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Hundreds Summoned To Court Hearing

Friday June 14 2013

Barnsley Magistrates' Court Barnsley Magistrates' Court

HUNDREDS of people across Barnsley have been summoned to court - after falling behind with their council tax.

They have been called to attend a court hearing at Barnsley Magistrates' on June 20.

The summons has been sent to everyone who is behind with payments. But in many cases people who are in arrears with the council tax are also in arrears with rent payments because of the 'bedroom tax' - a cut in benefits for people in council or social housing who have a spare room.

Darren Glover, 46, of Springbank Close, Carlton, has a weekly income of £43 hardship allowance - £18.10p of which is paid on gas, electric, water and his television licence.

That leaves him with less than £25 per week to pay his council tax, 'bedroom tax' and feed himself.

He has not paid any council tax, which is £3.50 per week, since April and is in rent arrears by £48. He has been summoned to court to pay his full council tax bill of £105 plus £52 court costs.

He added: "I'm not coping very well on less than £3.50 per day. I eat cereals for breakfast, toast during the day and might have a pie for tea.

"This letter has upset and frightened me."

Susan Moore, 55, of Clipstone Avenue, Athersley, has also fallen behind with her council tax payments and rent. She didn't pay anything before April and is now struggling.

She had a kidney transplant in June last year and has 21 grandchildren who all use her spare room at weekends when they come to stay.

She said: "It's wrong. I've told them I can't afford to pay it but they just said it will be stopped out of my money if I don't pay."

Fran Postlethwaite, of Barnsley Against Bedroom Tax, said campaigners were planning to 'blockade' the court.

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Reply Posted by jane on Friday June 14 2013 at 10:51
Really upsetting to read makes me angry , how the hell can people be hounded for money they clearly have not got its sickening and inhuman Fortunate to have a job and the means to pay my way but I am also aware that with the job situation both myself and a lot of other people might face this wretched tax . People will simply turn to crime and at least one is afforded 3 decent meals a day whilst in prison . . . mind boggles doesn't it !

Reply Posted by Robbie on Friday June 14 2013 at 10:56
It is just plainly shameful and shows what a disgrace this country has become. This is akin to the Nazi Party persecuting the Jews, only this time, it is the UK government persecuting the poor and feeding the rich... a revolt is in the pipeline for sure!

Reply Posted by mick on Friday June 14 2013 at 12:33
Agree with you Robbie .We need to take to the streets.

Reply Posted by steve on Friday June 14 2013 at 10:59
the council have never issued summons' this quick for default on council tax payments.The reason is a lot of ppl on benefits are paying council tax for the 1st time an with the onset of the bedroom tax they are scared of mass non payment.The council need cases to go through courts before they can apply for DWP stoppages which ensures they get their money.The council are even dropping the court costs once they have applied to the DWP.

Reply Posted by steve on Friday June 14 2013 at 11:03
I recieved my summons after being late on a payment.When i rang the council i was told to bin the letter an not to bother to turn up at court and they would just apply to DWP so i have nothing to worry about....crafty ..

Reply Posted by Miss on Friday June 14 2013 at 11:08
I am one of the many with a summons, we only have enough left over each week from our income to feed our kids.

Reply Posted by maz on Friday June 14 2013 at 11:19
if the council built more 1 bedroom and 2 bedroom homes and flats their would be none of this it just gets more people into debt

Reply Posted by mick on Friday June 14 2013 at 11:30
just write them a letter and tell them you cant get a stocking off a bare leg,so there fore you`ll get it when ive got it,bollocks

Reply Posted by AHR on Friday June 14 2013 at 11:39
The Bedroom tax should not have been implemented until there were smaller houses available for people to move into,but even after the furore by some Labour councilors the Labour party wont give a guarantee that they will revoke this stupid cut in benefits if the get elected in the next General election.

Reply Posted by STEVO on Friday June 14 2013 at 14:09
you do realise that the beloved labour party actually voted in favour of the bedroom tax don't you?

Reply Posted by Bri on Friday June 14 2013 at 12:18
Neither Councils or the Government have any intentions of building ''ONE BEDROOM'' homes for people hit by the bedroom tax to move in to. Simply because if everybody who is being forced to pay the bedroom tax moved in to one bedroom properties the bedroom tax would come to an abrupt end and the Government would lose out on millions of pounds that it is creating via the bedroom tax.

If you think putting ''LABOUR'' back in to power is going to make any difference, then you're wrong. If Labour do get back in to power they will not scrap the bedroom tax. All they'll do is rub their greedy little hands together and ask themselves; ''Why didn't we ever think of a bedroom tax?'' Then they will raise the tax. You don't believe me? Then wait and see.

