creatures that are dumping it.
I sometimes think people answer there own questions and as far as rats causing disease . yes they do they are called humans....
Without getting into science .
There is only one serious disease that rats carry and that is rare.
The plague that people associate with rats did not come from the rat but the fleas .
Humans on the other hand spread more disease than any other creature after all we were the ones that brought the flea ridden variety into europe

Reply Posted by peterc on Friday June 21 2013 at 10:44
Good response Dannyboy, totally agree, its great to see wildlife corridors being created. And for a change on here, well composed; even got punctuation's etc, even I had to use spell check lol.

Reply Posted by les on Tuesday June 25 2013 at 00:31
Wiels disease roughly affect about 40 people per year not bad considering there are about. 1 rat per 164 ft. throughout the uk and if people didnt feed birds and keep the rats outside.....they would be in..
fact most rats enter peoples house because the state of gaps in outside piping in new build houses allows them easy access..
In old houses with out buildings and filthy sheds allows access to warmth.
And that old car.mattress many things that people leave to encourage them to increase.
And as i said earlier we as humans helped
transport the rat from china with the fleas.
And what rat brought bird flu. none . most of the serious diseases come from asia and are not brought over with rats. but by people

Reply Posted by Sal on Tuesday June 25 2013 at 21:08
Oh for goodness sake.
The environment is far more important than places looking 'nicer'.

Why can't people just get off their own selfish high horses and start caring about stuff that matters. Like caring for the environment.
I sometimes think people won't be happy until there are no meadows and green spaces left and all taken up by drab, choking concrete or anything else for their own selfish gains.


Reply Posted by Naturegod on Tuesday June 25 2013 at 21:12
Stupid ignorant people, you are never more than 15ft from a rat whether the grass be long, short or you live in a town centre. Nature finds it's own balance, and humans screw it up.

Reply Posted by anon on Tuesday June 25 2013 at 21:15
I live just behind the field and i have no problem at all with it. Asking as the rats stay put of my house in fine with it. Some people are extremely picky the government try doing something good for a change but it gets thrown back at them...

Reply Posted by andy on Tuesday June 25 2013 at 21:16
get the grass cut. then poison all the rats. starting with them that suppose to run the country.

Reply Posted by darrell haywood on Tuesday June 25 2013 at 21:39
simple dont throw your rubbish on the floor,rats are opportunists and are only there because there is food long grass or short there will be rats ...simpples peeps.

Reply Posted by trish on Tuesday June 25 2013 at 21:46
take a look on Oaks Lane at the old Barnsley Main site. I cant believe how the grass has been cut! It has only been cut around the perimeter !!! What a MESS!!! What is the council going or should i say not going to do next??!!! Its beyond a joke! If they want to cut costs, try reducing the councilors and the expenses. That should really save a load of money!!!!!

Reply Posted by Wedge ov Hoyland on Tuesday June 25 2013 at 21:48
Leave rats alone the onley in a field her in pic looks like a dirty rat and her kid looks like a smack rats kid

Reply Posted by flapper on Tuesday June 25 2013 at 22:04
That's sooooo horrible, you stinky knicker wedge. Grow up

Reply Posted by scum hater on Tuesday June 25 2013 at 22:04
What a pathetic specimen you are boy

Reply Posted by anon on Wednesday June 26 2013 at 06:59
You seriously need to grow up little boy putting people down you don't know the only reason you do it is because of your own issues (small penis?) How do you like it?

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