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Patriotic Pensioner Has His Flags Stolen

Friday June 14 2013

Patriotic: Ronald Patriotic: Ronald

A PENSIONER who was in the Army says he will not be deterred from being patriotic - after thieves stole two St George's flags from his garden.

Ronald Hodgson, 81, had them in his garden at Richard Street, Barnsley. One was attached to a piece of wood he had painted white and one was flying from a flagpole - a Christmas present from his son, Ian.

Ian, 45, said: "Dad is very patriotic and was an Army cook and corporal. During the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations last year, he put up the bit of wood with the flag on it, and for Christmas I bought him a proper flagpole - he was delighted."

But last Sunday morning, the pensioner woke to find both flags had been taken. The old one had been ripped off the piece of wood and the newer one had been cut from the flagpole cord.

Ian said: "Dad has taken it in his stride - he's that kind of man - but what sort of town do we live in when our own country's flags are stolen?"

Ronald said: "I've no idea why they took my flags, I have no enemies here. Maybe it was someone who came home with a pint or two in their belly."

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Reply Posted by Paul C on Friday June 14 2013 at 12:39
Unfortunately Mr. Hodgson, it's a sad sign of the times! Your son says "What sort of town do we live in?" It should say, what kind of country do we live in? No respect whatsoever.

Reply Posted by Steven M on Sunday June 16 2013 at 13:17
This is disgraceful. We are not able to celebrate our own country due to the immigrants being shipped in and taking over with their disgusting and disrespectful behaviours.

Reply Posted by hi on Monday June 17 2013 at 08:51
hi agree with steven m,this country as gone stupid ,we are the immigrants now i feel,we can not do anything anymore just let them come and take over when our kids grew up in another 10 20 years i dred to think what its going to be like ,youve seen how it is now in last what 5 years say ,time they got it back to how it was and keep them out and send them all back,

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