Reply Posted by stevo on Friday June 14 2013 at 14:08
Correct on all points Bri.
I do genuinely feel for the people being persecuted by the Tories, as you rightly say Labour will never repeal the bedroom tax and I have also mentioned this on various occasions on my posts.
They WONT change ANY of the Tory policies "IF" they get in to power in the next GE, they have lost the goodwill of the genuine working people that the party was set up to represent and unless they radically change their policies it will only throw many people into the arms of UKIP.

Reply Posted by steve on Friday June 14 2013 at 12:33
government not finished with us yet dss sent you letter this is how much law says you need to live on not any more load of bo..ocks

Reply Posted by stevo on Friday June 14 2013 at 14:15
The bedroom tax IS a psychological "ploy" to get people off benefits and into minimum wage jobs.
This ploy is bound to fail as we all know, common sense dictates that if someone who take a job on MW has a family to support then that person will have to apply for Tax Credits to make ends meet.

Madness and just doesn't make any sense does it?

The nasty Tories aren't bothered though, they are already murdering hundreds of thousands of people via their "murdering" arm ATOS!

Reply Posted by Jimmy on Friday June 14 2013 at 16:33
Everyone who has received a summons should turn up for their appointed hearing. If enough people attend the court will be unable to deal with the sheer volume of cases. Exactly the same happened with the Poll Tax. It wasn't petitions, letters to the press or opposition MPs that saw it off. It was mass non-payment and to a lesser extent civil disobedience. I'm attending to tell them I can't afford the Council Tax and certainly not the court-imposed charge on top. Balls to them. Incidently I'm unemployed through redundancy and the benefit I claim has been paid for many times over from my previous earnings. I'm no scrounger.

Reply Posted by russ on Friday June 14 2013 at 17:23
there is a lot of people who are going to turn up already from different bedroom tax groups if anyone is affected by these letters turn up 9.30 to 10 oclock next thursday 20th to show your support

Reply Posted by sarah on Friday June 14 2013 at 19:15
Stevo you are right not everyone who has had these letters is unemployed. My partner is self employed and as he has no fixed income we have fallen behind £98 1 months worth of council tax We get very little tax credits so cannot use those to catch up.I think they are doing this to us to regain some of the money they have paid out in expenses to our pathetic councillors. Even if we do catch up with the arrears we still have to go to court.As far as voting goes the Polish are natural Conservatives so we have no chance of getting them out seeing as there are over a million of them in this country and they dont usually vote in local elections so wont make any difference in barnsley.

Reply Posted by mick on Saturday June 15 2013 at 00:28
Stevo .Every time you comment a tend to agree 99% of the time . Keep it up Bro :)

Reply Posted by stevo on Saturday June 15 2013 at 04:08
Mick, glad you enjoy posts from "the voice of reason", not everyone agrees with my views and it does makes for a more fascinating debate.
Back on topic, the Tories are all about demonising the poor and ensuring those that have millions retain their millions...
I am not affected by the bedroom tax but I know a lot of people that are, this is only the beginning of the welfare cuts believe me.

Irrespective of your political persuasion or indeed beliefs, it is about time that people stood shoulder to shoulder and take this idiotic government down.

This has to start with our town and Labour council in particular, the majority of people in our town have had enough of Labour and just to re-iterate yet again:

They have done nothing for our town, kick them into the gutter where they belong.

Don't think for one minute that Labour will be any better when (if) they get in next time, that is all I can say.....

Reply Posted by Grim on Monday June 17 2013 at 10:43
Stevo I am well aware that you often call people out for being Tories ( even if they are not) and yet you also see that Labour will carry on in the same vein if voted back in at the general elections. Plus it is true that the councils run by Labour have recently been shown to contain the poorest, sickest people with the shortest life spans!
So my question is, as you seem to know it all, who should people vote for? You are good at moaning but I have yet to see you offer any constructive advice. On one hand you are wealthy with a big patio and living in a nice area but yet you do like to comment.....

Reply Posted by stevo on Monday June 17 2013 at 12:46
Grim, I'll tackle the bottom portion of your comment first, if, indeed I did know it al,l do you no think I would have more wealth and an even bigger patio?
nice thinks come by hard work that is my mantra.

Can you remember the conversation we had about Labour run councils and the north west?
I'll jog your memory, go to any of the following towns, Burnley, Oldham, Rochdale, Bury, Wigan and you will see first hand what Labour councils are responsible for.
Blackburn is probably the worst and Barnsley looks like Beverly Hills in comparison.
Yes you are indeed correct about Labour councils and lifespans, our town has one of the worst statistics in the country for early deaths, via obesity and heart attacks to name but a few.

