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Man Gets Conditional Discharge After Cannabis Use

Tuesday June 11 2013

Barnsley Magistrates' Court Barnsley Magistrates' Court

A MAN has been given a six-month conditional discharge after using cannabis to relieve kidney pain.

Jeffrey Sweet, 31, who needs a kidney transplant and undergoes dialysis three times a week, told Barnsley Magistrates' Court he felt sick and dizzy as well as suffering pain.

"Cannabis helps to alleviate the symptoms," said Mr Sweet, who was not represented by a solicitor.

Jayne Ormrod, prosecuting, said a small amount of cannabis was found at Sweet's home on Brookhill Road.

Sweet, who admitted possession of the drug, was ordered to pay £35 in costs and a £15 victim surcharge. 

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Reply Posted by les on Tuesday June 11 2013 at 19:35
I think mr sweet you should have moved to holland.
you can can freely use it for your pain without people saying. your a criminal.
I dont condone drug taking but it is widely
known that it helps a lot with pain.
And as far as im concerned im still under the stupid misinterpretation that we are in the european union .
The fact that tobacco is almost half the price. and you pay the local vat and taxes
to get it taken away from you in .only england means your not in a union.
To get a bus pass in scotland at 60, and free prescriptions. Does not make you a united kingdom..
And if you have pain and that drug helps you i suggest you upsticks and move there
or buy a boat go out to sea and smoke it where no one can see you
because no law in this country gives a toss

Reply Posted by Anon on Thursday June 13 2013 at 12:30
I am a kidney cancer patient, I can have morphine but can't put up with the hallucinations that go with it. How can anything that gives relief from pain be considered a crime? If in desperation I do decide to try the weed, a £50 fine would only further add to the burden of recent benefit cuts. Must the Liverpool Pathway begin with a criminal conviction?