Back to who to vote for, it isn't up to me to tell people who to vote for, but here is my take on the main political parties:

Tories - Keeping the wealthy in their wealth.Nasty, murderers.
Labour - NO policies of their own, Tory Lite. Originally set up by the working man for the working man and are supposed to be socialist.
Have failed to remain true to their original ideals.
Lib Dems - Finished and will be cast into fourth division politics at the next elections.

And last but not least :

UKIP - One cannot ignore the meteoric rise of UKIP, have a look at their policies on their website and you will see that they are not too far away from the Tories own policies.
But does have to be said that UKIP policy is more "Nazi" in origin.
The only major different being the UKIP policy on immigration, which as we all know is THE major talking point.
UKIP know that the immigration "issue" is a vote winner and this very policy will ensure that the Lib Dems will be cast into fourth division politics at the next general election.

Who would I vote for?
None of the above, I can foresee yet another hung parliament and it does have to be said the a Tory/UKIP or Labour/UKIP alliance truly terrifies me.

What we need in this country is revolution, irrespective of ones political allegiances or beliefs.

Unfortunately, this will never happen as the people of our green and pleasant land are far too fickle.

The setting up of a new political party is also a non starter as whoever or whatever the party represents, they will be tarred as a new Nazi party.

Reply Posted by hard working mum of two on Sunday June 16 2013 at 13:40
If he has a spare bedroom has he tried filling it with a lodger and also how many jobs has he applied for since bedroom tax has been introduced? #justasking ;-)

Reply Posted by John Burke on Sunday June 16 2013 at 13:40
The bedroom and council tax new rules is just another attack on the most poorest in society. The biggest reason for people been out of work it's not been lazy but as a result of a capitalist economy that's sees gread and profit before people. This horrid tax reminds me of the poll tax and we remember what happened to thatcher and her merry men. Lets stand up and get behind our communities in struggle rather than condemn them. They are not scrounges like Torries would have you believe.

Reply Posted by stacey on Sunday June 16 2013 at 13:45
Hi al do u guys no who have to pay bedroom tax, u can go to council ask 4 a dps form and if ur low income they pay yor bedroom tax for u. x

Reply Posted by donna on Sunday June 16 2013 at 13:51
would u let a stranger into yr house ????? just asking

Reply Posted by hard working mum of two on Sunday June 16 2013 at 13:55
If it meant keeping a roof over my head and food in my belly id certainly try everything Donna :-)

Reply Posted by Tom on Sunday June 16 2013 at 13:59
Taxing people without an income or work is unfair, especially when they want to work. At least let people pay it in labour. Lots of the people would gladly work a few hours to cover their council tax bill, most of them ARE looking for full time work.
Many working people are also under-employed, they should be allowed to pay their bill in labour too.
Far better for us all to work together as a community, than to tax the poorest to pay inflated salaries to some of the wealthiest people in town (people high up in the council on the gravy train).
If people could pay their council tax in labour, we could actually get things done, instead of wasting money.

Reply Posted by Fred on Sunday June 16 2013 at 23:11
Tom, you are a buffoon !

Reply Posted by James on Wednesday October 16 2013 at 16:01
No Fred you are the bafoon and have no idea what it is like i am a disabled 26 year old my mum is a bank nurse and she has been charged way too much council tax that she doesn't even owe because she has tried to pay her payments best she can, So please stop calling Tome a bafoon, because they are hundreds of people hard working people or people who cant work cause they are a H n S risk i am one of those H n S risk getting prosecuted by a Nazi government with no human decency just like you, just ignore this cretinous moron Tom.

Reply Posted by Hayley on Sunday June 16 2013 at 14:15
If the government stopped payin mps and people who work along side them allowances for second homes and travel costs etc maybe the poor wouldnt have to suffer as much. What I would give to be able to have a second home so I can go to work. Havent they heard of b n bs?? I gwts me mad. I look after my dad and he has to pay this. The reason they gave him a 2 bed bungalow was because it was fully adapted for some1 who uses a wheel chair of which he is in. It isnt hus fault that they didnt have a 1 bedroomed fully adapted bungalow for him. Just hope people who need the help get it...

Reply Posted by Tony on Sunday June 16 2013 at 15:12
Nice suggestion Tom, but some of these people already 'work' for the council in voluntary posts and they still hit them for the new council tax minimum and bedroom tax. Yes the council should recognise these volunteers and give them 'local tax credits' or similar, but the bottom line here is that the money has to be raised from somewhere, the less one pays, the more others do.

Reply Posted by katy on Sunday June 16 2013 at 17:22
ive read some of the comments on here as im a single woman of 51 on benefits through no fault of my own... many of the jobs ive applied for are wanting younger people or they go to the polish cosovans and who ever else is in our town this country is heading for a major depression like the 30s and its the goverments fault who ever is in power make all the imigrants go back to where they came from and maybe there will be jobs for us british and more houses for those who need them its great how they get houses and benefits and then go rob people of there money at atms BRITISH ISLES what a crock and I wouldn't want no strangers living with me ya home is your castle not a jail

Reply Posted by Grim on Monday June 17 2013 at 10:46
Except Katy you and others keep forgetting that your home does not belong to you does it?
How many of you who are moaning about the bedroom tax and having to pay council tax have sky, smartphone contracts, internet, smoke, drink every week, drive and have a car and so on?
yep it is all about priorities. If you can afford to post on here then you can pay £3 odd a week in bills......

Reply Posted by letsdosomething on Monday June 17 2013 at 09:45
its time these mp's were speaking on our behalf instead of there own personal greed...its disgusting that someone is made to feel scared for not being able to pay something. if anything they should get a discount as its costing them to keep this room warm. we all know what needs to be done but the government hasnt a clue..tax credits aren't a help only to a select few, then were taxed on a wage and also council tax, which the greedy council takes majority of which personally for myself is for my bin emptying and a bit of street light!! majority should go to emergency services and schools not the council who employers keep getting criminal records for stealing this money. This country is corrupt and when someone stands up to these stupid fat cats and says no and we stand united we will never be appreciated and always treat like vermin.

Reply Posted by Fed up on Tuesday June 18 2013 at 22:11
Just jail me, How much does it cost to keep a person in jail per week. And how much do these people owe since April. It will not take long for the figures to not add up.

Reply Posted by Tired on Tuesday June 18 2013 at 22:18
It's not just people on benefits that can't afford to pay I also got a summons I work full time and get paid every 4 weeks when I get my wages after I've paid my rent , gas,electric , tv licence , water , travel to work which is bus passes, school meals for my children then food in my cupboards there is nothing left to pay 85 pound a month to council tax my husband is looking for a job and applying every week to get no where I can't even attend court to even try explain sort anything out as I'm working to survive!

Reply Posted by Mumof3 on Tuesday June 18 2013 at 22:21
Go out and get a job pay your rent your poll tax I have 3 children I have to work full time and I appreciate what we have yes it's difficult esp if u have disabilities but those are the minority most of the unemployed have no interest in working want to sit back and moan about the system when the majority have been fleecing it for years !!!

Reply Posted by gra on Tuesday June 18 2013 at 22:25
i know where katy s coming from a few yr ago my son used to work for a agency order picking as an when 1 day woman in charge asked him if he could get to other factory 12 miles away if so he could have a full time job my mate who did mini bus running for this company told me he picked 4 polish workers up in next village and then came back past my house and for my lad to stand outside and he could go and come back on bus thinking this would get him the job i spoke to woman in charge and suggested this only to be told he couldnt do that as the polish would refuse to ride with him and they didnt get as much a hour as my lad would have got born and lived in this town for 56yr and both my kids was born herwe so yes katy your right in most of your post

Reply Posted by sami on Tuesday June 18 2013 at 22:27
People who are "unable to work through no fault of there own" talk absolute tosh!!! There are jobs all over, factory work, fruit picking, leaflet delivering, driving jobs, take away jobs and many more. The fact is that the majority of long term benefit claimants are bone idle and do not want to work. Blaming foreign people for taking all the jobs is an easy excuse. They are taking the jobs that some of us think are below us, if work is so hard to find then why do they manage to find it? They can't go below minimum wage when taking job centre vacancies. Stop blaming councils, governments and anyone else you can think of and do what the majority of the country do and get off your backsides and find a job.

Reply Posted by Grumpy on Wednesday June 19 2013 at 12:36
Gorra agree wi ya there lass.
People that's disabled shunt ev ta pay it as far as am concerned.

Only folk moaning is them that's nivver worked, am not saying its reight the tax business but if it gets a few at moaners that dunt work back into a job then am all forrit.

Thuz loads a jobs art there I folks really wannem but the dunt cos the lazy and the blame polish all time for knicking alt jobs.

they ev gorra way wi it for too long and its abart time thet the made these thet dunt wanna work gerra job even if its ont minimum wage.

Am comin up for retirement sooin and av worked all mi life, cant really afford to pack in but company who a work for sez av gorra retire.

Near mind as gerra job darnt t'asda ort Tesco's shoving trollies abart te keep misen busy.

Reply Posted by fed up on Tuesday June 18 2013 at 22:31
Mum of 3, i broke my back and have never recovered after getting shafted by having to support myself on benefits. Do not judge everyone as work shy, i work now but my hours i can work have been reduced due to my disability.

Reply Posted by Mumof3 on Tuesday June 18 2013 at 22:45
Fed up re-read my comment I said it is difficult especially if you have a disability but you are the minority people unlike yourself have sponged off the system for years and that is one of the reasons we are in this predicament and it will only get worse !!!

Reply Posted by Advisor on Tuesday June 18 2013 at 22:47
A bedroom without a door is no longer a bedroom... Just sayin...

Reply Posted by sick of hearing moaning on Tuesday June 18 2013 at 23:01
The problemwith britain isnt the bedroom tax or council tax rises its the fact too many ha e had it too easy for far too long. I am vurrently disabled waiting for a transplant and i would take any job available if it meant iwas feeding and clothing my children. Too many want everything for free and actually believe they are entitled to it without putting a days work in. Lazy bastards breeding lazy bastards and if this is what it takes to getpeople off there arses and intowork then its actually a good thing. If youvegot kids aswell what type of example are you setting them? Instead of "if you want it go out and earn it" its closer to " if you want itpiss n moantilsomebody feels sorry enough tohand it you". No wonder your seen as scroungers whenover half on esa n disability are screwing system. GET UP GET OUT GET A ******* JOB. Stop blaming foreigners for taking jobs youwouldnt 'stoop so low'totake. Broken britain my arse its just ******* lazy n well done goverent for trying to fi d dakers its about ti.e

Reply Posted by ?? on Tuesday June 18 2013 at 23:02
This mite sound really harsh I've worked all my life can't get a council house as I'm not a priority so have to pay private 450 a month to be precise. I pay hundreds in tax and ni a month and then I have to pay for everything. But if I became unemployed I would get everything paid for me so to all you work shy idols f u c k e r s get a job. To all you that cannot work due disabilities and are tryin there upmost to get back in to work I ope they scrap the bedroom tax for u and punish the 1s that jst think the government shud keep em.

Reply Posted by DWP Worker on Tuesday June 18 2013 at 23:48
Simple solution, get jobs; pay your way in society and stop sponging off the state. Then you wont have to whinge and moan about having no money. When Im skint I have to wait til a wonderful day called PAYDAY where i get money that ive EARNED and not sponged off the state!!

Reply Posted by Jimmy on Wednesday June 19 2013 at 16:53
You're a public servant. Your attitude is appalling and very disrespectful to the people you are supposed to serve and assist into employment. Perhaps you are in the wrong job? Maybe you should change places with an unemployed person who has better interpersonal skills?

Reply Posted by James on Wednesday October 16 2013 at 16:08
LOl a DWP worker wonderful little people you lot are, NOT! How many disabled genuine people that cant work due to serious illness or conditions have you sent back into work only to either kill them off or make them even iller cause of their conditions you lot should all be ashamed of yourself oh and another thing i know you lot have been stealing benefits from JSA claimants as well and before you ask yes i am a geuine disabled person who wants to get back into work but there's no cure for what's wrong with me and i have been labeled unfit for work by 3 specialist doctors so please dont ever comment in this forum again you sick disgraceful person DWP employees are a waste of fresh air as far as i am concerned

Reply Posted by jan on Wednesday June 19 2013 at 01:27
how come you all think bedroom tax just affects the young ?? there is folks on pension getting exactly the same treatment.. dont tar everyone with one brush

Reply Posted by Grinface on Wednesday June 19 2013 at 12:29
Yep there are retired people who never worked much too!

Reply Posted by Grim on Wednesday June 19 2013 at 12:35
I am afraid that even if all the people affected try to drum up support, they will not get it. They must understand that working people are feeling fleeced too and so many will not have sympathy or empathy for the unemployed. especially when so many of the unemployed are aggressive towards the very people who are keeping them alive by paying taxes.

Times have changed and it will only get harder for those on benefits. Claimants must accept it and move on as it is only going to get worse!

Reply Posted by Jimmy on Wednesday June 19 2013 at 16:39
To DWP Worker. I am unemployed. I have paid tax and National Insurance for most of my adult life. Now that I am unfortunate enough to have been made redundant I am forced to sign on. I diligently search for work every single day to no avail. I put up with narrow minded people like you who believe that all unemployed people are scroungers. I put up with a constant stream of rejections from firms who prefer to employ people younger than myself and Eastern Europeans. I apply for menial work far below my level of qualifications as I consider myself to be a hard worker and any job is better than no job. I try to keep my sanity intact as I see my former standard of living and dignity status disappearing into the past. Tomorrow I will attend court to explain that I cannot pay Council Tax. I am already being Bedroom Taxed despite pleading (another assault on my dignity) with Berneslai Homes to move to a smaller property. Incidently I used to have a mortgage and my own home before I went through the process of losing my job which you believe is a lifestyle choice. The bottom line is that I am in negative equity. My outgoings outstrip my income, which like I said earlier I have contributed to the benefit system for years.

The DWP is not immune to changes in employment levels. I would hate for any working person to go through what I have and then face the possibility of becoming a convicted criminal to boot. In your case I will make an exception. When the DWP axe falls I hope you are first in line and then you can apply your bigoted logic to yourself and your former colleagues.

To the others on here who are cheerleaders for this vicious government policy. Remember with a small change in your personal circumstances it could be you next.

Reply Posted by james on Wednesday October 16 2013 at 16:13
Ty Jimmy my point exactly, althought im the opposite end of the spectrum to you, as i cant work been labeled unfit for work by 3 specialists no cure for me but the DWP keeps trying to stop my ESA even though they know im a H n S risk is appalling and did i forget to mention kept trying to put me on JSA and i couldnt even manage getting to half the places they send you and it made me ill. I even get ill going to the hospital wherei have to go to have my tests and things done so well done DWP and british government for another cockup on another disabled person who is geuinely ill maybe try getting a faker like the guy across my street who picks up paving slabs with a "back problems" and mows his lawn with "back problems" i try that my back goes out and i cant get up for hours and i am in chronic pain and i cant even turn a oven etc on in case i burn myself through my nerves being messed up, They are horrible people Jimmy full stop, only two i meant that were nice.

Reply Posted by Graham on Wednesday June 19 2013 at 17:41
I have no hesitation in saying that the council have a duty to all residents to ensure that everyone pays their share of council tax. If legal action is the only way to get some people to pay, then so be it.

Incidentally, this news item is about council tax, not the so called bedroom tax (which by the way, is not a tax)

Reply Posted by STEVO on Wednesday June 19 2013 at 18:27
Graham, isn't Jimmy suggesting that he is in court for non payment of council tax as he can no longer afford to pay it as he has to pay the Bedroom Tax?
That's how it reads to me.

Reply Posted by Jimmy on Thursday June 20 2013 at 01:02
I am, but let's not let facts get in the way of some old-fashioned prejudice and knocking those less fortunate. The summons is for Council Tax. No-one will get summoned to court for non-payment of Bedroom Tax. They will instead get evicted when their housing benefit fails to cover their rent. That's the Bedroom Tax.

Reply Posted by Jimmy on Thursday June 20 2013 at 01:25
Pay with what? Once food and bills are taken care of there is nothing, I mean NOTHING left. It's a subsistence existence, missing meals, wearing many layers of clothing etc. I have sold most of my posessions already (which I paid for with money earned when I wasn't workshy unemployed scratter vermin, insert derogatory term here). If it wasn't for using a friend's computer and interacting with the wider world I would have swallowed bleach a while ago. You people just don't get it. Have you any idea what it's like to fall from the basic principle of going out, working and having the satisfaction of knowing that you've earned it and contributed to society? I face the possibility of going to jail. Me, someone who's never even had a parking ticket (the car was sold to make ends meet a while ago). Why do you think that payday lenders are so prevalent these days? I haven't been remotely tempted to use them but plenty of people will. I will put myself to the mercy of the court and see what happens. Unless I sell a kidney I will have to accept my fate. I bet you are loving it, it's totally destroyed my faith in society and my fellow man. Set of bastards.

Reply Posted by stevo on Thursday June 20 2013 at 07:03
Jimmy, jimmy, I wasn't knocking you at all I was merely pointing out to narrow minded Graham the Tory that he may have misinterpreted your original post.

Reply Posted by jen lunn. on Wednesday June 19 2013 at 21:41
I h8 wen ppl tar all unemployed with the same brush gets on my nerves. I am a single parent through no fault of my own. Tried my best t get a job went t college did hair 4 3 years but no job at end of it. Went on jsa and now I'm on my last week of 8 week work placement hoping there's a job at the end but y would they wen they can get more t do slave labour. Wen I first applied for a house I asked 4 a 2 bed and they gave me a 3. Which I took because me n my daughter was sleeping on floors in other peoples houses. And now surprise surprise have to b at court because of rent arrears. By time I've paid bills, food, clothes for my daughter and now milk at school I am left with nothing can barely survive. There are no 2 bed houses available so me n my daughter being on the streets by Barnsley council is that really fair??????

Reply Posted by king hell the third on Thursday June 20 2013 at 23:43
What i find strange. is that nit one person
mentions cigarettes .beer lottery....scratchcards i find that in all these cases that such as stevo and fred. a couple of others and myself .try in a vague way to put the world to rights and have a dig at those ill doers of the world
but i cant help but think that not everyone tells the truth. i have seen people who dont work and claim benefits and dont work on the side who will buy 20 cigs per day at 6:40. and other items. so if they can afford these items above.and no one here obviously does then there is something not quite adding up what say you stevo and fred

Reply Posted by stevo on Friday June 21 2013 at 06:54
Les, £6.40? more like £8.60+ depending on brand.
I am a smoker and even I couldn't afford £6.40 a day.
Just for the record, I was in favour of the introduction of the welfare card, obviously wouldn't have never worked but a good idea in principle.

Back to the topic, I am sick of hearing the same old tabloid /Tory spin about benefit claimants being "scroungers" , living on £70 odd quid a week cant be no picnic

And again, as far as I am concerned the "bedroom tax" is a ploy to shove people into minimum wage jobs.
Bedroom tax should not apply to disabled people though, I totally disagree with that.

The Tories also tell us that we are haemorrhaging money on unemployment benefits, when in actual fact the majority of the welfare budget goes on pensions and Tax Credits.

So, shoving people into minimum wage jobs for those that have families to support simply doesn't make sense as they will claim tax credits to "top up" their earnings.

Horses for courses, just shows how totally (un) transparent Tory policy is and proves beyond any shadow of a doubt that they are the nasty party.

However, if people can work then they should work, the net is closing and a life on benefits will soon be a thing of the past.

everyone's entitled to their opinion.

Reply Posted by Jimmy on Friday June 21 2013 at 09:30
If people can afford to smoke and booze all day then there is something wrong. I can't afford to do either of those things as I get the basic dole and I'm honest. I had to apply to TV licencing to get a form to say my television was disconnected and out of use. Terrestrial TV in my opinion is not a necessity and certainly not a premium package such as SKY. The cheats are in the minority. If there was full employment with decent money some would still be bone idle. Years ago their own communties ostracised them for fecklessness (we all had a smelly kid from a problem family in our class at school). Now like I said before we're all tarred with the same brush. It sickens me that while I sit on the breadline with no way out people with not much more money and in a precarious employment situation themselves cheer enthusiastically while multi-millionaire public schoolboys. decide all of our fates.

Reply Posted by Jimmy on Friday June 21 2013 at 09:35
I would love to be shoved into a minimum wage job. I have pestered the dole for just such a thing but they don't do that anymore. What is disgusting is that wages are so low that people who work 40+ hours a week have to claim benefits on top. What is the cost to the country of that?

Reply Posted by king hell the third on Saturday June 22 2013 at 00:50
Heres a story to put the cat among the pigeons.
I know a person who was out of work a long time ago .
He went to the job centre and asked if he and 6 other out of workers could create a job with the use of an old council truck to keep th e highways and byways of barnsley clear of street and hedgerow rubish.
The creative job was declined by the job centre. in basic language it wasnt viable. there was no money in it.
But for the older end this was a common site known as a street cleaner.
Now people cant do work who are english
but you count how many car washes there are just between barnsley sheffield and rotherham alone. why was this job only created for immigrants

Reply Posted by Graham on Saturday June 22 2013 at 14:44
Could it be because the immigrants used their own initiative?

Reply Posted by king hell the third on Saturday June 22 2013 at 00:58
Why are the polish government encouraging there own people to stay here for there unemployment benefit. because in poland they only get 30:00 per week......but everything in poland is. Half the price it is here and less

Reply Posted by king hell the third on Saturday June 22 2013 at 15:05
No.....you try and get some spare land and try and do the same thing

Reply Posted by Graham on Saturday June 22 2013 at 15:34
Have you personally tried to do that and failed?

Reply Posted by king hell the third on Saturday June 22 2013 at 23:34
Of course i have. i dont just write letters here to get finger tappers cramp

Reply Posted by king hell the third on Sunday June 23 2013 at 01:57
I read a story from solihull around may 15. 2013. Which really gives an idea on the reality of what this government is all about..
A woman in her early 50s got assessed for the bedroom tax on the home she had for 18 years.
She was told she would have to pay £20 extra per week.
she had been so tormented in her mind that she couldnt afford this money.
One day she sat and wrote letters to her mother.and her children and during the night she walked the streets.while everyone slept and posted each letter through her mothers door and then her childrens letterboxes.
She walked off into the night and to the motorway and walked straight in front of an articulated truck.sad as it is the way it happened.is this the type of desperation that this country has become through one man being able to just say how your destiny will be.............
Genoside and brainwashing come to mind
but surely not in england.
The land of hope and glory.
The amount of old people being mistreat in old peoples homes on a regular basis.
The children dying in hospitals .
Just read the closer statistics
All over the country
read the amount of people dying in hospital through neglect .
Look further than w a b. google the real statistics.
How many children go missing every week
as the old addage goes.
The truth is out there

Reply Posted by stevo on Sunday June 23 2013 at 13:51
Les, I Concur....

Problem we have in this country is far too many people refuse to look past the end of their noses and believe everything that is printed in the Dail Fail, Torygraph and the Sun.
They are also brainwashed by the biggest propaganda machine of the lot the BBC.

The "media" is controlled by the government and big business, a classic example of supressing information to the masses if the case of George Rolph, name doesn't ring a bell? i'll explain..

George Rolph ( google his name or look on facebook) aged 60,who suffered Post Traumatic Stress Disorder started a hunger strike as ATOS (Tory murdering arm) had assessed him previously and he was assessed as being psychologically disabled.

He went to his last assessment and ATOS told him he was no longer psychologically traumatised and he was the assessed fully fit to work.
As a protest George decided to go on hunger strike, not for the reason of losing his benefits, but for the fact that Atos had previously assessed him as being unfit and the fact that his situation had not changed since the last time he went.
George also took reams of paperwork and his medical history from his GP to his assessment but ATOS used their "tick box" approach as per usual.

The DWP visited George and have fully re-instated his benefits as they felt the negative publicity surrounding George wouldn't win them any brownie points with the uk populous.

George is still on hunger strike, although he is now drinking fluids.

You would have thought that georges plight would have been all over the news wouldn't you?
NO the "media" have supressed any information regarding George, Facebook also removed a page dedicated to George and his plight too.

Yes the truth IS out there, in this internet age nothing can be supressed and the truth does come out eventually.
There are millions of activists all over the world using the dark web to ensure that corrupt governments do not supress "bad news".

The moral of the story:

The internet is much bigger than the corrupt governments that try to police it.

Reply Posted by king hell the third on Sunday June 23 2013 at 18:18
Yes i remember this and other cases very well.
Also i wanted to make comments about
mork & mindys running of this country
What is mindys job in all of the governments deals .
All i see is miny powdering her nose now an again and sometiimes having a few words to say about sod all with no meaning or purpose.
Atos is not an english company although i
believe it has a european connection but also a world wide connection to wit there is more money than this country owes...
So why is all the world paying to this number of companys unless it belongs to the squares and triangles

Reply Posted by stevo on Sunday June 23 2013 at 21:00
Les, ATOS is a French Information Technology (I.T) Firm.

it has no place in british society and the sole purpose of the firm is to make money for its shareholders and to effectively consign our disabled countrymen AND WOMEN to slow painful deaths.

FUNNIEST thing in the ENTIRE history of the world - ATOS "sponsoring" the Paralympic games, talk about IRONY!

Reply Posted by king hell the third on Tuesday June 25 2013 at 00:50
I dont think there is any irony the know precisely what there doing.
If your able to compete in sports your capable of working.....and the government
will love this...
I think you or someone once passed comment aboutwhat i said about hitler.
now tell me what is the difference between what hitler did and what is happening in this country with old people
disabled people and children and out of work people.
People who are bitching on these sites are only seeing things onthe surface and falling into the trap that is being laid.
Like it was with the miners....everyone against each other. but wait while next year and it will be even worse .

Reply Posted by stevo on Tuesday June 25 2013 at 14:04
Les, cant recall me ever commenting on any of your posts regarding Nazis?

You are right though, the DWP, Atos and indeed, the Nazis all have something in common...

Murdering defenceless people, and that is the point that I am trying to convey.

Reply Posted by Mick on Wednesday July 13 2016 at 18:50
I asked to go into court so I could see the judge because they charge you £52 court costs nut you don't go to court. When there a representative from the council will offer you payment methods but you will still get costs for not going to court so everyone gets ripped off and further pushed into debt. The council just wants your money to spend on crap.

Reply Posted by Mick on Wednesday July 13 2016 at 18:57
To all the idle idiots who say they work for a wage. Well sorry your as bad as them on benefits as it's the same money that helps the poor that pays your wage. Yes the real workers tax that pays your wage so shut it social